The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 1

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【Chapter One】 Two small buns

In a deserted little hut, two thin and skinny children knelt on the floor, guarding an unconscious woman in front of them.

The woman did not seem to breathe anymore while being covered with messy hay and two sets of padded clothes. But the clothes were so small that the hands and feet were left bare in cold air.

The little boy took off his trousers, placed it in the woman's feet; this way, he only had a single pair of pants.

He sneezed as the wind blew.

Timidly, the little girl asked: "Brother, are you cold?" The little boy raised his dirty hands, rubbed her head and said violently: "Your brother is not cold, are you hungry?"

The little girl nodded quickly, then shook her head: "My brother, do not go, I'm afraid."

It was dark and there was not even lamp there, only the moonlight shone through all the windows, lighting up the little place slightly. But this weak light was not even enough to drive away the fear of the heart.

The little boy whispered: "This brother will be back soon, you obediently guard our mother, understand? Just hold mother's hand, you will not be afraid."

The little girl, having understood, hugged the woman's hand in her arms, the hand that obviously no longer had a temperature, feeling icy cold like a knife, but she still managed to hold with great strength, and solemnly nodded: "I'm not afraid."

The little boy got up and left.

Little girl, holding the woman's hand, called out “mother, mother,” as soon as the boy left the hut, as if by that she really could not be afraid.

When the little boy came back, he already had two steamed buns in his hand and a little chicken leg in his mouth.

He handed the steamed bun to his sister and, holding the chicken leg in his hand, he said with deep regret, "My brother got only one chicken leg, so let's give it first for mother to eat well. When mother is healthy again, my brother will give you more!"

The little girl looked at the fragrant chicken, making her saliva flowed out, but she understood that their mother was sick and needed nutrition more than her.

She swallowed her saliva: "Well, I will eat the bun, but brother must eat too."

"Good." The boy ate the steamed bun. He thought in his heart, her mother and sister still needed to be taken care of, he could not let them easily starve nor fall. Although it was just a steamed bun, in fact, is already filled their belly full.

He ate half and left the other half. Then, he started feeding his mother the small piece of chicken as well as the small piece of the steamed bun.

Qiao Wei woke up. Her mouth felt stuffy; she didn't know who kept things stuffed inside her mouth. The thing that she hated the most is when people awakened her from her sleep; she was trying to screw up the prank guy who stuffed her with a meal, but found herself unable to lift the arm.

Her body flicked, and she opened her eyes!

God, what did she see? A child! Looking up and down, it is a five-year-old kid, with a long hair and light-colored clothes. Because of the darkness of the night, she could not see his facial features - only that pair of eyes, like obsidian, bright and penetrating.

Intuition told her that this long-haired small dumpling is a boy.

Is he the guy who just pranked her on her mouth?

Look at the child's small feature, she could not help but care about him. But it was very strange, her laboratory was forbidden to strangers, how come a child ran into here?

Qiao Wei spit out the thing in her mouth: "Whose child are you? Where is Mom and Dad?"

Look at the child's small feature, she could not help but care about him. But it was very strange, her laboratory was forbidden to strangers, how come a child ran into here?

Qiao Wei spit out the thing in her mouth: "Whose child are you? Where is Mom and Dad?"

When she spoke, she was scared by her own hoarse voice; she seemed to have done nothing.

Also, who turned off the lights? And the heating also stopped!

A series of weird thoughts flashed in Qiao Wei's head, causing her a headache.

The little boy heard the sound of her cold breathing; knowing that mother is not comfortable, he gently asked her: "Mother, where are you hurt? May I rub your knees?" The cold hand covered Qiao Wei's forehead. This made Qiao Wei turn stiff.

"Brother, did mother wake up?" The little girl came up with bright eyes, "Mother!"

Two small buns, at the same time called her mother, if this is not someone prank, then -

Qiao Wei touched her face; she seemed to be a little fat in all aspects of her body. The face was round like a piece of moon cake. By all means, it is a small melon face!

And her hand, it did not really feel like her fingers. Although incredible, but she really crossed over.

"Mother, are you alright?" The little girl came gently into her arms, small head rubbing against her neck. Her mother was unconscious for a few days, now that she suddenly woke up, she was very flustered.

The little boy was very flustered too, but he, as a man, could not reveal such face as his sister.

Qiao Wei felt the worries of the two children. Sigh, she grew up in an orphanage; since childhood, she grew up with a lonely temperament, not knowing how to get along with people. If she raised the children all by herself, how should she take care of these two small buns?

She looked dazed. The little boy thought she was cold, held her cold hands, and put it in his mouth so as to blow some warm air. The little girl saw her brother doing this, so she also learned to follow him.

This was the first time someone treated her sincerely.

In fact, the little guy's body was even cooler than her; in order to warm her, these two children placed their only cotton dress on her body, especially the little boy, he only wore a single pair of pants. Wouldn't he feel colder?

Such a good child; if she ignored it, she was too heartless.

"Mother is alright, no longer ill. Come on, put on your clothes back."

The brother wore the clothes by himself, while Qiao Wei helped the little sister to wear. Qiao Wei apparently did not understand the ancient costumes, she tried to buckle for a long time but did not get any success: "Too dark, I can not see; wait a moment, I will look out to see if there is something to light a fire."

But, the original body was too weak. As soon as she got up, she felt a whirlwind and fell back to the ground.



The two children were terrified, afraid of the last time the mother fell and no longer woke up.

Qiao Wei laughed weakly: "Mother is alright, got up too rushed, the brain blood supply is insufficient." Sitting for a while, she turned to the little boy: "Can you help me?" The little boy nodded and helped with Qiao Wei's hand.

"I want to too." The little girl also held Qiao Wei's hand.

Look, God is good to her, God did not let her go across this wilderness to die alone, but sent two little angels to accompany her.

Qiao Wei's heart was covered with a stream of warmth; she slowly stood up, from the owner's baggage, touch of a peasant confrontation, lit the firewood.

She buttoned her daughter’s clothes in the bright fire. Then, she turned to look at the two children. Their facial features were very exquisite with watery eyes, and her daughter's eyes seemed softer; when she laughed, it's looked like two curved crescent moons, so pure and beautiful. Her son was a bit grim; in his forehead, a natural stream of qi was faintly visible. These two children looked very thin, must be because of malnutrition. Small arms that can be blown by wind, she did not dare to use force on his hand, for fear of accidentally breaking them.

Qiao Wei did not inherit the memory of the original owner, did not know who they were, why mother and children fell into this abandoned hut today, didn't know where their home was nor their relatives. Even so, these were not important; when she died, none of those people appeared, did not appear also not necessary.

From today onward, these children are hers.

Qiao Wei ate the remaining half of the steamed bun, and the half of the chicken leg was given to the two siblings; at first the two refused, but after listening to Qiao Wei saying that a patient should not eat greasy things before they become healthy again, the two small mouths then ate the chicken leg together.

These cold things, in the future, she would never allow her children to eat, but right now, she had no other choice.

The children fell asleep on the haystack after eating, then Qiao Wei covered them with the hay while thinking about what to eat for tomorrow's breakfast.

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