The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Tiger on the hill

Translator : Lengli

Editor : Akshay

"Hungry? No mother, I'm full, can not eat anymore!" said the little boy timidly.

Why did he not tell the truth? She thought for a moment as her eyebrows frowned, but not bluntly, and then said with a smile, "But mother is not full, so let's go find something to eat."

The little bun bit his lip, "Mother, there is no edible food outside; even though we searched for several days, there is nothing to eat at all."

"If there was no food to be found, then you did not eat?"

The little bun straightened his body, as the wind blew on his body, he said, "Mother, don’t get worked up; we do not want to see you fall again, mother. We do not need to eat, so you do not need to go looking for food, alright?"

Qiao Wei felt her nose sour, smiled a little and replied, "I will not fall again."

"But..." The little bun who did not feel at ease could only pout.

Qiao Wei stroked the little boy's head, holding him up after helping him wear his pair of black shoes; under the dark sky, they went together.

The little bun who was held by her trembled; he carefully looked at Qiao Wei, and with a very weak voice asked, "Mother, am I not heavy? Mother, you can put me down okay? I can go by myself."

As Qiao Wei held his body, she shook her head, "You are very light, I can hold it." He looked a bit taller, but the body looked like it was just 20 pounds.

The little bun shook his head, bit his lips again while his legs moved slightly and said, "Mother, let me down! I want to walk by myself."

Although he said so, she knew he was just afraid to press her.

Her lips hooked up. She put down the little boy when they reached to the door, she smiled, "Well, I put you down. I will wait for you to get tired, then I will hold you."

Small bun nodded, grabbed tightly at Qiao Wei's hand and happily said, "Mother, let's go find food."

As Qiao Wei was ready to take him and leave, the little bun pulled her sleeve motionlessly and said, "Mother, are you not locking the house?"

Qiao Wei squinted and saw the appearance of the small muddy house; in addition to a shabby box in the house, there was nothing to care of, so would it still need a lock.

Se shook her head vigorously, waved her hand and closed the door of the muddy house, and punctuated him, "Do not lock, let's go!"

His pupils trembled a little. He took his hand out and ran quickly to the small house next to the muddy house. A few seconds after he rushed in, the little bun came out after closing the door of the little room, and Qiao Wei saw a little iron lock in his hand.

Locking the door of the cabin, the little bun returned to the side of Qiao Wei, "Mother, even if the house’s door is not locked, the kitchen’s door needs to be locked. What if someone steals our bowl pot, what to do then?"

Thinking of the dirty bowl, Qiao Wei fell silent, ‘That thing would be stolen?’ Her present home was the kind of typical house where the thief will go in and leave blubbering when he walks out.

Qiao W's current house was at the foot of a mountain. Her homeland was full of arable lands, and since it was now summer, the fields were planted with rice, and the rice have been packed into a single package, even though not big.

When she saw this rice, her eyebrows twisted while saying, "Little bun, we have a field?"

The little bun looked at her and shook his head. "Originally, there was a field, but because there was nothing to eat anymore, everyone moved out."

"Oh." Qiao Wei responded with a little voice that could be heard, then dragged the little boy toward the mountain.

Small bun was shocked, "Mother, where do you want to take me?"

"Up to the mountain."

The little bun shook his head, "Mother, do not go, there are tigers in the mountains."

"The tiger will not appear in front of us carelessly."

"No, the last time we went to the mountain to find food, the tiger appeared." He refuted aloud.

Qiao Wei felt helpless, fixed her look at the small bun’s face, "I promise a tiger will not appear this time."

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