The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Is there really no other way?” The servant woman asked cautiously.

Qiao Wei groaned: “There is no other way … not without.”

Theservant’s eyes lightened, “What is it?”

Qiao Wei paused:“Hay Impact.”

The servantwoman stared. “What?”

Also calledHemlick First Aid.

By squeezingthe residual air in the lungs, the residual air in the lungs is impacted, andforeign objects caught in the trachea are washed out. Former U.S. PresidentReagan, former New York Mayor Ed, and famous actress Elizabeth Taylor have allused their lives to recover their lives.

But thismethod is not without the slightest risk, it may also bring certain harm,especially for the elderly, because of the poor elasticity and compliance ofthe chest and abdomen tissue, it is easy to cause damage.

This is notalarmist, but Qiao Wei’s personal experience.

That waswhat happened to Qiao Wei’s first day internship in the emergency department.An elderly grandma who accompanied her grandson to get an injection, choked ondates, and the doctor was not there. She hugged her grandmother from her back,pulling fists with one hand and pressing the palms with one hand, and squeezedher grandmother’s upper abdomen. That was the first time that she was trulytreated as a medical doctor. Unlike previous training, she was in a tense stateand accidentally injured her grandmother.

That isdefinitely a dark history of Doctor Joe’s medical career.

Therefore,when seeing this old lady, she almost conditionedly remembered the scene ofthat day, and proposed surgery subconsciously.

Of course,she also understood that this was actually wrong.

She closedher eyes, “You all go down.”

What shouldbe overcome must always be overcome.

The servant womanlooked at her in fear: “You … are you going to cut the old lady’sthroat?”

“Do notcut.” Qiao Wei also asked after seeing the servant woman, “The oldlady is short of time, and the brain is hypoxic for half a quarter of an hour,which may cause irreparable damage to the organs. I do n't want your old ladyto be in the following decades Spend in bed and hurry. “

Qiao Wei’svoice was not loud, but there was a convincing aura of inexplicability, and theservant woman crawled down.

Qiao Weiclosed the curtain and helped the old lady. At this moment, the advantage ofthe carriage became apparent, wide enough and high enough, even if Qiao Weistood up straight, she could not touch the roof. She hugged the old lady frombehind, found the seat between the navel and the ribs, and began to squeezeviolently.

The lasttime she nervously let go, this time Jovi was particularly attentive.

Aftersqueezing it five times from bottom to top, Qiao Wei’s cold sweat broke out.

Does thismethod not work for old ladies?

Qiao Weitried three more times, and decided to perform an emergency tracheotomy beforeone minute.

At the tenthtime, the old woman coughed out the contents of the trachea.

Qiao Weibreathed a long sigh of relief.

The momentthe old lady was in the carriage, she really thought she was dead. That was theway her wife died. She was sitting next to her at the time. There was nothingshe could do. People “walked” especially fast. She knew herself Can’tsupport them to go to town to invite the doctor back …

It’s reallyGod’s care, so that she encountered the miraculous doctor halfway!

The old ladytook Qiao Wei’s hand and said excitedly, “Girl, what’s your surname? Wheredoes your family live? You saved my life, and I must personally come to thedoor and thank you.”

The servantwoman looked at her old lady holding the hand of the girl outside, and was alittle speechless. The old lady of her family is not a master who can climb up,let alone a country doctor who is a great doctor of the Eight Classics. Hermaster never takes a serious look.

Qiao Wei thoughtabout it and said calmly: “It is not necessary to go to the door. I’m LangZhong. It should be seen by someone. If the old lady really wants to thank me,she will pay me some consultation fees.”

The servantwoman is dumb, girl, girl, do you know who my old lady is? People who want toclimb a relationship with my old lady can be discharged from the capital to theHuns. You’d better, reject the old lady with one sip. Are you really stupid orfake? Don’t you see the richness of the sky in the carriage?

The old ladyapparently froze, “Are you sure you only need the consultation fee?”

Qiao Weinodded: “Yes.”

The old ladylooked at Qiao Wei with a complex look: “If so, then pay your consultationfee.”

“Pleasewait for the old lady.” Qiao Wei stepped out of the carriage, negotiatedwith the embarrassing father who was not far from her carriage, and came backand said to the old lady, “One or two silver.”

The old ladytook out a twelve ingots and Qiao Wei said, “I can’t find them.”

“Thendon’t have to find it.”

“it isgood.”

Qiao Wei wasalso unpretentious and accepted this sky-high consultation fee.

The oldlady’s eyes looked more and more interesting to Qiao Wei, saying that she wasgreedy, she did not climb the dragon and the phoenix; that she was not greedy,and she accepted the consultation so easily, she was really an intriguing girl:“Can you tell What about last name? “

“Mylast name is Joe.”

The old ladyasked someone to make way for the father’s carriage. Under the circumstances,Qiao Wei was the first person to let the old lady give way.

The servantwoman sighed that the girl was lucky and met her old lady.

The old ladysaid, “I was lucky and met her.”

Daddy’scarriage wandered into the village.

“XiaoQiao, will you see a doctor?” Asked Dianzi Curiously.

Xiao Qiaosmiled and thought of something, and asked, “I know a little bit of fur,why didn’t I tell you before?”

“Ididn’t say it? Who said that would dare to look down on you? I still saw thefemale doll for the first time. You said that you are so capable, you can hunt,and you know how to heal. Your family.” People don’t want you, but kickedyou out? “

Xiao Qiaostunned: “Who did you hear?”

“Yousaid it!” Said Dianzi.

It seemsthat the original owner said it. This is the first time that Qiao Wei has heardsomeone mention the origin of “her”, but did not expect to be kickedout.

Dianziasked: “Why are you being kicked, Xiao Qiao?”

I want toknow too!

Qiao Weihelped the amount.

After all,the embalmer is a man, different from the gossip between women, and he askedthese purely to care for Xiao Qiao.

After half aday’s contact, he found that this little woman was not the same as everyoneelse’s rumors. She was not weak or incompetent at all. He thought he was ajerk, and had misunderstood Xiao Qiao before. He now wanted to talk about andapologize, but Xiao Qiao kept silent and refused to say that he wouldn’t be ashard as anyone else.

Jing Yunwoke up with his younger sister and took a sweet gourd to the village to find alittle friend. Dengzi rushed the carriage to the mountain and helped Xiao Qiaoto remove everything. Aunt Luo also came to help. There are so many people, andit’s time to unload things.

Qiao Weigave the captive father two hundred essays. The captive father ate another mealat noon, and was sorry to receive so much.

Auntie Luoshoved it into his hand: “Just keep it, my daughter will make money, andit’s not bad for you.”

“You… girl?”

Auntie Luo grabbed Qiao Wei’s hand: “Yeah, I and Xiao Qiao recognized my relatives. From today on, Xiao Qiao is my daughter. Please turn back and tell those people and stop bullying my daughter.”

If AuntieLuo knew that she had saved a nobleman halfway through, Qiao Wei might thinkthat the other party was in a relationship with herself, but Auntie Luo didn’tknow that she really cared about her and was afraid that Jingyun would fightwith her again Only after thinking about such a method openly covered her.

Whoever dares to chew her tongue in the future will have to think about whether she will offend Luo.


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