The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 12


Acknowledging the relationship, Auntie Luo did notdiscuss with Qiao Wei in advance, and she was worried that Qiao Wei would beunwilling. In fact, her worries were totally superfluous. Qiao Wei was helplessand could meet elders like Auntie Luo. But in ancient times, confessingrelatives was a big deal. She hesitated a moment, and said, “Mrs. Luo,should you discuss this with Uncle Luo first?”

AuntieLuo patted her hand and said, “Here you can rest assured, he listens tome, I mentioned you with him, he also blame you, and asked me to take care ofyou.”

QiaoWei said with emotion: “Uncle Luo is also a good person.”

AuntieLuo glanced at her, “What about Uncle?”

QiaoWei’s face was slightly ashamed: “Godfather.”

AuntieLuo pointed to herself: “What about me?”


AuntieLuo smiled comfortably.

So thematter of admitting a relative was settled.

In theevening, Qiao Wei prepared a large table for Auntie Liu Luo to eat. AuntieLuo’s husband was working in the county. Only returned once a month. The oldestson became a family and moved out. The youngest son studied art in Beijing.Most of the time she was alone. Regarding Xiao Qiao as a relative, although shemeant to show mercy to the mother and son, she was also lonely.

XiaoQiao kept her meal, and she stayed generously.

Thechildren seemed to be smelling the scent of their home and came back before themeal was cooked. When they saw Aunt Luo, who was setting dishes in the house,sweetly called “Grandma Luo”.

QiaoWei brought a bowl of mutton fan soup out of the kitchen, and when she heardthis claim, she smiled and said, “Don’t call Grandma Luo, justgrandma.”

Thechild didn’t feel much about multiple surnames and few surnames, and respondedobediently. Qiao Wei thought that it was good to go back and talk to thechildren about the meaning of relatives, so that they knew that Grandma Luo wasdifferent from other grandma.

QiaoJingyun took the initiative to pour water in the yard to wash his hands. Beforemoving from the mother-in-law here, there was a well in the yard. The childrenknew how to draw water from the well, but Qiao Wei covered the well just incase. , Usually just call them water from the water tank.

Thebrothers and sisters washed their hands and ate in the house.

QiaoWei made four dishes and one soup-fried eggs with green peppers, braisedcarrots, dried potato shreds, stir-fried cabbage, and lamb vermicelli soup, anda basket of red bean sticky rice cakes was steamed on the stove.

AuntieLuo hasn’t tasted Xiao Qiao’s craftsmanship, but when she looks at the dish,she feels good. She chops a dried potato shred: “What is this?”

QiaoWei laughed: “Potato.”

“Canpotatoes do the same?” Auntie Luo took a bite, spicy and refreshing, oilybut not greasy, sweet in salty, and delicious. After that, she tasted eggs,braised pork, and cabbage in turn. The more she was surprised, the moresurprised she was when she drank the lamb fan soup, “Little Joe, you cancook!” “

Qiao Wei smiled indiscriminately: “Sloppy, I’ll cook little.”

“cooking?” Aunt Luo seemed to think of something strange, “When you just entered the village, you won’t even wash the vegetables.”

Do n'teven wash dishes? Could the original owner be a pampered lady? Qiao Wei smiledcalmly: “I didn’t do it after pregnancy. It’s a bit rusty. I picked it upagain in the past two years.”

AuntLuo had no doubt about him, and had a meal with Qiao Wei happily. The lamb fansoup is now learned, but the children said that it was better than the town.Aunt Luo also felt that way. Her family was young. Joe didn’t show themountains and was dewy, he actually cooked such a good dish.

Afterdinner, Qiao Wei brought out the red bean sticky rice cakes. The children lovedher sweets. Even the little carnivores like carnivores liked it tightly. Threelittle paws swept to the plate.

Mrs.Luo actually could n't eat it, but the glutinous rice cake was made into alittle white rabbit, which was so pretty. She couldn’t help eating one, one,and another. Already.

She’snot a pouty person. Why did Xiao Qiao come here without eating for 800 years?

Aftereating, the children and little ferret went to the yard to play. Aunt Luo leftto help Qiao Wei clean up the kitchen, and by the way talked about the futurelife: “What are you going to do? Have you been farming or …”

QiaoWei brushed the bowl and said, “Tian I continued to plant, and the weatherwent into the mountains to hunt.”

“Lookat you, what am I saying? You are not allowed to go into the mountainalone.” Aunt Luo gave a glance at Qiao Wei and said, “I’d like tothink of a way for you. I don’t know if you want to.”

QiaoWei laughed softly: “Please tell me.”

AuntieLuo took Qiao Wei’s brushed bowl and wiped it cleanly with a clean cottoncloth: “The last time I ate the radish cake you sent me, I felt that youhad good craftsmanship, did you see it at the market? Do you think you made ityourself? How are things better than they do? “

QiaoWei thought about it: “The color and fragrance should be better.”

AuntieLuo squinted: “Some? You really deserve them!”

QiaoWei was so embarrassed that she bent her lips and said, “Dana, what doesit mean for me to eat and sell?”

“Um.”Aunt Luo nodded.

Assoon as Qiao Wei thought that this was indeed the way to go, she could not makeenough money to make ends meet, and she was not in the ranks of a living.Hunting was an input, but chance was too high, and she could not run into preyevery time. She does need a relatively stable entry.

QiaoWei is a activist. She only mentioned things in the evening. She made thingsearly the next morning. Therefore, Pan went to town to buy limited materials.She only made red bean sticky rice cakes, crispy radish cakes, and radishcakes. It’s not for sale, it’s for yourself and children.

Whenit was light, she went down the mountain with two baskets of snacks.

Thechildren love the day when they “run and run” with their mother. Inthe past, the mother and wife always nested in the yard, except for farming,they did not go down at all. Although I can go down the mountain in the back,of course, the feeling of going down the mountain with my mother is of coursevery different!

AuntieLuo went with Qiao Wei, and several of them were still in the carriage of theembarrassed father.

QiaoWei is now Mrs. Luo’s daughter-in-law, who is from her own village. The fatherof emboli is a bit cheaper than yesterday’s price. They are still ten by oneperson, but the two children will not collect money.

Thefour did not go to the bazaar. The stalls there were all rented monthly,quarterly, and yearly. There was no extra space for Qiao Wei. Qiao Wei came tothe place where she had lunch yesterday. The traffic here is also good. Thebooth is daily rent, twenty words a day.

QiaoWei paid the rent and took out the small table and stool with Aunt Luo.

Thetwo children sat obediently behind each other, noisy, noisy, and distressing.


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