The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 29

Mrs. Ji sat on the mat with a stinky face, in front of a yellow pear wood square table, opposite the square table, sitting on her knees in a crescent white robe, Ji Mingxiu.

Ji Mingxiu gently called the grandmother.

Mrs. Ji snorted: “Don’t call me! I’m not your grandmother! I don’t have a grandson like you! Just walk away and stay home for a whole year! Where is your grandmother in your heart?”

Ji Mingxiu slightly With his eyes lowered, he said, “It worries my grandmother. It 's the meditation, isn’t it? The grandmother gave meditation a meal, relieved her?”

Mrs. Ji turned her head and glared at him: “Don’t you dare me? “

Jiming Xiu slowly stood up, holding the ruler in both hands, bypassing the Fang Ji, and sat down on the side of Mrs. Ji:” Grandma. “

” You … “Mrs. Ji looked at the long and cold The ruler is too speechless.

Rong busy mom called rounders: “The? Old lady, sir this is not back yet, what if you are good with young master said, do not frequently on family laws Yeah, you Chou Chou young master, and previously lost.”

Ji old lady People looked at Ji Mingxiu, and found that his clear face had indeed lost a lot, and he felt distressed for a while, but it was not good, so he forgave him. He said, “Well, where did the wild go this year?”

Alright ? ” ” Just calm down and realize something, “Ji Mingxiu said.

Mrs. Ji snorted coldly: “What to enlighten? Can’t you enlighten at home? Can you find someone to write a letter?”

Ji Mingxiu stopped talking, and naturally he has no reason to not enlighten at home. There is also the difficulty of unbelief.

Mrs. Ji knows his temperament and doesn’t like to make her affairs known everywhere. This kind of escaping is not once or twice. He leaves the capital once every once in a while. No one can find him, but only one or two in the past. The month went back, but this time went a whole year, why not worry her?

“Come here!” She exclaimed.

Ji Mingxiu moved a few steps in front of her, and she raised her hand and took care of his placket: “It’s not allowed to do this again, you know?”

Ji Mingxiu nodded slightly: “I see.” The

old lady’s face looked better some.

Ji Mingxiu took out an exquisite mahogany box from the wide sleeves and handed it to Mrs. Ji. Mrs. Ji opened it. It was actually a set of gold inlaid jade hairpins with butterfly love flowers, three butterfly puppets, two Qionghua 簪, bright color, but not vulgar, has a luxurious and restrained temperament.

“Is this … antique, right?” The old lady asked in surprise.

Ji Mingxiu nodded: “It was the twelve owls of the butterfly love flower made by the former King Sejong for Ming Concubine.” The

old lady’s eyes began to glow green: “The twelve owls have been lost for a long time, and the long princess only got two. Where did you find five? “

Ji Mingxiu’s lips raised a light arc:” Rhino Town. “The

old lady said,” I’m afraid the shopkeeper doesn’t know that this is the twelve concubines of Ming Fei, right? Know for sure. It’s sold to you. “

Dafangzhai really didn’t know that this was the twelve concubines of Ming Fei. I only heard that it was a set of antiques. There should have been twelve, but I didn’t know it was such an expensive antique. At that time, the man was stolen, and he was anxious to let it go. He sold it to Da Fangzhai at a low price. Da Fangzhai thought it was worthless. He only called 820, but Qiao Wei gave it back. It also became 650.

Although Ji Mingxiu didn’t know the source of the sister-in-law, he could probably guess that the road was not right, and the shop didn’t know the goods before selling it to the bargain. To know the two in the hands of the princess, it took 3,000 yuan to buy .

The woman was worried that the counteroffer was not enough, and quietly asked him if it was an antique.

Ji Mingxiu suddenly laughed.

The old lady was trying

on her sister-in-law . As soon as she saw her grandson laughing in the bronze mirror, she thought she was dazzled—for many years, since her daughter-in-law had an accident, the grandson has never smiled again. She was trying to ask meditation. What were you laughing at? There was a yell from the door: “Old lady, master, Miss Qiao.”

Ji Mingxiu’s smile faded.

The old lady’s eyes brightened, and she said with joy, “Is Xier here? Tell her to come in!”

Qiao Yuxi, accompanied by the girl-in-law, draped the curtain in. She was wearing a pink tulle skirt and a short white rabbit hair. The placket is clasped with pink crystals and shines with the pink peach beads on the bun. It is delicate and exquisite.

She was slender, graceful, smiling and moving.

She walked up to the old lady without squinting, and performed a standard blessing: “Old lady is auspicious.” The

voice sounded natural.

Later, he turned to Ji Mingxiu and said shyly and sweetly, “Master Jin’an.”

Ji Mingxiu nodded lightly in return.

The old lady was very satisfied. She pulled Qiao Yuxi’s hand and said, “I’m so sad, I’m bothering you to accompany me, this lonely wife! The meditation is here in the afternoon, and I am thinking about making it When do I see you, it 's a coincidence that you are here! "

Qiao Yuxi quickly climbed a touch of blush on Mei Ruxi 's face, lowered her eyebrows, and whispered softly:" Xier is here to give the old lady a snack Yes, I should have brought it to you earlier, but Xi’er went to the temple to pray to the old lady and adults, and he was late. “The

old lady said with emotion:” You child, really have a heart, if you have half of the meditation Filial, I am Amitabha! “

Joe Yuxi sweet smile: “Your honor your filial naturally, the State Department just big people very happy and busy, unlike Creek children all day idle with nothing to do, but added it diligent than adults.”

Words when it comes to the heart of the old lady Kaner On the whole, the old lady was relaxed.

Joe Bob Jin Xiang Yu Yuxi noticed the old lady’s head: “The old lady, your hairpin really nice.”

The old lady adjusted her hair clasp, conceal a smile: “! Ming Xiu buy”

“nice adult eyes “Qiao Yuxi boasted sincerely:” Changing me, I can’t pick such a bitch that suits you. “The

old lady smiled proudly:” The next time I let the meditate accompany you to the street, I will also choose a set for you! “

Joe Yuxi shy lowered his head.

The old lady opened the dim sum box. Qiao Yuxi made the dim sum bought from the town wrapped in bamboo leaves. She didn’t think it was good enough at the back, so she customized a special box, which was exquisite and luxurious. The price was just a box. , Can buy hundreds of snacks.

“Yo, this little crab made it so funny.” The old lady picked up one and tasted it. “You see how filial filial piety is in Xier, and every day people will buy me food in such a faraway town!”

Ji Mingxiu didn’t move.

Qiao Yuxi said: “Sir, this crab yellow crisp tastes very good, it is fragrant and soft, salty and sweet, you will like it.”

“Don’t eat sweets,” the old lady explained.

“So, Xier remembered it.” Qiao Yuxi was slightly disappointed.

Seeing that it was getting late, Qiao Yuxi got up and said goodbye. Outside the house, I do n't know when it was snowing with goose feathers.

The old lady lowered the curtain and said to Ji Mingxiu: “It’s snowy, I’m not assured, you escort Miss Qiao back to your house.”

Snowflakes are falling down one after another, reflecting the lights of thousands of families. Everyone closed the doors and windows, and the streets were a little calm.

The carriages and horseshoes rolled on the bluestone slabs without any problems.

Qiao Yuxi was sitting in the warm car with two soup ladies on her legs and a warm hand in her hand. She freed up a plain white hand, opened the curtain, and looked at Jun immediately. The emperor was a distinguished and indifferent man, and said softly: “Sir, the snow outside is big, you can sit in the car.”

“No.” Ji Ming’s face was expressionless.

“Then …” Qiao Yuxi hesitated, and said to the driver, “Stop.” The

driver stopped the carriage by the road.

Qiao Yuxi stepped out of the car and looked up at Jun’s humane: “My lord, please bother you to come down.”

Ji Mingxiu paused, turned over, and the silver cloak was blown out by the wind with a flowing arc, unique to his masculinity. Chao Qiao Yuxi shrouded.

Qiao Yuxi’s heartbeat was missed, and he blushed, took off his white sable fur collar, and gently wrapped it around his neck.

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