The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 28

After coming out of Dafangzhai, Qiao Wei sent the man to the carriage and saw seventeen hundred bored sitting on the car board in a daze. Qiao Wei thought of it and went to buy a bunch of sugar gourds across from him.

Seventeen took the sugar gourd, took a sip of water, and bit it stupidly.

That eating photo compares with what little ferrets have.

Qiao Wei couldn’t help laughing, watching the carriage leave, and she was ready to go back until the carriage disappeared at the end of the road.

As soon as she turned around, she saw the dark shadow in front of her, and after seeing the appearance of the person, she subconsciously pinched her wallet.

A flattering smile suddenly appeared on the scary male evil god’s evil face: “Girl, lord … has he lost his breath?”

Damn, I asked “adult” that I hadn’t lost my breath. I thought you were back to God, knowing that I lied to you Come to me for revenge.

Qiao Wei breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the cold sweat from her forehead without a trace, and coughed softly: “Where is it so easy? Did you eat without seeing him?”

This guy must be following her, His actions with the man could not hide his eyes.

Scar Man touched his neck distressedly: “What should I do? I gave you all the silver, did you let the adults

lose your breath ? You returned the silver to me.” Qiao Wei’s eyes were glaring, so easy to pinch Thirty-two, how can you return it like this? Will kill her!

“Ah, heh!” Qiao Wei avoided his hand over and dragged her purse, looked at him proudly, “I don’t want me to plead for you, do you? Believe it or not, when the Lord returns to Beijing, the first thing is Send someone to kill you to vent your indignation? “

Scar Man looked pale!

Qiao Wei hit the railroad while it was hot: “My adult just wanted Seventeen to kill you. It was me, so to speak, I barely reassured the adult. It’s almost New Year’s Day, and it’s not good to see blood, but after the New Year, if the adult thinks Get up, a guy who

didn’t know how to live or die once called him grandfather in the court, you said he would get angry … “In the following words, Qiao Wei didn’t speak, raised her eyebrows and wiped her neck. .

Scar Man frightened his knees and leaned against the wall: “What to do? What to do …”

Qiao Wei smirked and said earnestly: “As the saying goes, take people’s money and eliminate it for others Disaster, for your sincere regrets, I will go to Beijing after the New Year and settle the matter for you! “

Scar Man looked at her up and down:” You you you … can you really settle down? “

Qiao Wei pointed to large-vegetarian:” Do not believe you go ask them, I say put it in front of children in the end the words in adults. “

scar Male really into the store to ask.

“The jewellery was picked by that girl.”

“The price was also cut by that girl.”

“He also bought the girl’s favorite bitch.”

“What’s the relationship between them? Bacheng is an outside room …”

Outside room? That girl is raised by an adult in a private room? !!

If it was really the outside room, all the suspiciousness of the adults would be clear.

This year, adults are not really missing, but they are happy with this aunt!

I heard that the adult originally had a fiancee, and the object was the money of Embe House. It must be that the adult did not want to be discovered by Embe House.

From this point of view, the adult really loves this village aunt!

They have just eaten the bear heart leopard gall, and actually broke ground on Tai Sui! Fortunately, Madam doesn’t care!

The Scar Man was afraid for a while, and he patted his chest suddenly. He said positively, “Mrs. I have offended a lot before. I am sorry for my wife! My name is Chen Dadao! From now on, I will mingle with my wife! I am ten Brother #, all sent by his wife! “The

attitude changed too quickly, like a tornado, Qiao Wei looked at Chen Dadao like a ghost:” I have no money to support you … “

Chen Dadao busy: “How can our wife support us? It should be our dedication to the husband, right!” The

future wife, no, Mrs. Side, that’s a big face! When she goes out, she can persuade her uncle to kill them!

Of course, there is another layer of consideration for Chen Dadao-they are so muddy, they have no chance to show their fists in life. If they can climb into the outer room of the prime minister, and return to the prime minister’s house to be a nursing home in the future, that is also Guangzong Yaozu!

Qiao Wei’s eyes flickered slightly. Is this guy misunderstanding something? They started calling her wife: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kind of relationship you want from adults.”

“I understand, I understand, I understand!” Chen Dadao smiled badly and gave Qiao Wei an undescribable Look.

Qiao Wei: “…”

I really want to kill this guy!

After that, Chen Dadao took his brothers to help Qiao Wei to find the two baskets of dishes that were thrown away. Unfortunately, they were all picked up, and even the basket was left. Chen Dadao was very guilty.

Qiao Wei comforted him very much, and took thirty or two silvers from him and his subordinates to buy meat with a big swing. Because she had a lot of money, she bought twenty pounds more than before. I also bought twenty salty eggs that were as expensive as gold.

When we returned to Rhino Village, it was already afternoon.

She first went to Aunt Luo’s house.

Aunt Luo helped her screw the left basket and the right basket into the house: “How did you do that? Is it bad business to come back so late?”

Qiao Wei was afraid to tell Aunt Luo to her “legendary experience”, lest Aunt Luo was scared, she only said that she had cooperated with Rongji Tea House: “… I talked with Boss Rong for one morning, it was almost noon when I came out, and I bought something in the bazaar. It was too late. “

Luo aunt is not suspected him, nodded happily and said:” you kids, but added a bit of good fortune, yes, the group of punks did not find you in trouble, right? “

Qiaowei without blinking an eye:” no The county grandfather arrested people, and no one dared to cause trouble. “

Aunt Luo

reassured :” That’s good, that’s good. ” Qiao Wei passed two baskets of vegetables to Aunt Luo, each basket containing ten pounds Bacon, ten pounds of lamb, five salted eggs: “A basket is yours, and a basket is from big brother and sister-in-law.”

Aunt Luo looked at all the dishes that were too expensive to buy, especially the salted eggs. never bought: “where did you come so much money selling tiger money, not spend it over??”

the DPRK The price is not low, the four walls of a room filled, the money spent 7788.

As for the twelve earned from the treatment, Qiao Wei stunned, it was life-saving money, and he would not move unless he had to.

Qiao Wei said: “It’s not over, there’s a little left.” Auntie

Luo asked: “Then you buy everything? What to do when you buy it later?”

Qiao Wei smiled slightly: “I earn more now than before You can rest assured. Besides, I’m really gone, don’t you still have me? Would you borrow me? “

Madam Luo really went to get the money bag and gave Qiao Wei a pleasure, the mother and daughter talked for a while Then, Qiao Wei went to Laoxiucai’s house to pick up the child.


Ji House

Luomeiyuan, which had been deserted for a year, finally became lively. For nothing else, it was for their young master who had disappeared for a year and finally returned.

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