The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 - Kissed Him

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Aunt Luo’s impression was that Qiao Wei was a very withdrawn person; after moving to Xiniu village a year ago, she had interaction with only speaking less than ten sentences to the villagers. She was a woman with two children, so she became very cautious of everything, but too bad, it made the kind-hearted villagers gradually to not come and give help to them. It was thanks to the cleverness of Jingyun who went down the mountain to find her, if not she would not have known that both children were starving.

Aunt Luo was looking at the Qiao Wei who sincerely thanked her, and remembered the previous scene in the yard. After the incident, she felt that Qiao Wei was not same with the Qiao Wei before; Qiao Wei did not speak to Aunt Luo before nor did she please her to sit at the home.

“You, are you alright?” Aunt Luo responded while struggling to suppress her shock.i

Qao Wei smiled and said tenderly, “I am good, I walked out of the gates of hell, now that I have figured out a lot of things, I could not live as before; I still have to look forward. With these two children, I can’t let myself continue to sink.”

Actually, she was not aware of what kind of person the original owner was, but through the messy kitchen and yard, she could vaguely determine that the original owner didn’t live a full life. Afterall, she was a different person, and her style of work was very different from the original, which required a reasonable explanation.

Aunt Luo apparently accepted this kind of explanation. She patted Qiao Wei’s hand, “You have figured out, and the thought was good.”

Qiao Wei bowed her head, felt ashamed of herself and said, “I have decided to live well, but I don’t understand a lot of things; I would like to ask aunt Luo about it, so please don’t feel bothered, Auntie.”

Aunt Luo was also kind-hearted, and Qiao Wei had two children wandering here, that is, she persuaded the village chief to be collected on the mountain. Qiao Wei now humbly asked her advice, so she did not need to hide the truth.

"First, you say about that field..."

In the process of being taught by aunt Luo, Qiao Wei had a new understanding of their own situation, that is - she, however, also possessed a field!

To say, in the past life, Qiao Wei was absolutely dismissive of this idea; she could take tens of thousands every month, so how could she be willing to go to field? But now, she was starving, and what was left now was a field for sustainable farming! She was so thankful!

Of course, this field is not provided for free to Qiao Wei, but she needed to pay a certain rent; it was understandable, since she was not the people of the village, and also wanted to occupy the small piece of field of the village, how could it be possible!u

Aunt Luo not only taught Qiao Wei about farming, but also talked about villagers, which was about what she can going with, what is the best and correct things to do, “.. Liu Cuihua’s grandmother and the village chief are cousin, the two persons can be considered relatives, hence she usually called the chief as brother.”

Originally was the village chief’s relative, no wonder she was so arrogant.

“But she seems to be afraid of you,” Qiao Wei said.

Aunt Luo smiled, “She is not afraid of me, but she does not want to provoke me!”

Anyway, since you are a thigh, I have to hold onto it tightly.

Near midday, Aunt Luo left the house. Qiao Wei personally sent her to the mountain pass, and along the way, aunt Luo said: “You don’t need to send me, the children are hungry, so hurry and go cook!”

The rice tank in the kitchen was already empty, only half a kilo of flour was left; even it were boiled up, it won’t be enough to eat. So, Qiao Wei decided to go to the field to sightseeing.

“I’m going too,” Qiao Jingyun said. Last time, when his mother on the field, she fell. He was afraid that she would fall again, so he wanted to protect their mother.

Qiao Wangshu also hugged Qiao Wei’s arms. “Mother, I also want to go!”

The mountain road was not easy to pass; Qiao Wei wanted to leave the children at home, but on the other hand, this was a mountain; in case a beast or something others breaking in for food how to do. The children shouldn’t be grounded everyday, it was not good. So, Qiao Wei took them out.

The small buns were very happy to go out with their mother. The daughter was much extroverted, jumping up and down in the front, while the son was much restrained, pretending to be a little gentleman in front of Qiao Wei.

Qiao Wei stroked his son’s head, “Why don’t you go play with your sister?”

Qiao Jingyun answered in a serious manner, “I don’t want to be childish!”

Qiao Wei could not help but laugh to his cute son who was pretending to be a mature man. She hugged him up, and gave his little face a kiss.

Qiao Jingyun’s little face quickly turning red, bowed then said, “Ah, you.. What are you kissing me for?”

“You are my son, of course I can kiss you,” said Qiao Wei dearly.

Qiao Wangshu who watching her mother kissing her brother, also ran over to get a kiss. She felt very delighted to get a kiss and then walked away with a hop.

“Why did my sister also get?”

“Because your sister is also mother’s child, so mother also loves her.”

Qiao Jingyun understood that his mother only kissed her own children. But a few months afterward, he witnessed mother kissing another man, a very tall man with facial features which looked like him. He thought that he was also her mother’s child. What else it could be if the mother kissed him? Why else did he look so much like himself? He was so happy to call the man brother, and as a result, the man beat him; he did not understand what was going on.

Not to mention, at this time, Qiao Jingyun was nest in radish, with his sister pulled radishes.

The villager rented Qiao Wei a field at the hillside of a small radian, the trip was less than an hour, because of the snow, their trip was a bit slower. The field was not large, as one could see it was just two acres. They were all white radishes. The radish could be planted all year around, the survival rate was also high; for people who were starving to death, this radish could not be more appropriate. This season’s radish also had been received, even though the remaining amount wasn’t much, Qiao Wei and the children could pull out more than twenty radishes. These were their stocks for the winter.

Thinking about the emptied rice cylinder, and the two malnourished children, Qiao Wei’s heart ached. They were small grown up bodies, how can eat radishes everyday? She must find a way to provide some nourishment to them.

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