The S-Classes That I Raised

Chapter 4 - My Younger Brother is Strange (2)

<My Younger Brother is Strange (2)>

I had gone back to the past. Was that not what had just happened?

‘Did the things that happened before I went back in time affect me?’

Was that why the caregiver title changed?

Before confirming the title, I checked the rest of my stats.

[Level 1

Stamina: 6 | Strength: 4 | Agility: 5 | Spirit: 4 | Mana: 2]

Well, this was the same. Excluding mana, my level 1 stats had an average value of around 5, which made them F Class.

The growth of level of Awakened stats was determined by the average level of stats from the beginning, excluding the dirty slow mana.

So, although there were often times when the rating of the stats varied as they grew, it was usually impossible for stats to increase by two Classes. It meant that a cat would never grow up to become a tiger.


Spirit Up (E): Spirit of the target + 5% (Immediate effect, similar and/or identical skills cannot overlap), duration 30 minutes

Agility Up (E): Agility of target + 5% (Immediate effect, similarity and/or identical skills cannot overlap), duration 30 minutes]

My basic skills were also very similar to my previous ones. I used to have Strength Up instead of Spirit Up, but it probably changed because the Awakening situation had changed.

My basic buffs’ skill rating was E, only one Class above the bottom. Still, it was a skill that could easily go up to D-Class if cultivated well.

‘I wasn’t able to raise the Class because Yuhyun kept getting in my way.’

Even if someone’s stats were F Class, if their skill became D Class, their Awakening Class could be raised to E. That was why some people who had F Class stats could be considered B Class through their skills – albeit only occasionally. About a one in five million chance?

There was only one person in the world who had F Class stats but was considered A Class due to her SS Class skill. Emily Spence, a Saint who was said to be able to keep people alive with her own breath. She was an incredibly old lady and many people were of the opinion that she should have been an S Class. However, no one could help her clear an S Class Dungeon and so she eventually remained as an A Class. S Class Dungeons were too dangerous to be able to clear while protecting an F Class.

‘Once again I just barely qualified to be a Hunter.’

There were many Awakened people in the world. Originally it was not as common but when the Awakening Center would be established six months later, the grandfather of the house behind you, the boy next door, and the uncle of the house over there could all be Awakened.

But 999 of those 1,000 Awakenings had F Class stats and F Class skills. In other words, they were just ordinary people.

What was worse was that F Class skills could not be upgraded because growth was impossible.

Thus, Hunter qualifications were issued only when either the stats or skills was E Class and above. This was the reason why there were so many Awakenings but so few Hunters.

‘Now then, the title……’

Think about this, I swallowed dryly. Not A, not S, but L. There were two Legendary titles.

There were no changes in stats.

‘Is Dragon Slayer a skill title too?’

Titles were divided into skill titles and stat titles.

Stat titles literally raised stats, while skill titles gave additional skills.

It was just too bad. Even if I couldn’t have gotten L Class stats, I could have still raised my stats to B Class.

‘If my stats were B Level, Yuhyun wouldn’t be so overprotective of me. I have no choice but to rely on my skills.’

Come on, defensive skills. Come on, defensive skills.

I opened the Dragon Slayer title information window while praying.

[Dragon Slayer (L)

Proof of a warrior who had hunted a Grade 1 dragon (Lauchitas) on their own.

Title’s Additional Skills

Poison Resistance (L)

Curse Resistance (L)

Fear Resistance (L)

Lauchitas’ Natural Enemy (SS)]

There were four additional skills from the beginning, which was also legendary. Usually there were only 2 to 3 initial skills for S classes, 2 for A classes, and 1 for anything below that. In addition, titles that were B Class or higher could grow and the number of additional skills might increase.

‘The skills are all connected to Lauchitas. You could get Fire Resistance if you’ve defeated a fire dragon, and Ice Resistance if you’ve defeated an ice dragon.’

Lauchitas was a famous dragon known for its poison and curses.

I could tell how the resistance skills were supposed to work just by looking at their names, but I still checked them out.

[Poison Resistance (L) – Completely immune to poisons of Legendary level and below]

[Curse Resistance (L) – Completely immune to curses of Legendary level and below]

[Fear Resistance (L) – Completely immune to pressures of Legendary level and below]

They weren’t really good. They were trash skills.

If only I were a front line Hunter of A Class and above.

‘Where could I use this?’

There were no Dungeons that was predominantly poison or curse without physical attacks and, most of the time, attacks in general were physical in nature. Even if you were immune to both poison and curse while fighting Lauchitas, if you did not have agility or physical defense, you would have been cut finely with its claws.

‘On the other hand, if an S Class Hunter had this title, it would be very useful.’

This was putting pearls before swine, oink.

With a deep sigh, I checked the last skill, the SS Class Lauchitas’ natural enemy.

[Lauchitas’ Natural Enemy (SS) – Double the effectiveness of all skills against Lauchitas and any similar species]

Bullshit! This is awful!

The only skills I got were immunization and buffs, and double skill effectiveness in front of a giant lizard that would make me its snack! Similar species. The weakest of Lauchitas’ species was a Grade 5 dragon, and it was not a level an F Class could take.

‘Damn it, what a waste! If only these went to an S Class instead of me! Why couldn’t I give them to Yuhyun?’

If Yuhyun had double effectiveness with those filthy good skills, he would have been able to beat the Lauchitas like a dog!

“Aigoo, aigo—”

I couldn’t help but cry. My stomach was all twisted up. What a waste!

After hitting the ground for a while, I calmed down and looked at the status window again.

‘The Perfect Caregiver’s skills could still be useful.’

‘Yeah, I was supposed to live a decent life anyway. Don’t think about crawling into Dungeons, let’s just walk through life with growth buffs.

[Perfect Caregiver (L)

Proof of a caregiver who has nurtured a strong world-class power. The current abilities of the caregiver will be even more perfect as they are the caregiver’s charge’s past abilities +100% .]


Wait, what is this title?

The description and the beginning of my former title, the caregiver, were the same. Proof of a caregiver who has nurtured a strong world-class power. However, the Perfect Caregiver had one more line behind it.

‘The ability of the caregiver’s charge +100%… was it when Yuhyun died and I received twice his power? Is the title Perfect Caregiver because of what I did at that time?’

Events that had happened in the past and future, events that had disappeared at the same time, were now effecting the present. It made me feel strange to think so. Was this okay? Maybe there were other side effects outside of the title.

‘But it really was worth being called Legendary.’

It was terribly difficult to achieve the conditions needed for the title.

You had to raise a strong world-class power, which had to be at least an S Class, and you needed to be twice as strong as that S Class in the past.

‘It was possible for me to get it because I had this trick called “Regression”, but in regular cases you would have to be as good as an SSS Class munchkin and also raise an S Class.’

It wasn’t like what happened back then where the caregiver could get double the buffs when their charge died; that wouldn’t fulfill the condition. It would be possible to raise one more S Class after that, but it won’t be easy. As far as I had known, I was the only Caregiver who raised an S Class.

There might have been people like me who hid their title and covered it up.

‘Then the skill is…’

How had they changed? I lowered my gaze slightly and confirmed the additional skills.

[My Little One’s The Best (L)

Final Gratitude (L)

My Child Is So Good (SS)

Promising Sprout (S)]

The number of skills was four like the Dragon Slayer title, but the rating was low. Two L Classes, one SS Class and one S Class. Of course, this was great, but it’s a bit far off compared to the other title which was also L Class.

‘But it is much more useful to me.’

I opened the My Little One’s The Best skill information window with a feeling of satisfaction. The skill name sucked, though.

[My Little One’s The Best (L) – Growth rate + 100%

Duration 3 days

Skill can be used without keywords on targets that are already Attuned

Cannot be duplicated to the same target

Cooldown 30 days for the same target

Keywords: I love you

※ Not applicable when target recognizes the effect of keyword

Targets who have completed Attunement (1)

Han Yuhyun (S)]

It’s good. Everything’s good.

‘The hell, why is the keyword like this?!’

I was sure it was ‘hang in there’ before! Was it because I told him I loved him? Did he get Attuned through that?

Holy shit!

‘What the hell am I supposed to do with this?!’

I mean, if it were a younger family member or an adult female partner, I could still say it. But if it were a man? If it were a child? If I have to raise an Awakened minor, I would go to jail!

And it wasn’t just telling anyone that you loved them. If the conditions of Attunement were the same as those of the past, you had to spend some time with your target. You had to talk to each other, listen to their interests, engage in emotional exchanges, and say keywords at the right time.

Or at least save their life under extreme circumstances and then… confess

Confess. Yeah, I had to confess. Hahaha.

‘……Let’s just use it for Yuhyun.’

It’s a shame but I can’t help it. Fortunately, I just needed to say it once when I try to Attune the keywords.

……well, it’s just one time so if there was anyone that I want to raise, I could pretend to be crazy. Ughhh.

In agony, I opened the information window for the Final Gratitude skill.

[Final Gratitude (L) – When the target of the Keyword Attunement is killed, the skills and abilities of the target can be transferred with twice the efficiency.

Duration: 7 days]

It was an old skill, the strongest skill in my last regression. Seven days was quite long, but it was only a one time use, so why was it L-Class?

‘This will be sealed.’

Not was it only better to not use it, it was also a skill that could not be revealed to others.

Think about it. Who would welcome someone whose skills involve the death of others and the stealing of abilities? It would be uncomfortable to hang out with someone like that. There would be the idea that a guy like that would stab you in the back in dangerous situations, and then survive.

That was why I never told anyone about this skilll before my regression.

I checked the skill My Child Is So Good. It’s name sucked as well.

[My Child is So Good (SS) – In front of target and more than five intelligent people who can understand the Attunement keyword, the targets’ ability and skill effects + number of intelligent targets% (maximum of 100%)

Duration: 30 minutes

Cooldown time: 10 days

※Not applicable when target and surrounding intelligent people recognize the effect of the keywords.]

Keywords. The damned keywords.

I looked through the Skill Information window, but there were no keywords specified. In other words.

‘This time it’s a public confession?!’

Fuck, I can’t even use this for Yuhyun!

The skill itself was good. It was realy good. If done in front of a hundred spectators, the skills and abilities of the target would double.

But why a love confession? Did they want me to lose my face?

‘And the duration is 30 minutes, I’m going to have to be right next to him.’

Thinking about it calmly, I couldn’t use the skill properly anyway. The duration of the Little One skill was 3 days so I could use it outside of the Dungeon. If I used the My Child is So Good skill outside the Dungeon, it would run out before they were even halfway closer to the boss

Besides, the number of people who could enter a Dungeon was limited.

‘Oh, this is an impossible plan.’

I really wanted to give this skill to someone else. If it were passed over to the pretty buffers and healers that were B Class or higher, it would be perfect and less objectionable.

Just +10% of the skills could boost the overall ability value and skill effects at once to A Class. This is because although there were many techniques for raising stats, there were few techniques for raising the effects of other skills. Since there were usually around 30 players allowed in an S Level Dungeon, you could be buffed up to a whopping +30%. It would’ve been a great help at the last boss, but it was a dirty waste on me.

I couldn’t even use it properly like the Final Gratitude. It made me sigh.

‘The rating is good but it’s mostly bullshit.’

I didn’t expect much, but I checked out the last skill, Promising Sprout.

[Promising Sprout (S) – You can check the predicted Awakening Class of an Unawakened person, Awakening can be optimized for targets already Attuned to the keyword.

Cooldown for Optimized Awakenings: 30 days]

……huh? Wait a minute.

‘This is amazing?’

Just being able to check the expected Awakening Class was a huge jackpot. It meant that we potential S Class or A Class Awakenings could be pulled over in advance. However, the biggest jackpot was the ability to optimize the Awakening.

Approximately three years later, it was found out that the post-Awakening ability varied with the situation at the time of Awakening. For example, Awakening via the danger of drowning resulted in water-related skills, and Awakening via the danger of falling resulted in In addition, someone who both worked in the field and dealt with clients on the phone could plant manipulation skills and even hypnotic skills after Awakening.

In my case, I was Awakened in a different sort of situation compared to before, so my titles and skills had changed.

There had even been studies showing that Awakening Classes were also affected by Awakening situations. Even if you have the potential to be an A Class Awakening, your Class might end up below B if the Awakening situation was not good.

However, it wasn’t easy to adjust Awakening situations to suit people. Not only now but also five years later, it was impossible to optimize Awakening situations

However, through the Promising Sprout skill, it was now possible to optimize Awakening situations.

‘The best quality and the best skill compared to the others!’

This means that I could pick up the best rookies once a month.

Wow this really was the best, it was good enough to be L-Grade……

‘……the keyword again.’

Oh, seriously. It’s seriously dirty! Serious, I, I!

……I should still use it. Sob sob.

<My Younger Brother is Strange (2)> End

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