The S-Classes That I Raised

Chapter 5 - My Brother is Strange (3)

<My Brother is Strange (3)>

Since I had some time until evening, I decided to go to Korea Hunter Association.

‘I just want to get an F Grade.’

I intended to reveal only the basic skills and hide the titles and additional skills. If you have one L-level or S-level defense skill, with F-Grade stats, the L to S-Level assist skill is too much. If the owner of skills that can be used outside the dungeon, like My Little One’s The Best or Promising Sprout, can’t protect themselves, it was like turning on a billboard saying ‘Kidnap Me’.

They could kidnap me and then blackmail and torture me into using my skills.

If you have assist skills you want to use during combat, you and your party might die, so it’s better to party normally. However, if it is a skill that can be used outside the dungeon and is not related to combat, it is enough to keep it as a slave without paying for it..

In fact, there were a lot of victims out there.

‘That’s why I hid the title of Caregiver.’

I would have been able to raise the Hunter rating immediately if I told the association, but I was too afraid to do so. I thought I couldn’t be protected because I believed I had lost my brother.

What should we do this time?

‘Yuhyun I want to share with you all my skills to help the guild, can you protect me?’

Dragon Slayer is hard to explain, so I can only talk about the Perfect Caregiver. I think you can be a big brother just by doing a good job. If I recruit a good-looking rookie, I’ll give him a spot rather than kick him out of the guild this time.

I opened the door in a pleasant fancy. And my eyes met with another’s.


A man over 190cm with a tall and muscular figure leaned against the wall of the hallway in front of my door and stared at me bluntly.

Class A Awakening Kim Sunghan. (김성한)

It is one of Han Yuhyun’s faithful right-hand man, the Haeyeon guild leader, and is a battlehunter specialized in defense. Yuhyun’s loyalty to me was so high that he thought I was an eyesore. …From the look on his face, he seems to be still think that.

But why are you here? Standing in the road… I was passing through.

“Well… How are you?”

Kim Sunghan completely ignored my greeting. What? This didn’t happen before. When I heard Yuhyun scold me, I got angry and I thought I’d take care of it, so I just stormed out screaming, “Don’t worry.”

“I have a few things to see. Work hard.”

I’m going to pass by.

“That’s not possible.”

A heavy bass blocked me. It didn’t just end with a voice, but he even caught my arm.

“The guild leader ordered me to keep you from going out.”


Why? Did he think I was going to go find the Awakening Broker again. He didn’t believe me? …I wouldn’t believe me either

“I don’t want to get into an accident. I’m just going out for a minute and I’ll be right back. It’s only an hour.”

It takes 10 minutes from here to Hunter’s Association by taxi, and there will be fewer people on weekdays, so it will be over in an hour. But the hand that grabbed my arm did not budge.

“Go straight into the room, please.”

“No, really, just for a second……”

When I was faced with increasingly fierce eyes, my voice decreased. Just then.

[The pressure has been annulled!]

The fear-resistance skill effect has been activated. But even if you have skills, what can you do? Even if you’re not scared, you’ll still get hit. It’s so useless.

“Alright. Going in, going in.”

I turned around, brushing away Kim Sunghan’s hand. In front of a Class A, you are a flea and he is too inflexible to talk sense into. Oh, by the way, what are his skills?

Kim Sunghan’s eyes narrowed as I turned around again. Dude. Staring won’t do anything. The status window popped up with I used Promising Sprout.

[Awakened Person – Kim Sunghan

Current Stat Class A

Awakening Available: Stats A to S

Optimization of Initial Skill

Indomitable Body (S) Failed to Obtain

Regenerative Power (S) Failed to Obtain

Shield of the Earth (A) Obtained]

What a waste! I almost shouted out loud. You’ve got two S-Level Skills that can be obtained, your maximum level is S-Level! If I recall, Kim Sunghan’s initial skills were the Shield and Footprints of the Earth.

‘Wow, that’s too bad. Can’t a man who’s already Awakened be Reawakened? Kim Sunghan’s Optimization Awakening!’

[The target’s keyword Attunement is incomplete.]

Oh, keyword.

[Target that has been Awakened cannot undergo Optimal Awakening.]

Message windows appeared one after another. I can’t do that either. It can’t be helped…

[My Little One’s The Best (L) Single Skill Concentration of Growth enables acquisition of new skills, including failed optimization skills.]

Wow! Was it possible to focus on one skill? Anyway, the dirty system’s description is not good enough. There were not many hidden effects that were found in belatedly in this way. Even without an open message window, I think there’s an additional effect…? There is a skill that I want.

Anyway it’s amazing that you can get an S-Level skill that you previous failed to obtain, jackpot… Jackpot…… I won……

‘Fuck, keyword.’

I looked up at Kim Sunghan. A rude man who is sending a glare to the me who is not going back in. He’s 20 centimeters taller than me, and he’s a man with a loud voice.

Yeah, I can’t. I’ll never do it.

I went into the room, smiling as if nothing had happened.

Then I inwardly shouted to myself.

‘Replace keywords!!’

No, reset, reset. I want to go back again. Just for one day. No, just for one hour.

I said that I wasn’t going to do it but I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it would be a dirty waste!

‘It would be helpful if the number of S-Levels in the guild increased by one. Yeah, I’ll explain it to Yuhyun first and……’

Muttering under my breath, I felt like I was missing something. …something about keywords? Something about telling others about my skills?

An unforeseen circumstance hits the back of the head.

Let’s settle the situation calmly. Now, I.

‘……I’m locked up.’

I’m trapped. No one but an A-Level Awakened is standing guard at the door. It’s too much to simply prevent me from seeking out an accident. C-Level , or even D-Level, is enough to stop me

‘Yuhyun, you……’

What are you thinking? This has never happened before the regression.

I walked around the room and then sat down on my bed.

‘If this situation right now is just to protect me.’

It occurred to me that Yuhyun had immediately deleted the broker’s contact information and didn’t let me contact him. Things have been strange since then.

Even though I am weaker than him, I’m still his older brother. I’m an adult and no longer obsessed with being a hunter, I can live alone well enough. Moreover, unlike before the regression, it is already known that there was absolutely no need to do this.

In the first place, Yuhyun doesn’t have the right to lock me up, does he?

I rolled my head around and pulled out my cell phone. I’ll ask him myself.

At the end of a short beep, Yu-hyun answered the phone.

“Uh, it’s nothing much. I was going to go out for a while, but Kim Sunghan blocked me. He said it was your order?”

[Where are you going?]

The Hunter Association…… I guess I’d better not say that now.

“Just home.”

[Why home?]

“Do I need a reason to go back to my house? I will come back in the evening.”

The voice over the cell phone paused for a moment, but it started again with a lower voice.

[That’s a little different from what Sunghan said.]

“Uh, huh?”

[He said you’d be back in an hour.]

“No, that’s because he was blocking me. I mean, I was not going anywhere else.”

Why is he so sensitive? The uncertainty in my heart became a little bit bigger.

[If you do not have anything special to do, just stay put. The house is… hyung just join the guild.]


[You do not have to live separately. It’s not like the world is safe these days. There’s no dungeon near hyung’s house, but you don’t know when and where it might happen, and what if it suddenly pops up?]

No, the next 5 years are safe.

[I’ll get you ready for the move.]

“What move, hey!”

[I have to go out, so I will not be able to reach you until evening. If you need anything, tell Sunghan.]

“No, wait a minute! Yoohyun!”

The telephone line went dead. I looked at my cell phone, feeling both flustered and dumb.

‘Is this also one of the side effects of regression?’

I think my brother’s personality has changed a lot. What’s wrong with him?

‘The title of Perfect Caregiver, I shouldn’t reveal it.’

Right now I’m still known as an Unawakened. If I reveal that I have a very useful assist skill, I might not be able to take one step out of the room. …I can’t even get out right now.

Damn it, I’m gonna have to hide it for now and take a look into it.

‘If Yuhyun is going to keep acting weird, I’ll have to build my own power.’

It is possible only with the title of Perfect Caregiver.

First of all, I have to visit A-Levels and S-Levels of the future and Awaken them. I wish I was younger. I’m persuading children to Awaken……

‘…This is either a conman or a child trafficker.’

Well, I’m not getting paid for it, and I’ll really Awaken them!

I will need to write a contract to make sure the awakened kids do not betray me. You’ll protect me as my Hunter for a year without revealing the secret of your Awakening, it’ll be enough. If you can, keep it for the rest of your life! I want to say, but there is no contract item that can keep the S-Level in place for a long time. The longest was ten years.

If I sweep up all the A to S Levels and using the Growth skill as bait to make them stay, a big guild will soon be completed.

‘Or maybe in the middle it would be okay to merge with Hayeon Guild.’

If I bring a lot of A to S Levels, Yuhyun will have to acknowledge me. You want to lock me up again? I’m not going to get caught because I have these kids to protect me.

All right, who’s the first one to get hooked up.

Park Yerim, an ice witch who will become an A-Level Awakening after three years. It’d be nice. She was able to quickly rise up to S-Level after awakening as an A-Level.

’I was living in Seoul. I once saw an interview where I had lost my parents to the first Dungeon shock and lived near a relative who owns a restaurant near Myeong-dong Station. The age is now… fifteen?’

…A girl in middle school. Keywords being middle school girl……………

I am not a lolicon! I like adult women! This is just the bottom line for awakening!

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