The Sacred Ruins

Chapter 540 - Still Full of Hot Blood

Chapter 540: Still Full of Hot Blood

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The majestic yet powerful Kunlun was also known as the ancestor of all immortal mountains.

This place had an almighty and elusive prestige in legends on Earth.

In front of the mountain, there were splendid immortal auras, as well as brilliant lights and vibrant colors. Many people had already arrived and were sitting cross-legged before the array of jade tables. The fragrance of a fine wine drifted over, not to mention the scent of various fruits. It was just like a grand ceremony.

Here there wasn’t the slightest hint of tension for the upcoming battle. People were constantly rushing over from everywhere, their faces smiling with cheerful expressions.


Someone had torn through the sky like a terrifying divine rainbow. A mighty divine son landed on the ground with tattered armor on his body. One day had passed during which he had sought the ancient cave residences of the earth in a hurry, but he had obtained nothing and even came close to encountering danger.

Whew whew whew!

The sound of successive breaches in space came through as visualization experts rushed to the scene one after another and appeared before Mount Kunlun. All sorts of divine clouds filled the sky, interweaving together.

Nobody had expected that the Deity race’s young master had brought more than two hundred divine sons and saintesses from the visualization realm. This not only made Chu Feng feel pressured, but those who arrived earlier also gave incessant deep sighs.

This was because, in a way, they had now entered the young master’s era, as well as the epoch of Dameng Pure Land. Whoever could challenge the experts led by them?

“Greetings to all of you dao friends. At last, we are all gathered here. It’s funny that lately us descenders from the outer realms have ended up on this desolate planet, yet find ourselves in this terrible, dire situation.”

Many of the foreign entities who had already arrived on Earth earlier began to complain. Their words were aimed at Chu Feng and involved how malevolent he was.

“Alas, it is heartbreaking to think of all our fellows who’ve fallen into his hands and landed in such miserable conditions. He sold one of my close friends. It pains and saddens me to think of it.”

Some of those who heard this sympathized with him and nodded their heads in succession.

When the visualization evolvers accompanying the young god heard this, they were rather speechless. They didn’t know what to say to those divine sons and saintesses who had been sold.

For people of their stature to have such an experience, it was more or less a blot on their lives.

There were too many people here today. These included common star passage adventurers as well as divine sons, saintesses and so on who had crippled themselves earlier. In addition, there were also people from the secret realms of Penglai, Fang Zhang and Ying Zhou.

There were also alien beings from the former qilin’s lair, the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave and so on, who had descended onto the Earth many years ago.

At the same time, a portion of the Earth’s native evolver corporations had also rushed here today. They came regardless of whether they were from the East or the West and wanted to see what kinds of impacts this so-called distinguished meeting would bring.

Now the native evolvers on Earth were anxious and uneasy, afraid that a great disaster would befall.


A dazzling rain of light swirled in the air. Xilin clan’s divine son Wei Lin rushed here, leading his clan members. Together with them was the Mechanical Vajra, who stood by his side.

With a wave of Wei Lin’s hand, a silver lamp appeared, hanging atop the peak of a mountain.

“If there is a showdown today, it’ll be based purely on cultivation. You can’t use any domain tricks or shady methods to hurt people”

It wasn’t Wei Lin who spoke; it was inappropriate for someone of his stature to do so. Instead, it came from a young woman from his clan.

Her voice echoed through the mountains as she spoke in a pompous and grandiose manner.

Everyone knew that her words were aimed at Chu Feng.

The so-called domains was a heavenly art and many didn’t even have the privilege to practice them. Only people outstandingly talented could reach far on such a path.

How could this method of killing be considered a shady technique?!

In fact, mastering domains was ten times harder than cultivating. Those who were successful were greatly respected throughout the starry skies, and every individual ranked domain master or above had incredibly high statuses.

The Xilin divine son wasn’t an expert regarding domains, but he had brought some rather horrifying weapons with him. These were incredulous secret treasures aimed at domains. For example, this silver lamp illuminating the rivers and mountains could suppress domains!

In reality, the young woman wanted to stall Chu Feng with her words and incite him to fight using an evolver’s methods.

“Is Chu Feng not here yet? Surely he isn’t scared, right? Haha…” One of Xilin clan’s reserve divine sons laughed. His power was not much less than that of his siblings Wei Lin and Wei Xuan.

Chu Feng hadn’t arrived yet, but the Xilin clan had already appeared on the scene and this caused a clamor here. Everyone was greatly affected.

“The young god is here!”

Someone shouted. A chariot glowed in the distance, overflowing with an auspicious radiance.

Although it was old-fashioned and a bit tatty, it still exhibited the glory from back then having once experienced a legendary battle!

Atop it stood the Deity race’s young god. His expression was rather unseemly as he had set off to Qinling in search of the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique but had returned empty-handed.

Members of his race had definitely received accurate information and had understood that part of the inheritance for the Robbery Induction was located in Qinling. Yet he returned disappointed in the end.

Though the chariot had once been torn apart, it was dazzling. Originally it could vanquish a planet’s power and influence, but the divine markings in its interior were erased. This way it had fallen into the possession of the Deity clan’s younger generation.

Otherwise, this chariot used to be a saint’s treasure. In those days it was pulled by quasi-divine beasts, charging and breaking into the enemy lines. Rarely did anyone dare to attack it—everyone would do their best to evade.

“Welcome young master!”

“We have been anticipating the arrival of the Deity clan for a long time. Greetings to the young master!”

At this moment, people from Penglai, Fang Zhang, Ying Zhou, and other major secret realms began to emerge. They greeted the Deity young master solemnly and paid their respects.

Many looked on with outlandish expressions. These were after all the descendants of the servants to the most powerful race on ancient Earth. Yet… they had degraded to such a state!

Some of the divine sons and saintesses became aware of these secret realms’ backgrounds.

“The world has changed, but those who adapt to their circumstances will live on forever!” The Deity clan’s young master laughed heartily. He was tall and his blonde hair danced in the breeze. His eyes were bright as lightning as he looked at Kunlun with disdain.

At his feet, the vicious beasts pulling the chariot were terrifying. Their entire bodies were dark green and their forms were similar to that of a Pi Xiu. To one’s surprise, they were also at the peak of the visualization realm.

Many felt intimated upon hearing his words and catching sight of the beasts pulling the chariot. How strong was the master if the beasts pulling his chariot were this powerful?

Those from the secret realms Penglai, Fang Zhang, and Ying Zhou appeared ever more humble. They bowed with smiles across their faces and didn’t rise for a long time.

With them like this, others also paid their respects towards the young master but didn’t go so far as to bow and bend their knees.

Then, a divine son and a saintess came forward and assisted Deity clan’s young master in getting down from the chariot before inviting him to take his seat.

It really was just like a grand event here. Fine wines and unusual fruits were laid on various jade tables, their fragrance drifting around as they issued a faint glimmer. There were as many as two, three hundred entities of the visualization level, nevermind evolvers from other realms.

All of a sudden, a lot of people stood up, including the young master who’d just sat down. This was on account of a crowd of transcendent white-robed figures arriving from the distance.

Those were evolvers from Dameng Pure Land. Bystanders couldn’t even be compared with the people from the Deity clan, but Qin Luoyin was different; she was even better than some of the dao sons from the top-ten!

Four Dragon-Scaled Heavenly Horses appeared—some were golden and others were a lustrous violet color—there wasn’t a single loose hair on their bodies which seemed to be carved out of stone. They were also overflowing with a dazzling splendor as they arrived pulling the blue carriage.

The young master from the Deity clan personally came forward. He was rather solicitous and his eyes were fervent as he said, “Luoyin you’re here. Did you get anything?”

He wished he could personally help Qin Luyin as she disembarked the chariot.

Qin Luoyin was indescribably pretty and striking. At first, she was rather indolent and was lying down on her side upon the chariot. Her physique was slender like a beautiful serpent and her dress, brightly varicolored, accentuated all her curves. Presently she had risen, immediately appearing elegant and poised.

She wore a multi-colored mask and her neck was pale as snow. Lovely purple hair draped loosely over her shoulders, glossy and supple. Once she had risen, her figure became all the more slender, showing her perfect golden ratio.

Her eyes radiated brilliance like a pair of violet gemstones. It looked as though she could see through one’s heart while simultaneously being indescribably spiritual.

“Greetings, Young God.” She smiled gently and greeted the Deity clan’s young god.

Although her real form was still undisclosed, her bright red lips were slightly open and her sparkling eyes were big and dazzling like always. For a moment, the whole world seemed to have brightened up.

Many people were quite perturbed. Even the young master’s pulse quickened as though he was drunk.

“Luoyin, please come this way,” he said as he personally led the way and guided Qin Luoyin to the seat of the most respected.

At this point, all of the important figures had now arrived.

At once. some were rather discontented that Chu Feng had still not shown up.

“Surely he isn’t that cowardly as to not turn up?” Someone sneered.

“Aha, perhaps the Earth’s so-called chosen one has run away, afraid of coming?”

There were smiles on some as they oozed hostility; they had once regarded Chu Feng as an enemy.

At this point, those from Penglai, Fang Zhang and Ying Zhou grinned bitterly. They spoke occasionally and their words were always targeted at Chu Feng.


All of a sudden a big dazzling halberd dropped from the sky, breaking through the sound barrier before directly plowing into the ground. Rocks and earth flew in all directions and a silvery light surged upwards towards the heavens.

The enormous halberd drilled into a boulder on the ground while stones tumbled around it, making a gigantic pit.

“A weapon once used by Chu Feng!” Someone said.

Without a doubt, this indicated that Chu Feng was coming. Moreover, he was incomparably tyrannical. He was fearless and poised to fight a decisive battle even though this place was full of outer realm experts.

A figure emerged on the edge of the horizon. His long black hair was silk-like and hung to his waist. His features were handsome and his physique tall. He took one step and arrived in a flash.

This was the secret technique the World’s End Near at Hand!

Chu Feng rushed forward alone. His gait was unhurried and his clothes were spotless, giving him a supernatural aura. His murderous intent and will to fight had been withdrawn.

His eyes were abstruse as he swept his gaze over everyone. Terrifying valor laid completely inert in his body and he was incomparably tranquil. His entire being appeared ever more clear and he had a kind of immortal character about him.

Chu Feng’s arrival momentarily silenced the area.

He went ahead without anyone guiding him and directly sat before the most important and honorable seat. Such a jade table belonged to the host of this event.

Originally this was Wei Lin’s seat. He had chosen to fight here at Kunlun and so he was the tacit host here who had to receive everyone else.

But he was still conversing with several significant individuals and hadn’t had the time to sit down. In the end, Chu Feng took the seat without consulting anyone upon his arrival.

“Get up. This isn’t your spot!” A young man from the Xilin race walked over and barked at him in a low voice. Wei Lin was the one holding the event here to tell everyone else the Xilin race was returning. How could he tolerate Chu Feng sitting pompously on his seat, the host’s seat?

“I am one of this planet’s evolvers, as well as a co-owner of Kunlun’s ritual grounds. If I don’t sit here, must I let you foreigners supersede me?”

Chu Feng spoke calmly. In just a few sentences he pointed out who was the host and who were the foreigners.

“Get up!” berated the man from the Xilin clan in a low voice. He didn’t want Chu Feng to cause a stir and create chaos for Wei Lin’s gathering. With an ominous glint in his eyes, he reached out and aimed at Chu Feng.

“Scram!” As Chu Feng said this, his speed increased and his right hand struck out. With a thump, he held the man in the palm of his hand. He exerted a slight bit of pressure and the man became weak and flabby, his muscles and bones completely broken. Yet there was no blood nor sound, and Chu Feng flung the man to one side.

At that moment, everyone’s countenance shifted. It was clear that the dragon had crossed the river and it was fearless!

“Chu Feng, are you not being a bit excessive?”

Someone from Penglai asked Chu Feng before anyone from the Xilin clan could interject.

Chu Feng looked at them coldly and said, “Do you not want to be a human? Are you addicted to being a slave?”

“How can you be so impudent?!” Those from Fang Zhang also spoke up.

Following this, a few of the divine sons and saintesses likewise declared their positions. After all, this was an event aimed towards Chu Feng. They were like branches of the same tree and naturally condemned together against him.

Chu Feng glared coldly at the others before looking towards the distant mountains. He indistinctly saw the silhouette of Yuchi Kong, protector of the true chosen one!

Originally Yuchi Kong was sitting upon a peak. He was watching what was happening here with a gentle smile, but he was aware that Chu Feng, the young god, and Qin Luoyin were rather keen. So he left and vanished in a flash.

Chu Feng glanced towards that direction, his gaze ever more icy cold.

Suddenly the Xilin clan’s divine son Wei Lin laughed lightly and said, “Chu Feng, do you see that? Dao fellows everywhere are resentful towards you. Even native evolvers here target you and crusade against you!”

“On what basis do they represent Earth’s native evolvers? We evolvers from the secret realm of Mount Wangwu are here!”

“We are evolvers from the secret realm Mount Daxue and we are willing to stand with our brother Chu Feng!”

“As evolvers from the secret realm Mount Zhongnan, we swear to face enemies alongside Chu Feng!”

It was at this moment that a group of individuals emerged from the horizon and approached the area.

“I’m here too. Although my cultivation isn’t great, I am still a human with valor. Chu Feng brother, I’ve come to see you!” It was Zhou Quan, the man with four ox horns growing atop his head. He was the first friend Chu Feng had made when the upheavals had started on Earth.

Zhou Quan, with his hair swept back and four great ox horns on the crown of his head, spoke sincerely. “Originally I wanted to be a mortal, so I had already retreated into seclusion. But on discovering that you, my brother, were coming to the Kunlun, I decided to come back out. I’m not afraid of death, and I am still full of hot-blood!”

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