The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 13 - Drop That Pretense. A Cobra

Chapter 13 - Drop That Pretense. A Cobra

"I – I… My father is the mayor of Xinjiang Town! How dare you talk to me like that! Hmph! Careful, I'll make your life a misery!" Shu Li spewed nonsense whilst in panic.

Yun Jian could no longer hold herself back from laughing.

Why were these children born with a silver spoon all the same?

Shu Li's words were like a carbon copy to what Lin Mengyu had said previously. The only difference was that Lin Mengyu's father was a school principal and Shu Li's father was a mayor.

Subjectively, both of them were the same.

"Should I be afraid?" Yun Jian crossed her arms and stared at Shu Li strangely.

In an era where influence and family background were significant, it would be a miracle if the original owner of Yun Jian's body could live in peace; given she was up against such families of powerful status.

Yun Jian now was not like the original however. She refused to remain quiet when she was accused and bullied.

"Xiao Jian, stop pretending. You've successfully gotten my attention. You can tell us if you want to hang out together. We welcome the both of you very much," Yuan Yingjun told Yun Jian looking as though he knew her true intent after shaking his hair.

He had assumed all that Yun Jian had said just now was her playing hard to get.

To Yuan Yingjun, Yun Jian must have spent a lot of effort to act so convincingly.

It matched his intention, nonetheless, as he had been wanting to date Yun Jian.

The girl was pretty, many times more compared to Lin Mengyu who had no looks or shape. If Lin Mengyu was not the principal's daughter, he would never have dated her.

As for Yun Jian, Yuan Yingjun only wanted to toy with her, tossing her away after he grew bored of her. That was all.

"Sorry, I don't hang out with pigs." Yun Jian beamed as her striking grin sneaked an attack like a rose's prick.

Pigs? She had compared them to pigs!

Yuan Yingjun's face fell in the next second. Was Yun Jian obsessed with her acting? What else did she want when he had already invited her?

Shu Li cussed at Yun Jian at once. "You're the pig! Your whole family is from the stinking drain! How could a person like you still live in this world? And to think about enticing Yingjun, why don't you look in the mirror first?"

"I didn't name anyone but if you guys want to volunteer, I guess the metaphor is owned now," Yun Jian replied faintly with a smirk.

Yuan Yingjun and Shu Li paled once they heard her, caught at an awkward moment.

"Ah! There's a snake! A snake!"

Lu Feiyan screamed from the back all of a sudden.

Yun Jian turned to follow where Lu Feiyan's shaking finger was pointing and saw a snake that was about half a meter long. It slithered in a bush less than half a meter away from the both of them. It was yellowish brown yet had a greyish black tinge with an oval head; its head was raised with its neck spread flat like a spoon.

Lu Feiyan shrieked once she caught a glimpse of the venomous snake that had just come out of the bushes.

Yun Jian's senses were still working well. Long before her friend cried in horror, she had sensed the movement in the bushes after she jabbed back at Yuan Yingjun and his clique.

However, she had only known that it was a snake after taking a look despite having predicted so.

"Is – is that a cobra?" A boy who wore a pair of glasses with a large frame standing beside Yuan Yingjun shouted in surprise pointing at the serpent.

The park was not exactly huge. Furthermore, it was summer. There were inevitably snakes but this one was a cobra!

Cobras are a highly venomous snake! One would die if bitten and not sent immediately to the hospital!

Yuan Yingjun and friends stood a little farther, they were afraid as well. When they looked at Yun Jian again, she looked unfazed.

The group was dumbfounded.

Was she pretending or was she really not scared?

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