The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 1414 - Eternal Life for the Fittest While the Weak Deserves It

Chapter 1414: Eternal Life for the Fittest While the Weak Deserves It

They could never be in the same world? His Mu Ying… was also a secret agent?

Leng Hanzhe was stunned. He had never thought of this possibility. He was already shocked when he found out that Yun Jian was the secret agent who came in top in the secret agent ranking, but it had never crossed his mind that Yun Jian would say that he and Mu Ying were never in the same world because Mu Ying… was just like Yun Jian…

“No! This isn’t possible! Yingying’s been by my side all this time, she’s never left! How could she be… be the kind of person you said?! I don’t believe it! Fine that you’re that kind of person, don’t pull my Yingying into this!”

Leng Hanzhe loved Mu Ying to the point of losing his mind. He did not believe what Yun Jian said at all and shouted back at her.

Yun Jian chuckled hearing his words while Mu Ying freed herself from Berserk Dragon’s embrace and stopped whatever Yun Jian was going to do.

“Yun Jian, this is my problem. I’ll resolve it myself.” Mu Ying had already recovered from the tense situation earlier.

“Mn.” Yun Jian nodded and stood on the side with Si Yi who had just come over.

Leng Hanzhe looked at Mu Ying pleadingly, as if he wanted the answer he yearned for, but Mu Ying said, “Yun Jian’s right. I’m not the real Mu Ying. I’m just a stream of consciousness. The real Mu Ying’s passed away when she got into the accident when she was much younger. Do you still remember the crazy professor back then? He’s the one who fused my consciousness into Mu Ying who was already dead.”

“And I’m… just an anonymous assassin in An Hun Group back then—a poor girl who’s abducted into the organization alongside hundreds of other kids and tried to stay alive despite the cruel reality only to have her limbs cut and her heart dug out alive before her body was thrown to feed the dogs.”

“Your Mu Ying, the Mu Ying you love, is dead.”


What Mu Ying said was straightforward, stunning Leng Hanzhe. He could not believe it nor could he imagine that the girl he had loved growing up was swapped to someone else halfway through.

“You’re lying to me!” Leng Hanzhe shouted at Mu Ying like he had lost his mind.

“Mu Ying was no longer breathing after the accident. The one who came alive during the funeral is me. She’s already dead. I’m me, I’m MY!” Mu Ying raised her voice.

It struck Leng Hanzhe all of a sudden that he believed what she said now and was completely thrown. If this was the case, what about him? Did he love the Mu Ying when they were kids or the current Mu Ying? What was he pursuing?

Leng Hanzhe fell to the ground limply.

“H-how… did you say you… died just now… Your limbs were cut… and your heart was dug out alive… and your body was fed to the dogs? But—this is a modern society governed by law! How could something so brutal possibly exist…”

Whether Leng Hanzhe accepted it or not, Leng Lingling believed it and her focus was not that Mu Ying was no longer the old Mu Ying.

She, Guo Xiao, and the others were just regular students and had never heard of such terrifying way to die. Moreover, the person who died so horribly was just standing before them…

Leng Lingling felt chills just thinking about it.

Mu Ying did not reply to Leng Lingling; it was Yun Jian who did. She smirked and told Leng Lingling, “That’s why you and us won’t ever be in the same world. In your world, you have your parents if you did a mistake and you have your teachers in school. In our world, you deserve to die if you’re weak. The fittest can live forever while it serves the weak right that they die!”

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