The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 20 - Good As New. The Annoying Aunt (1)

Chapter 20 - Good As New. The Annoying Aunt (1)

Outside of the emergency ward, Yun Yi paced around with worry blatantly painting his features. Gao Jian who was beside him mirrored him.

Although both of them were overwrought, they knew that they could not simply enter the operation room.

What Yun Yi was also curious about was that he had heard from Gao Jian that Xiao Jian had gone inside for a long time; no one knew what she was doing inside and she was still not out yet.

His mother's life or death were unknown behind the doors and he could only wait futilely outside. The uncertainty was working Yun Yi up.


The doors of the operation ward that had been tightly shut opened.

The doctor they had seen earlier stepped out first with a relaxed expression. There was even a slight joy on his face.

"Doctor, how's my mom?" Yun Yi rushed to ask.

"Cough, cough." The doctor feigned his composure and announced. "The surgery was a success. The patient is doing well as of now. I believe that her hands will be good as new in a few months' time!"

Good as new? Gao Jian was stunned.

Since the beginning, this doctor had said that Qin Yirou's life would be at stake if her hands were not amputated.

Yet a while after Yun Jian forced her way into the operation room, this doctor had come out declaring that the patient was fine and her impairment could fully recover!

Could Yun Jian really be so skilled?

Yun Yi let out a huge breath of relief. Thank god his mother was alright.

Yun Jian took off the surgical gown and sterile gloves before she exited the room. To prevent her brother from worrying, she made the doctor deliver the good news.

At the same time, she came to a consensus with the doctors that she could teach them her skills if they kept it a secret that she completed the surgery.

"It's okay, brother." Yun Jian comforted gently, looking at Yun Yi's face that was drained of color.

When Qin Yirou woke up at 5:30am the next day, she was not as pale as she had looked anymore. A slight hue restored to her.

Yun Jian peeled and cut an apple before feeding Qin Yirou piece by piece, softly reminding her, "Eat slowly, mom."

Qin Yirou felt as if she had just escaped death. With a misty-eyed smile, she was content to see that her daughter was mature and thoughtful.

Yun Yi had gone back to his school in the city for the evening self-study session that afternoon, but only after Qin Yirou's drawn persuasion.

He wanted to apply leave from the school, to stay and take care of his mother but Qin Yirou rejected him, afraid that he would not be able to keep up with his studies.

Whatever the patient demanded was the decree. – Qin Yirou's wish was Yun Yi's command. Furthermore, the doctor had said that Qin Yirou was doing excellent now, outside of the dangerous phase, so Yun Yi went back to the city.

Yun Jian had wanted to go with him but she could only postpone her plan now.

Since the accident, her so-called father, Yun Gang, had never appeared.

This made Yun Jian loathed him even more.

Having made dinner at home, Yun Jian bought it to the hospital.

Any fee regarding Qin Yirou's hospitalization was settled by Gao Jian on behalf of the factory. It was heartening that the factory was accountable.

To nourish Qin Yirou's weakened body, Yun Jian made chicken soup.

However, she heard a sharp and pushy voice of a female once she was near Qin Yirou's room.

"Oh Yirou, I'm not intentionally putting you in a tough spot. I see how badly you're injured and I feel so bad to ask money I've lent you. But there's no other way. We need the money now. Do you think you can return it to me first?"

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