The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 24 - Hacking The System. Thirty Seconds

Chapter 24 - Hacking The System. Thirty Seconds

She had founded the organization indiscretion. It was legitimate, being one of the top ten multinational corporations globally. Its total asset was immeasurable by currencies.

This corporation had nothing to do with Gu Sha Mercenaries.

One was within the law while another was under the counter, after all.

The organization was handled by her other subordinate, a bewitching woman with the moniker Alluring Demon.

Now that Yun Jian was in a different body, everything that could represent her identity in the past was no longer in her grasp.

With her current appearance, it would be complicated if she asked for money from her own company.

It was extremely inconvenient that she was in Country Z right now, too, so the fastest way was to hack into her corporation's system and heist what she wanted directly.

Yun Jian's fingers rapped at the keyboard freely, working through the familiar code at an incredible speed.

Her eyes were trained on the monitor. After making sure of the IP address and going through a series of steps, she picked "Yes" from the "Yes" and "No" option that sprang from the dialog box before hitting the spacebar.

The entire process took only tens of seconds.

It was when a clear line of English text popped up on the screen that Yun Jian lightly pressed her lips together.

Hacked and heisted.

As for Yun Jian's rapid typing just now, it attracted the attention of some of the youngsters gaming in the internet café.

Simultaneously, an incredibly enchanting woman was seated before the desk of a multinational corporation's executive office leisurely spinning a black fountain pen.

This person was Yun Jian's subordinate, the one with the moniker Alluring Demon.

"Ring, ring…" The telephone beside her rang out of the blue.

Alluring Demon picked up to hear a panicky female voice say, "Chief, not good. The high-level firewall of the tech department is hacked. The hacker used only thirty seconds to attack the system and stole one hundred million US dollars from our finance department!"

"What!" The black fountain pen in Alluring Demon's hand fell to the floor with a clack as she stood up briskly and questioned in disbelief, "How is this possible?"

Their company was one of the top ten multinational corporations in the nation and their technical department housed elites from all over the world.

Forget about hacking their company, cracking down the company's firewall system would already be a challenge to even the most notable people on the international hacker ranking.

To be able to hack them in a brief thirty seconds, she knew only one person who could do it.

In the hazy internet café of Country Z's Longmen City, Yun Jian had completely disrupted the reverse tracking of her company's technical department.

A hundred million US dollars was smoothly transferred into Qin Yirou's bankcard.

In order not to let Qin Yirou discover the massive amount of wealth, Yun Jian had specifically stolen the bank card from their house today.

Nonetheless, she must be the only person to steal from herself in all of history.

Yun Jian shut down the computer and just as she stood up, a surprised greeting came from behind her. "You're Yun Jian, right? Why are you here?"

Baffled, Yun Jian wondered briefly how she could bump into someone who knew her when she was already in Longmen City.

Turning around, she saw a teenager about fifteen or sixteen years old looking at her in surprise.

"You're?" Yun Jian could not recall the person.

The young boy chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "Oh, I forgot. You don't know me. I'm Li Xiangyi. We met the other day. At Xinjiang Town's park. I was with Yuan Yingjun. I remember clearly that you killed a cobra with your b.a.r.e hands! Right, did you also skip school to play games here today?"

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