The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 26 - What About Working With Me?

Chapter 26 - What About Working With Me?

"Holy shit!"

When Yun Jian smacked the thick wad of Chinese Yuan on the mahjong table, everyone was stunned for a few seconds before they cussed in exclamation.

Ten thousand Chinese Yuan!

Although the men were involved with high interest rate loans and had seen more money than this usually, ten thousand Chinese Yuan was still a sum to behold!

It was especially shocking when it was tossed by a fifteen years old girl.

One must remember that Yun Jian's family could hardly make ends meet. How could they have so much money?

In other words, the men wondered where she got the cash from.

"Enough! Of course, it's enough!" There was no doubt that Zhang Zhifan was the leader as he was the first to react and pocketed the cash, nodding as he replied with a laugh.

There was even a surplus of five thousand Chinese Yuan!

Yun Jian smiled in return but she was not finished yet.

Extending her arm, she took out another bundle of cash from her bag and slapped it on the table again.

Zhang Zhifan was close to being stupefied seeing the repetition when he had just carefully kept the ten thousand Chinese Yuan.

What was she planning to do?

"The ten thousand just now is to clear the debt. This ten thousand is our meeting gift." Yun Jian smirked and scanned Zhang Zhifan and gang before saying, "Want to work with me? I want to set up a shop in Longmen City, not sure of the particulars yet, but I'll fund the capital. You only have to handle the business for me. Of course, the premise is that all of you are not allowed to be loan sharks anymore."

She planned to set up a business in Longmen City. The city was along the coast and was one of the rapidly developing cities in the country. The convenience of commerce and trade added to its immense potential for development.

Naturally, Yun Jian did not want to miss a money-making opportunity like this.

As for the reason she came to Zhang Zhifan and gang for handling the business, it was not without consideration.

Although they had provoked her, they did not harm her family.

It was impossible to recruit softies who looked gentlemanly but were mere followers when Yun Jian was starting up a business.

It was notable that Zhang Zhifan knew when to advance and retreat.

When he led his gang to dun for the debt at Yun Jian's that day, he was sharp enough to flee knowing it was time to retreat when his man was put through affliction.

He did not advance recklessly for all or nothing.

This characteristic alone matched a businessman's behavior perfectly.

One should advance when he could without backing down, but if the opponent is too strong then one must be able to bend and yield when he must.

"Business? A shop? And you look for us? No, no, we're a bunch of loansharking gangsters. How are we supposed to know how to maintain a business?" Zhang Zhifan looked at Yun Jian with his jaw dropped.

It was not just him. His group of men was also staring at Yun Jian in bafflement.

"I know what you don't know. I can teach you guys. Who knows how to trade since birth? Who can walk and run once they're born? Instead of living the life of a bandit, you might as well make something out of yourselves with me. You barge into people's houses to dun for debts, what about working with me?"

Yun Jian was still smiling as she looked at the gang.

In spite of it, her words surprised the gang.

The reality was, everyone here was not loansharking out of their own will; they had no way out other than resorting to this job because they needed money to survive.

Just like what Yun Jian said, what about trying? They dared to loanshark and breaking into houses for debts with the risk of being sent to the prison anyway.

"Alright! Since you present such an expensive meeting gift to us, we'll try it out with you!" Zhang Zhifan was silent for a few seconds with his fists clenched before he suddenly chuckled and began easily.

They need not contribute capital. They only had to be there. There was nothing to lose!

Furthermore, the girl in front of them was surely significant when she could produce twenty thousand Chinese Yuan in just a few days.

With Zhang Zhifan being the head, his men quickly agreed as well.

Yun Jian grinned.

Her first bang after her rebirth was going to be from Longmen City.

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