The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 902 - Her Prejudice, Offense Is Taken

Chapter 902: Her Prejudice, Offense Is Taken

Picking up the toy gun, Zhang Chengrui was planning to play with the girls as he aimed the sim gun at the balloons when he heard Ling Yichen mentioning that Yun Jian had won a stuffed toy from the game.

Everyone was dumbstruck at the news.

If the game vendors were making money through the game, the set-up of the game must certainly pose a level of difficulty. It also meant that it was basically impossible if one wanted to burst all the balloons and win the big stuffed toy—unless the person was immensely skilled in shooting guns or arrows, or throwing darts. Otherwise, it was out of the question to get the giant plushie.

Guys like Zhang Chengrui were more often than not running his mouth to others. He was not actually skilled in any aspect—what was more, shooting the balloons with a simulation gun. Even if he was given 100 attempts, he might not be able to win the big stuffed toy.

Moreover, Ji Shasha did not really mean what she said just now.

That explained why everyone was staring at Yun Jian right now.

“Have you really gotten the giant plushie? Whoa, you’re amazing!” Seeing that Yun Jian caught everyone’s attention, Ji Shasha quickly made her way over.

She suddenly stopped in her tracks, though, no longer trying to hook arms with Yun Jian but everyone could see her obvious intention to play up to the latter.

“Hah, hypocritical woman!” Zhang Shaofeng scoffed as he watched Ji Shasha go to Yun Jian but did not exaggerate it.

Hence, Ji Shasha did not even hear his scowl. She stood next to Yun Jian and basked in the limelight as well. Her intention of standing beside Yun Jian was to make everyone around them misunderstand that she was incredibly close to her. This way, the eyes on Yun Jian would shift to her, too.

Although Yun Jian ignored her, Ji Shasha was unfazed as she continued asking Yun Jian, “If you’re so good, can you get me a big plushie? I really like the giant teddy bear over there. Can you win it for me?”

Ji Shasha kept up the act of being a close friend of Yun Jian, and she could feel the increasing gazes that landed on her, thus she was pretty pleased about it.

“Not interested,” Yun Jian rejected Ji Shasha’s request directly, not even sparing a glance at her.

It only made Ji Shasha hate Yun Jian more. How dare Yun Jian dismiss her time and again? Who did she think she was? Ji Shasha nearly exploded in anger right there and then. To protect her image, however, she swallowed it back.

As the awkwardness of the atmosphere rose to its peak, Ling Yichen spoke again, “I heard Xinyi saying previously that she wanted a large teddy bear so she could pair it with the giant bunny from last time.”

Right after what he said, Yun Jian was already standing in front of the balloon shooting game and pulling out some change to give it to the vendor as she spoke softly, “Flying darts.”

Ji Shasha who was just rejected by Yun Jian was currently the most embarrassed one out of the situation. When she asked Yun Jian to win her a teddy bear just now, the latter had told her “Not interested” straightforwardly. Yet, when Ling Yichen said that Chen Xinyi wanted one, the girl went to pay promptly?

Whether Yun Jian could actually win the stuffed toy or not, Ji Shasha had taken offense to her action! Since Yun Jian made her life difficult, she was going to get back at her!

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