The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1499 - White Dragon Bone Lake

Chapter 1499 - White Dragon Bone Lake

The dazzling blade ray made everyone struggle to open their eyes, before they were all devoured by the spatial crack, unable to even respond in time. When they came to their senses, they appeared in a dusky space, and the surroundings were covered in flowing water.

In the center was a stage with an old man seated on it. But they could be sure that this old man wasn’t the same person who was in the painting, and that this person had died long ago. The corpse didn’t give any feeling of decay. Instead, it exuded an aura that made the three feel suffocating, and it was a dragon aura.

As a terrifying dragon aura swept out from that corpse, it gave them the feeling that the corpse would open its eyes at any second. Lin Yun’s aura was entirely suppressed, making him feel terrible. Xiao Yun and An Liuyan were calmer when compared to him and didn’t feel much pressure.

This placed Lin Yun in doubt, but he didn’t say a word because this didn’t seem to be that simple. When he looked around, he could see starlight in the surrounding air, which were from all of the dissolved saint elixirs.

“So all of them came here.” Xiao Yun muttered unhappily. After all, he had lost all the saint elixirs before he could rejoice, and he wouldn’t be trapped in this weird place if he didn’t chase after the dissolved saint elixirs.

Mhm? Lin Yun swept his gaze over and saw a white dragon in the lake. White Dragons were one of the seven-colored dragons.

“Which divine dragon is the strongest amongst the seven-colored dragons?” Lin Yun asked. Pure-blooded dragons were divided into hybrid dragons, true dragons, divine dragons, and heaven dragons.

Hybrid dragons were the weakest amongst all dragons, and the strength of their bloodlines also varied. Those with powerful bloodlines could be comparable to true dragons, such as Jiao-Dragons, and the weakest could be neglected to the point that they could barely be considered a dragon.

True dragons were stronger because there were Azure Dragons, Lightning Dragons, and Wyverns. They all belonged to the category of true dragons.𝙛𝙧e𝒆𝘸𝚎𝙗noν𝙚𝙡.𝐜𝒐𝙢

Divine dragons were next, and they were also commonly known as seven-colored dragons. They were the gold, white, indigo, red, blue, green, and black dragons.

As for heavenly dragons, they could be called sovereign dragons.

“The difference between the seven-colored dragons isn’t much different. But if you ask me, the golden dragons are the strongest.” An Liuyan said calmly. She came from a prominent family and naturally knew many secrets that most people have never heard of.

“Ha!” Xiao Yun sneered. “Why do I hear that the blue dragon is the strongest?”

“There are people in the Divine Dragon Empire who have awakened the bloodline of the other divine dragons. As for the blue dragon, no one has seen it before, and there aren’t any records about it in the ancient books.” An Liuyan said.

Hearing that, Xiao Yun merely smiled, but he didn’t argue with An Liuyan. He looked at Lin Yun and smiled, “Brother Lin, why are you suddenly asking about it?”

“Well, there might be a divine white dragon bone within the lake. This is only a speculation because I saw a dragon in the lake.” Lin Yun replied.

“Divine White Dragon Bone?” Xiao Yun’s face changed, and he quickly brought out the Profound Yin Saint Eyes. Four crimson pupils appeared in his original pupil, but didn’t stop increasing until it reached seven. There was also a saint rune in the depths of his pupils that had intertwined and formed a profound picture.

Under his Profound Yin Saint Eyes, the lake gradually became invisible in his eyes, and he could see a dragon bone at the bottom of the lake emitting a white glow. Occasionally, a white dragon would fly out from the bone and look as though it was alive.

Xiao Yun recalled the Profound Yin Saint Eyes, and said, “It’s really a Divine White Dragon Bone! This must be the White Dragon Palace, but this bone doesn’t mean much to me. Which of you wants it? I think Envoy An is suitable for it.”

An Liuyan’s face became shocked when she heard that. After all, the seven demonic sects joined forces wanting to obtain divine dragon bones, and she didn’t think they would find one here. What Xiao Yun said wasn’t wrong because a Divine White Dragon Bone really meant a lot to an ice-attributed cultivator like her, but she didn’t make a move.

Lin Yun didn’t move either, since they both had a tacit understanding, and their eyes simultaneously fell on Xiao Yun. After all, Xiao Yun had an unusual obsession with treasures, and they couldn’t believe that Xiao Yun would give up on a divine dragon bone.

“Why are you two looking at me? I really don’t need this Divine White Dragon Bone. I believe Envoy An won’t be stingy after getting it.” Xiao Yun smiled.

“That’s for sure.” An Liuyan replied.

“All three of us have our secrets, so let’s not hide them from each other now that we’ve come this far. Xiao Yun, you might as well tell us what you’ve discovered.” Lin Yun said after a brief pondering.

Xiao Yun’s face changed as he fell into silence. As his smile disappeared, his gaze fell onto An Liuyan, “Alright, I’ll be honest, then. I can trust you, but I don’t trust you. Moreover, I don’t need the Divine White Dragon Bone, and it’s fair to give it to whoever needs it.”

“You should have been acquainted with An Liuyan earlier than me. So why do you trust me and not her?” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered, pointing out the key point. They were having a slight discord before a precious treasure, and Xiao Yun probably discovered something.

“You don’t have to care about that. Women are troublesome, especially a gorgeous woman like Envoy An. Not to mention that Envoy An isn’t just an envoy of the Heavenly Astral Pavilion. So how can I trust her? I believe Envoy An won’t mind it.” Xiao Yun smiled.

An Liuyan wasn’t bothered by what Xiao Yun said. Xiao Yun was just someone she had invited over, and they were just using each other. They weren’t close enough that they could put their lives in the hands of each other.

They could join forces for normal treasures like saint elixirs and saint fruits, but something like the Divine Dragon Bone was different. Not to mention that Xiao Yun wouldn’t flip the table upon discovering something, but he wasn’t willing to tell them that.

Shaking his head, Lin Yun planned to look at the lake with his Aurora Dragon Eyes. The Aurora Dragon Pupils could see through all illusions. Since the Profound Yin Saint Eyes could notice something, he believed that his Aurora Dragon Pupils could do the same as well.

“Don’t use it again. I’m afraid that you’ll really become blind.” An Liuyan stopped Lin Yun.

Hearing what she said, Lin Yun obliged because he wasn’t sure of the side effects if he used the Aurora Dragon Pupils again.

“Since I’m the one who needs the Divine White Dragon Bone, I’ll be the one to retrieve it, then.” An Liuyan said.

The divine dragon bone that Lin Yun needed had to possess wind and lightning attributes. So the ice-attributed Divine White Dragon Bone wasn’t suitable for him.

“Let me do it.” Lin Yun pulled An Liuyan to his back. He had a lot of trump cards, and he was confident that it was a lot more than An Liuyan. Xiao Yun couldn’t trust An Liuyan, but Lin Yun could.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have wasted a seal of the Profound Wither Key for her. Since he decided to trust her, he would trust her till the end. Tapping his foot on the ground, Lin Yun turned into a streak of light and flew towards the lake. His speed was so fast that it didn’t give An Liuyan and Xiao Yun any time to respond.


“Don’t!” The two exclaimed, but it was already too late.

Just before Lin Yun was about to enter the pool, the eyes of the corpse suddenly opened, and the dragon aura within the corpse exploded forth with crackling lightning surging within its pupils. With a flick of his wrist, a purple-golden dragon umbrella flew out from his sleeve, and his voice resounded, “Anyone who wants to enter the lake will have to undergo my test.”

Wielding the umbrella, the old man charged over. Lin Yun also noticed that the aura the old man released was roughly similar to his, and the main threat wasn’t from the old man’s dragon aura, but the umbrella he was wielding. It was a saint artifact of the dragon clan and had a terrifying origin.

The umbrella was heavier than Lin Yun had imagined, and just waving it alone was enough to let ripples spread out in the air. When lightning was about to envelop him, Lin Yun's space suddenly became heavy. The effects of the old man’s attack were similar to his Earth Sword Form.

Then again, the profundity contained within it was different. The Earth Sword Form’s core effect lied in the overlap of seventy-two times gravity, and the gravitational increase from the old man came from the umbrella.

When Lin Yun drew his sword, he could barely face the old man. An Liuyan and Xiao Yun quickly rushed over, wanting to help. But they were heavily knocked away by the dragon aura. They groaned whlie taking several steps back after landing on the ground.

Xiao Yun looked at the old man for a long time before he bitterly smiled, “Brother Lin is an honest person.”

An Liuyan’s face was cold when she looked at Xiao Yun, and coldly said, “If anything happens to him, I can guarantee that you won’t take a step out of this astral realm, no matter who you are!”

Xiao Yun could feel a chill running down his spine, and this made him depressed because he didn’t do anything.

Ten moves later, the old man knocked Lin Yun’s sword away with his umbrella and thrust it at Lin Yun’s chest. This scene made An Liuyan and Xiao Yun exclaim before lightning exploded and a dragon coiled around Lin Yun and the old man.

No one could see what was going on inside, but they could feel the power of that attack because it made the entire cave tremble. This made An Liuyan’s face change with deep worry in her eyes.

“Brother Lin will be fine, right…” Xiao Yun muttered. But before he could finish, he could feel a chill down his spine as An Liuyn turned to coldly look at him. This instantly made him smile awkwardly, and he quickly shut his mouth.

When the burst of lightning disappeared, the dragon disappeared, and Lin Yun was revealed, donning an armor. The armor was like flowing liquid, glowing with golden lightning and dragon runes surging in the liquid. This was the Azure Dragon Saint Armor that was formed from eight thousand dragon runes.

When the old man looked at Lin Yun, he dissipated like sand. He was a dead person and guarded this place because of his obsession with his responsibility to guard the lake.

When the umbrella descended, a suction force exploded from the lake and swallowed Lin Yun into it. This made An Liuyan feel relieved and her emotions had nearly collapsed.

As for the umbrella that landed on the ground, it flew to Xiao Yun’s hand. When he examined the umbrella, he was shocked and exclaimed, “This is actually a glory saint artifact! Brother Lin is really fortunate that the dead can’t use the full power of this umbrella!”

An Liuyan’s brow twitched when Xiao Yun mentioned “glory saint artifact”. But she didn’t look at the umbrella, her attention was on Lin Yun, who was sinking into the lake.

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