The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1500 - Azure Dragon Sun-Moon Umbrella!

Chapter 1500 - Azure Dragon Sun-Moon Umbrella!

As Lin Yun’s body continued to sink into the pool, he could feel that the water was cold. It was so cold that it made his blood freeze, and it didn’t take long for him to feel inconvenienced. In the end, even his astral energy was sealed.

His 20,000-foot astral energy ocean was covered in ice, and Lin Yun’s lips had turned pale. He soon gave up on moving, allowing his body to sink like a stone. This was because he had to preserve his strength, lest he loses the ability to move after plunging into the lake.

“Looks like this Divine White Dragon Bone really isn’t suitable for me.” Lin Yun secretly said within his heart as he slowly descended toward that white dragon. He was calm, and wasn’t anxious.

Half an hour later, he successfully reached the Divine White Dragon Bone, and the process was smoother than he had imagined. Although the water was surprisingly cold, there wasn’t any other danger. There was no more danger as long as he passed the old man’s trial.

In the past, this place should’ve been where the disciples were tested. Since the old man had already died, he couldn’t bring out the full power of the saint artifact. So it was a huge bargain for him. That being said, it wasn’t as easy as it looked because Lin Yun wouldn’t be able to withstand the power of that attack if he hadn’t previously refine the Dragon-Blooded Crystal.

“There’s another door?” Lin Yun raised his head and looked at the stone gate behind the Divine White Dragon Bone. The gate was tightly shut with divine runes, and the seal's power was so terrifying that it made his scalp tingle.

Lin Yun quickly withdrew his gaze. Had no intention to court death. Not long later, he burst out from the lake with the Divine White Dragon Bone in his hand. His body was covered in a thin layer of ice, and his eyebrows had turned white.

The terrifying chill had condensed into ice in his internal organs, and his astral energy ocean was turned into a frozen ocean. When Lin Yun landed on the ground, he walked towards An Liuyan and Xiao Yun before handing the Divine White Dragon Bone over, “Here!”

An Liuyan felt heartache while looking at Lin Yun, but she didn’t take it and turned her head away, “You got this yourself. So I can’t accept it.”

“Then keep it with you. I’ll leave it with you for now.” Lin Yun inwardly smiled after seeing how prideful An Liuyan was.

“Brother Lin, bravo! The lake's chill is terrifying, and not just anyone can retrieve the Divine White Dragon Bone.” Xiao Yun winked as he held onto the umbrella.

“What are you laughing at? Return the saint artifact to Lin Yun; it doesn’t belong to you!” An Liuyan glared at Xiao Yun.

Xiao Yun wore an awkward smile. A glory saint artifact was a treasure. If An Liuyan and Lin Yun didn’t say anything, it would belong to him. Since An Liuyan already said that, he naturally couldn’t keep it with him.

“Glory saint artifact?” Lin Yun was surprised as he looked at the umbrella. Xiao Yun explained that he had heard of the term ‘glory saint artifact’ before. The glory spirits were divided into seven attributes, gold, wood, water, fire, earth, sun, and moon. It was like what Lin Yun had come in contact with back in the Heavenly Path.

Every attribute had different effects, such as the glory gold that could boost sharpness. If it could reach a terrifying sharpness, it could be sharp enough to cut through not only space but also the sun, moon, and stars.

The wood attribute contained the profundity of life, and it could boost others’ control over wood intent. One step further, one would grasp the dao of life.

Different attributes contained different profundities, but the engraving of glories was a lot tougher than divine runes. Furthermore, it was forged with the core of a star in terms of materials, and wanting to forge a glory was hard enough, not to mention engraving it on a saint artifact.

Only a highly skilled divine spiritualist could accomplish that. In this Divine Dragon Era, there might not be any divine spiritualists, not to mention skilled divine spiritualists. Those that could become heavenly spiritualists could be comparable to saints, and he had never heard about any divine spiritualists.

So aside from those left behind by the golden era, no one could create a glory saint artifact. If it was in ancient times, when the path of divine runes shone the brightest, glory saint artifacts were already scarce.

Lin Yun was shocked when he was done hearing him. He didn’t think that the umbrella would be so terrifying, and it was fortunate that he managed to survive.

“Ha, it has nothing to do with luck that you can survive. That old man was a dead man, and the reason why he’s able to attack was because of his obsession. He couldn’t use the glory saint artifact’s power, so he could only rely on it to launch an attack.” Xiao Yun smiled while rubbing his nose.

When Lin Yun took it over, his face became solemn, “It’s heavy!”

“Glory saint artifacts are at least ten thousand cauldrons in weight, and a cauldron is equivalent to fifty thousand kilograms. If the full power is brought out, I’m afraid you’ll throw out blood on the spot.” Xiao Yun smiled.

“This is too unbelievable!” Lin Yun exclaimed.

“It’s not just unbelivable. The glory spirit itself is forged with the core of a star. Just think of how heavy the stars in the sky are. Do you dare to think about it?” Xiao Yun said with contempt.

Not only Lin Yun but An Liuyan was also shocked. Xiao Yun’s eyesight was terrifying, and he knew so much about glory saint artifacts, unlike her. She initially wanted to give Lin Yun an explanation, but she could only listen to Xiao Yun with Lin Yun.

“Hehe.” Xiao Yun smiled mysteriously. “Do you know what’s so powerful about a glory saint artifact?”

Lin Yun and An Liuyan were stumped when they heard that there was still something else.

Xiao Yun continued, “If a glory saint artifact can be forged to the highest level, it can borrow power from sovereign constellations. Those that can borrow the power of sovereign constellations are also known as sovereign saint artifacts. Still, they were scarce even in ancient times because one was enough to make a saint invincible!”

The shock numbed Lin Yun and An Liuyan, but the more they thought about it, it made sense. After all, glory spirits had something to do with the stars, to begin with. So what Xiao Yun said might be possible.

“Empress, what do you think of his words?”

“He’s not wrong. I’ve seen several sovereign saint artifacts in the past, but as for making saints invincible…” Lil’ Purple laughed.

Lin Yun knew Lil’ Purple well, and he had to go along with her boasting for now if he wanted more information. “What do you mean?”

“If the Iris Sword Saint was the one to use a sovereign saint artifact, he’d naturally be invincible. But in the hands of garbage, it’s impressive if that person can even bring out one-hundredth of the power. Back then, some garbage thought that they could subdue me with their sovereign saint artifacts, but…” Lil’ Purple stopped right in the middle.

Lin Yun was really speechless about it, but he still went along with her, “But what?”

“What else? They were all killed by me. Otherwise, where do you think my sovereign saint artifact came from? I might be a divine spiritualist, but forging a sovereign saint artifact takes hundreds to thousands of years.” Lil’ Purple sighed. “But fortunately, they were weak and couldn’t bring out the full power, or I might not be alive now.”

Lin Yun speculated that it might be partially accurate since she had a habit of boasting, but the power of a sovereign saint artifact should be confirmed.

“What is the grade of this umbrella, then? Can it summon sovereign constellations?” An Liuyan asked on Lin Yun’s behalf. She had seen the three paintings that Lin Yun summoned before, which already contained a wisp of the grace of a sovereign constellation, but she had never seen anything similar. Not one amongst the hundred sovereign constellations was identical to Lin Yun’s.

Xiao Yun briefly stared at the umbrella before he said, “This should be the Azure Dragon Umbrella forged by the Azure Dragon Clan. It’s considered a true dragon umbrella, and azure dragons should be considered the strongest amongst true dragons. Their bloodline isn’t at all inferior to divine dragons, and they also have a high limit. I looked at it previously, and there are a hundred and eight glory spirits, half of which belong to sun attributes, and the other half belong to moon attributes. This is an Azure Dragon Sun-Moon Umbrella!

“It’s a little hard if you want to summon the Azure Dragon Constellation because a complete sovereign saint artifact has over ten thousand glory spirits. As for whether you can summon a complete sovereign constellation…” Xiao Yun scratched his head and smiled uncertainly, “Perhaps just an azure dragon claw? Not to mention that the umbrella isn’t opened. So even I don’t know how many glory spirits are there. Haha.”

“Why do you know so much?” An Liuyan looked at Xiao Yun suspiciously.

“Don’t forget that I’m a saint spiritualist and a very powerful one at that!” Xiao Yun smiled.

But An Liuyan was still furious with him, so she looked at Lin Yun with a smile, “Lin Yun, just look at how he’s drooling while looking at the umbrella. Don’t listen to him and quickly refine it.”

“I didn’t. Don’t slander me!” Xiao Yun quickly denied it, but he couldn’t shift his gaze from the umbrella.

“Hmph, you’re still denying it? You moved the fastest earlier and took it before I could even react!” An Liuyan snapped. She was worried about Lin Yun’s life and death earlier, and Xiao Yun took the umbrella.

“You want it?” Lin Yun asked. “You can have it, then.”

Xiao Yun was shocked by Lin Yun’s gesture, before waving his hand. “Don’t. Brother Lin, don’t do this. I’m someone with principles, and this belongs to you. So I can’t accept it…”

As Xiao Yun waved his hand, he retreated with heartache written all over his face.

“You saved my life from the Primordial Demon-Refining Tree before. So consider this repayment for that.” Lin Yun replied.

“Oh, yeah.” Xiao Yun rolled his eyes before he smiled, “Brother Lin, I won’t refuse it if you put it that way. After all, I’m someone with principles, and a glory saint artifact can’t be compared to life. We’re friends now, and… I still can’t accept it.”

Xiao Yun immediately cowered when he saw An Liuyan’s cold gaze just when he was about to step forth. An Liuyan was clearly warning him, and her ferocity had scared him.

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