The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1867 - Senior Brother

Chapter 1867 - Senior Brother

Ye Guhan brought Lin Yun into the thirty-six layers of heaven. They then descended on a barren mountain when they left the thirty-six layers of heaven.

Lin Yun had no idea where they were, but they were probably far from the Heavenly Domain’s Unholy Sea. They could be considered to be in the Eastern Desolation now.

The Eastern Desolation was massive, and the Ancient Barren Domain only occupied 30% of the entire Eastern Desolation. Beyond the Ancient Barren Domain was a vast world that not even the six holy lands and Divine Dragon Empire could control.

The Divine Dragon Empire wanted to control the entire Ancient Barren Domain long ago, using it as a springboard to spread its influence throughout the Eastern Desolation.

When they descended the barren mountain, Ye Guhan turned to look at Lin Yun before grabbing the latter by the shoulders. He smiled, “Don’t move. Let me take a good look at you.

“Not bad, not bad. You look so much better this way.” Ye Guhan examined Lin Yun with his eyes squinted as though he was looking at a treasure, making Lin Yun feel somewhat uneasy.

“Come, sit down. You can ask me anything you want.” Ye Guhan noticed Lin Yun's uneasiness and casually sat down on the ground.

“You were already present when I boarded the Black Tortoise Ship?” Lin Yun asked his first question.

“That’s for sure. But I didn't have any way of verifying your identity back then. Who could’ve expected that Tian Xuanzi would be so disgusting and disguise himself as a woman?” Ye Guhan smiled.

Mentioning that, even Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling a chill run down his spine. He still found that woman attractive back then, so he couldn’t help feeling his scalp go numb.

“When you killed that demonic corpse and wanted to retrieve its saint origin, I had no choice but to show myself.” Ye Guhan explained as he took out the saint origin shrouded in a demonic aura that looked like tentacles. He continued, “I refined the demonic aura with my sword intent for a long time, but I only managed to refine a small portion of it. Do you know why I wanted to take it away from you now?”

Lin Yun’s eyelid twitched when he heard that. He couldn’t believe that Ye Guhan couldn’t refine the demonic aura even with his sword aura. He was really lucky because this saint origin would be a hidden threat if he kept it with him.

“Thank you, Senior Brother.” Lin Yun said.

“It’s nothing.” Ye Guhan smiled.

“Senior Brother, do you know how our master is now?” Lin Yun asked after a brief pondering.

With a sigh of relief, Ye Guhan looked at Lin Yun, “Our master is ambitious, wanting to reach the height of the Nine Emperors. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have forced himself into this dead end. You don’t have to worry about that for now, and you don’t have to blame yourself for it. This is a path that our master has chosen for himself.”

What Ye Guhan said was the same as what Lil’ Purple told him. It’s not that the Radiant Sword Saint couldn’t make a breakthrough into the Emperor Realm, but that he wanted to reach the same height as the Nine Emperors or even surpass them. But this wasn’t an easy path, and this was why he had yet to reach the Emperor Realm when he was running out of lifespan. This was also what his master told him back then.

The Nine Emperors were legends, and the Southern Emperor was someone who had surpassed legends. So his master also wanted to compete with the Nine Emperors.

“This isn’t exactly bad for our master. The closer his lifespan reaches an end, the higher the chance he will have.” Ye Guhan’s eyes coldly flashed. He continued, “After all, our master has always been the strongest beneath the Emperor Realm in the Eastern Desolation, and I believe our master can take that step out.”

“But Tian Xuanzi won’t watch that happen, not to mention he declared that he will challenge the entire Eastern Desolation a year from now.” Lin Yun expressed his concerns.

“There’s no doubt that Tian Xuanzi is strong. He has already become a Great Saint when I’m only a Saint Lord.” Ye Guhan smiled. “But he’s injured and won’t show himself again anytime soon. Didn’t you see me teach him a lesson earlier? As for what he said about a year from now, that’s the future, and who can be sure about it? Perhaps I’ll make a trip to the Profound Sky Sect before he comes out. Or perhaps he will run amok and die. The future isn’t certain, after all.”

Ye Guhan’s words made Lin Yun briefly stunned before he smiled. He was affected by his senior brother’s optimism.

“Senior Brother, how did you become the Saint Elder of the Heavenly Dao Sect?” Lin Yun curiously asked.

“I’m a descendant of The Central Plains’ Ye Clan. I didn’t join the Sword Sect when our master took me in as his disciple. As for the Ye Clan, we’re too tied up with the Heavenly Dao Sect, so it’s complicated.” Ye Guhan smiled. “Let’s not talk about that. I have a question for you. Two paths are laid before you, the Heavenly Dao Sect or the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain.”

“The Heavenly Dao Sect.” Lin Yun said without any hesitation.

“Oh?” Ye Guhan smiled. “That Saint Elder’s origin isn’t simple, and the Blue Dragon Record should be in her hands. The Empress probably invited her out of the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain.”

“I know.” Lin Yun already knew about that. But Mu Xueling was too upright and serious, and Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling uneasy around her. Most importantly, he even saw Mu Xueling’s appearance back in the lake alongside Ye Xinyan, Su Ziyao, Yue Weiwei, and An Liuyan.

Lin Yun was stumped when he saw Mu Xueling’s face back then, and he wanted to avoid any entanglement with her because of Yue Weiwei.

Ye Guhan naturally noticed the changes on Lin Yun’s face and smiled, “It looks like there’s a story behind it.”

“It’s nothing.” Lin Yun said, trying his best to maintain his composure.

But luckily, Ye Guhan didn’t continue to ask about it and smiled, “But it will be a little more troublesome if you want to come to the Heavenly Dao Sect.”

“I have to conceal my identity?” Lin Yun asked.

“Smart.” Ye Guhan smiled. “Junior Brother, you’re not only talented, but you’re also smart. You don’t have to worry about that, and I’ll let you know when to come to the Heavenly Dao Sect two months from now.”

“What identity will I be using?” Lin Yun asked.

“There’s no need to hurry. You’ll know when the time comes.” Ye Guhan wore a mysterious smile, as though he was scheming something. As he spoke, he sighed, “I would rather you go to the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain, honestly. The Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain has always been mysterious, but leaving after entering is difficult.”

“What about the Heavenly Dao Sect?” Lin Yun asked.

“The Eastern Desolation’s six holy lands have a long history, experiencing the Dark Era. Each of the holy lands have their pros and cons.” Ye Guhan explained. “In reality, the holy lands are complicated, entangled with various strings of connections. It’s not as pure as the Sword Sect, but we do have geniuses due to a hundred thousand years of accumulation.”

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts when he heard that. This was because Ye Guhan didn’t mention much about the Heavenly Dao Sect, as if he didn’t like the environment there. Linking it to the Central Plains’ Ye Clan that his senior brother spoke of, Lin Yun soon figured that Ye Guhan stayed in the Heavenly Dao Sect because he had no choice.

“But none of them are comparable to you, Junior Brother.” Ye Guhan’s gaze fell onto Lin Yun, and he smiled, “The Heavenly Dao Sect is only so strong because of our accumulation. They might have a higher cultivation, but none of their potential is comparable to you.”

Lin Yun awkwardly rubbed his nose when he heard that.

“You don’t have to look down on yourself. You’re the disciple of the Radiant Sword Saint, and the Champion of the Ninth Heavenly Path. If you go to the Heavenly Dao Sect, I believe you will let everyone know what the Radiant Sword Saint’s disciple is made of!” Ye Guhan said, retrieving a fruit and taking a bite at it.

“I have a feeling that a golden era will arrive once more. It has been three thousand years since the Nine Emperors forged their legend, and there have been many geniuses in those three thousand years. But no matter how radiant they were, none of them could be comparable to the Nine Emperors.” Ye Guhan took another bite of the fruit and continued, “As for you, I believe you will shine brightly in that era.”

“I only want to take a look at the peak of tge Kunlun Realm and see if there are gods in the world…” Lin Yun smiled.

Raising his brow, Ye Guhan smiled, “It looks like I have belittled your ambitions. It turns out that you want to forge a Sword God’s path!”

Lin Yun didn’t deny that.

“This is our first meeting, so I should give you something as a meeting gift as your senior brother. But I came out in a hurry and brought nothing with me.” Ye Guhan said. “I’ll treat this half-Black Tortoise Saint Canon as our meeting gift.”

The Black Tortoise Saint Canon is the ultimate inheritance of the Black Tortoise’s lineage, containing many secret techniques of the Thunder Black Tortoise. Just a single technique in it would be a great fortune, and it was enough for someone to walk far in the Saint Realm and establish a sect, even with just half of it. This was why Great Saints often appeared in the Black Tortoise Void Sea to search for the Black Tortoise Saint Canon a long time ago.

Hearing what Ye Guhan said, Lin Yun was surprised because he thought that the Black Tortoise Saint Canon was in the hands of Tian Xuanzi. He never expected that his senior brother would manage to take half of it.

“He took the first half, and I took the second half. We both have our concerns, and none of us can do a thing for each other.” Ye Guhan smiled. “But that fellow is a tad stronger because I was nearly trapped in there.”

As he spoke, Ye Guhan handed Lin Yun the second half of the Black Tortoise Saint Canon. This ancient book was forged with special beast leathers with many paintings and scriptures recorded on it.

Just taking a rough look at it, Lin Yun could feel his head aching. He couldn’t believe that his senior brother casually took something so precious out, and he didn’t dare to accept it. He asked, “Isn’t this a little too valuable?”

Looking at Lin Yun, Ye Guhan smiled, “I have already memorized all the contents. You can take a look at it before handing it to that old man. You can’t practice any of the secret techniques with your current cultivation, so just taking a look at it is good enough.”

Lin Yun nodded his head and ultimately accepted it.

“Alright, we’ll end our conversation here, then.” Ye Guhan stood up with a smile on his face. “After you’re done with your matters in the Heavenly Domain’s Unholy Sea, come to look for me in the Heavenly Dao Sect. Our master asked me to teach you the Divine Firmament Sword Sutra. Speaking of which, how far have you reached in it?”

“The seventh stage.” Lin Yun said.

Ye Guhan was shocked when he heard that but soon smiled, “You have really surprised me. Judging at your current pace, you might be able to practice the Great Profound Sword Canon when you reach the Nirvana Stage.”

Hearing about the Great Profound Sword Canon, Lin Yun’s eyes lit up because it was the strongest cultivation technique of the Sword Sect. The attack that Ye Guhan used to injure Tian Xuanzi should be a technique of the Great Profound Sword Canon.

“Don’t rejoice so early because practicing the Divine Firmament Sword Sutra is difficult. I’ll send you back to Heavenly Domain City now.” Ye Guhan smiled before grabbing Lin Yun and soared into the thirty-six layers of heaven once more.

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