The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1868 - Leaving

Chapter 1868 - Leaving

Ye Guhan left Lin Yun on a lone island outside Heavenly Domain City before he left.

There were still many questions that Lin Yun still had yet to ask. But he looked at the outline of Heavenly Domain City before he sat down. “Let’s sort out my harvest first.”

He had nearly twenty Quasi-Saint Black Tortoise Cores, eighteen Saint Black Tortoise Cores, and two-thirds of the Demigod Wine. Not to mention the Black Tortoise Chains, Golden-Purple Dragon Crown, the damaged Myriad Scales Armor, and the second half of the Black Tortoise Saint Canon. To a certain degree, his harvest was unimaginable.

More accurately, this harvest was much larger than his harvest in the Ancient Barren Battlefield. Aside from that, there were also saint artifacts and secret treasures from the Black Tortoise Vault, but there was no doubt that each of them was a powerful treasure.

But it was a pity that Lin Yun was fully armed with Glory Saint Artifacts and couldn’t be bothered with these saint artifacts. Some even reached the ninth-grade Saint Artifact, but they were still inferior to Glory Saint Artifacts. Strictly speaking, Saint Artifacts were best for Samsara Edict Realm experts, and they could even use them at the Quasi-Saint Realm.

Glory Saint Artifacts were more suitable for Saints because only Saints could unleash their full power. After Lin Yun sorted through his harvest, he wasn’t in a hurry to look through the Black Tortoise Saint Canon. He sat down and began to meditate in order to digest his harvest from his battle with Zhuge Qingyun.

During his life-and-death experience, Lin Yun reached a new height in his sword intent. After all, it wasn’t every day that he could experience fighting with someone at the pinnacle of Quasi-Saint while being at the Profound Life Stage. This dissolved Lin Yun’s fear of powerful enemies, allowing him to make a huge breakthrough in his mindset.

“What’s above the Heavenly Dome?” With his Heavenly Dome Sword Intent reaching complete mastery, Lin Yun began to ponder the fifth-grade sword intent.

A brief moment later, Lin Yun opened all seven of his profound life channels, allowing the profound life aura to enter his violet palace. Under the empowerment of the profound life aura, the might of his dragon origin began to rise, and a powerful dragon origin soon filled his body.

This was a new experience for Lin Yun since he had just entered the Profound Life Stage. The cultivation at Samsara Edict Realm was to use the profound life and profound death auras to temper the dragon origin before reaching the Nirvana Stage.𝐟𝓇eℯ𝒘𝙚𝚋𝓃𝐨𝘷𝗲Ɩ. co𝓶

His dragon origin would be converted to a nirvana aura at that time. After his nirvana aura underwent nine transformations, his nirvana aura would transform into a saint aura. Saint aura was terrifying because it could easily crush nirvana aura and was a means belonging to those on the saint path.

But in order for the nirvana aura to undergo nine transformations, it required great comprehension and resources. As for reaching the Quasi-Saint Realm, it couldn’t be reached by resources alone.

A long time later, Lin Yun opened his eyes and muttered, “Those at the Samsara Edict Realm are also known as Kings, the last and most crucial step in the mortal path. It looks like I must head to the Heavenly Dao Sect no matter what.”

Now that he looked at it again, four years have passed since he arrived in the Kunlun Realm. He stayed in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect for a year and the Sword Sect for two years. As for the last year, that was his experience after leaving the Sword Sect. Four years' time, he had grown from a chick to a King, undergoing numerous life-and-death experiences.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, Lin Yun took out the Black Tortoise Saint Canon. He merely scanned through the cultivation technique and secret techniques portion and went straight to the sword techniques section. There were many sword techniques, but what attracted him the most was the Profound Thunder Sword Technique. This was a ghost spirit martial technique, and it was completely different from the sword techniques he practiced in the past.

This sword technique was divided into the Black Tortoise and Thunder Serpent forms.

Black Tortoises were considered auspicious beasts and were revered as deities in ancient times by people. They had a long lifespan, powerful defence, and powerful strength. As for the Thunder Serpent, it would have nine heads in its ultimate evolution. It was an ancient ominous beast, the manifestation of disasters. The two forms were controlled by two seals, offence and defence.

“Interesting… Changing the forms between sword techniques through seals is simply unheard of.” Lin Yun exclaimed. This sword technique might not be stronger than other sword techniques, but it provided him another angle to look at this sword technique, allowing him to build his foundation for creating his own sword techniques in the future.

“I can try and practice it… The Black Tortoise Seal and Thunder Serpent Seal…” Lin Yun muttered. These sword techniques were special; he could achieve two different forms by alternating the seals.

But the Thunder Serpent's lightning differed from Azure Dragon; the former was Yang Lightning, while the latter was Yin Lightning.

As Lin Yun closed the Black Tortoise Saint Seal, he retrieved the Flower Burial Sword and began practicing it. He took three days to reach the entry-level and stopped because he had other matters to attend to, so he couldn’t keep practicing.

“Time to head to Heavenly Domain City.” Lin Yun sheathed his sword and looked at the massive city that was in the distance.

Relying on the Divine Tortoise Transformation, Lin Yun easily disguised himself and entered Heavenly Domain City. He could hear that everyone was discussing the battle three days ago.

“It’s really unbelievable that Lin Xiao was actually Lin Yun… I can’t believe Flower Burial came to Heavenly Domain City and even became the Champion of the Nirvana Banquet and first on the Dragon Pulse Ranking!”

“Not to mention that he even killed the Wind Edge Lord. The Liu Saint Clan even resorted to sending out their Saints, but they couldn’t do a thing to him.”

“I heard that the Liu Saint wanted to come personally, but he was stopped by the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion’s Pavilion Master. Two of his sons were killed, but he couldn’t do anything about it.”

“He can be considered a figure in Heavenly Domain City, but he’s nothing in the Eastern Desolation. Even Tian Xuanzi failed to take Lin Yun away.”

Along the way, Lin Yun could hear everyone talking about him, and his harvest in the Black Tortoise Vault was also disclosed. Him killing the Fire God General and saving the five holy lands was also spread out.

Lin Yun roughly asked around for the Ming Cult’s information before he headed towards the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion. He heard someone playing the erhu when he passed by an inn. Within the entire Heavenly Domain City, only Gu Jun and Mei Zihua knew how to play the erhu, aside from him, so this person should be Mei Zihua.

When Lin Yun raised his head and bumped gazes with the person playing the erhu, it was Mei Zihua, as he had expected. Mei Zihua had his nine maids accompany him, so Lin Yun gave him a smile before leaving. They had experienced life and death together, so they did not need to pretend not to know each other upon meeting. A smile between them far surpassed any words.

When Mei Zihua saw an unfamiliar person nodding at him with a smile, he was briefly stunned before he regained his composure. He lowered his erhu and took a cup of wine from his maid. He smiled, “I’m tired of playing the same song.”

“But, Young Master, you have been playing it for the past three days. So why are you suddenly stopping now?” A maid asked with a smile.

“I have already seen someone I wanted to meet. So there’s naturally no need for me to keep playing it.” Mei Zihua smiled.

“Oh?” The nine maids were stunned before they ran towards the window, wanting to glimpse Flower Burial. But they couldn’t see Lin Yun anywhere on the streets down below.

“Young Master, are we going to leave, then? There is chaos on the borders of the empire’s territory, and several highnesses want to lead the army themselves. The various clans in the Central Plains will also be going, and you also have to make a trip to the Southern Border.” a maid smiled.

“The Southern Border is famous for using poisonous insects and hopping corpses. Which highness is leading the army over?” Mei Zihua asked with a playful expression.

“The ninth princess.”

“The ninth princess? Speaking of which, it has been a long time since I met that baldie, Drifting Goblet. I obtained so much wine, so it’s enough for him to have a feast. Let’s go.” Mei Zihua smiled and left.

“Young Master, did you tell Flower Burial about your plan?” A maid asked.

“The Black Tortoise Void Sea was dangerous, so I didn’t have the opportunity. Not to mention it’s not suitable for Flower Burial. Let’s talk about it in the future.” Mei Zihua smiled bitterly. They were so held up within the Black Tortoise Void Sea that he didn’t have time to tell Lin Yun about his plan. He even claimed that he could protect Lin Yun with him around, but Lin Yun had saved him multiple times within the Black Tortoise Void Sea.

An hour later, Huang Xuanyi was sitting in a serene room within the branch of the Ming Cult, practicing the Sun-Moon Saint Canon of their Ming Cult. He had the opportunity to regain his vision a long time ago, but he noticed that it was easier to practice the Sun-Moon Saint Canon after losing his eyesight. So he naturally wanted to take this opportunity to obtain the legendary Divine Sun-Moon Eyes.

“After reaching the Nirvana Stage, the Divine Sun-Moon Eyes should be a success. I can take this Trigram Transformation Pellet, then. No one will be my opponent in the Quasi-Saint Realm at that time.” Huang Xuanyi smiled as he looked at the jade bottle on the desk before him.

This was his harvest in the Black Tortoise Vault, and he didn’t tell anyone about it. It was rumored that this pellet could transform the physique, allowing one to achieve the tenth transformation in their nirvana aura.

But the recipe for this saint pellet was long lost, so no one could refine it now. Not to mention all the ingredients needed for it had long gone extinct.

“Hmph, I’ll take your life at that time!” Huang Xuanyi’s face suddenly became sinister. He also didn’t expect that Lin Xiao was Lin Yun. He wouldn’t have left so quickly three days ago, if he had known.

“Damn it! That bastard is too lucky. Even Tian Xuanzi failed to kill him!” Huang Xuanyi gritted his teeth. “One fine day, I will…”

But before he could finish, a sword ray flew over and left a wound on his neck, where his blood was gushing out.

A figure entered the room and sheathed his sword as Huang Xuanyi’s head flew away. Lin Yun removed the jade bottle before ripping the black cloth from Huang Xuanyi’s head. He calmly covered his eyes with it before activating the Divine Tortoise Transformation, changing into Huang Xuanyi’s appearance, and left.

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