The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1869 - A Cup of Wine

Chapter 1869 - A Cup of Wine

When Lin Yun came out, every Ming Cult disciple greeted him along the way. When Lin Yun left the branch, he took out the jade bottle and muttered, “Trigram Transformation Pellet? This is a treasure.”

After he left, he ripped the black cloth from his head. Once the Ming Cult discovered that Huang Xuanyi was assassinated, Lin Yun was already meeting Mu Xueling in the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion.

It was easy to sneak into the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion. He changed his appearance to Gu Jun and entered before restoring his appearance upon meeting Mu Xueling. Mu Xueling was enveloped in a faint saint aura that resembled a veil of sunlight, making her seem ethereal. Beside her, Yue Weiwei was lying on the bed.

“When will she get up?” Lin Yun was prepared that Yue Weiwei would fall into a deep slumber because she used a power that didn’t belong to her three days ago.

“Three to six months.” Mu Xueling indifferently looked at Lin Yun.

As Lin Yun took a step forth, he looked at Yue Weiwei and fell into dead silence. Honestly speaking, he was rather surprised back then because Yue Weiwei was stronger than he had imagined, in contrast to her feeble appearance.

“Will she be alright?” Lin Yun asked.

“She’ll be fine, but I have to bring her back. She will have to start undergoing the inheritance of the Heavenly Demon’s bloodline.” Mu Xueling replied.

“What is the Heavenly Demon’s bloodline?”

“Let’s talk outside.” The two left the abode and came to the lake on the snowy mountain. Looking at the lake, Mu Xueling asked, “Do you know the difference between demonic beasts and the Demon Clan?”

“I do.” Lin Yun nodded.

Regardless of demonic beasts or the Demon Clan, they came from the same lineage. Demonic beasts could carry on evolving, and they had two choices before them after they reached the end of evolution, either transform into a human or remain as beasts.

As time passed, more demonic beasts transformed into humans, forming an individual race possessing the bloodline of demonic beasts. Thus, most Demon Clans were more beautiful than humans. On the contrary, demonic beasts would continue to strengthen their bloodline.

“The end of the Demon Clan’s evolution is the Heavenly Demon’s bloodline. But to bear that power, those of the Demon Clan must undergo an ancient ceremony with the blood of the gods as a sacrifice to bear the power of the Heavenly Demon.” Mu Xueling explained.

“That’s good.” Lin Yun said.

“But it might not necessarily be a piece of good news to Weiwei. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have left the divine mountain. The moment she inherits the Demon Clan’s bloodline, it would be tough for her to leave it, just like how a prince inherits the throne. There are many things that you don’t know.” Mu Xueling said.

Lin Yun fell into silence when he heard that. He knew little about Yue Weiwei’s past and her family. He only knew a rough concept of the Demon Clan. He knew that the Demon Clan lived in solitude on a continent called the Heavenly Demon Continent, and that this continent was long separated from the Kunlun Realm.

“There are rumors that the Blue Dragon Record is in your hands. I have always been curious about the relationship between the Divine Dragon Envoy and the Imperial Dragon Order.”

He always wanted to know what the Imperial Dragon Order was long ago, and Tian Xuanzi even called her the Divine Dragon Envoy. So this naturally made Lin Yun baffled. He could sense that after Yue Weiwei fell into a deep slumber, Mu Xueling’s attitude towards him had changed to dissatisfaction.

But she didn’t openly show it. The reason why Mu Xueling treated him so well was because of Yue Weiwei, and this was also the reason why Lin Yun didn’t ask about it in the past. Mu Xueling might seem close to his reach, but she was far away from him in reality. The reason why he asked about it was because he was going to leave now.

“I’d tell you about it even if you didn’t ask. The Blue Dragon Record doesn’t belong to the Divine Dragon Empire. That Ancestral God left the Blue Dragon Record to the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain for safekeeping before he left. He never said anything about handing it to the Divine Dragon Empire.” Mu Xueling replied.

“Then why…?” But just when Lin Yun wanted to ask, he was interrupted by Mu Xueling.

“Listen to me, first. The Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain never interferes with the outside world, regardless of the Battle of the Gods or the Dark Era. But the Holy Maiden in that era was a friend of the Ancestral God, and this was why the Blue Dragon Record was left to the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain for safekeeping.”

Lin Yun fell into deep thought. Judging from what Mu Xueling said, the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain probably wasn’t bothered about the Blue Dragon Record. They probably wouldn't even accept it if it weren’t for the Ancestral God.

“The Blue Dragon Record symbolizes the Divine Dragon Era’s fortune, and that lord has left many treasures within the Blue Dragon Record. Many people have wanted those treasures, but none have managed to succeed. Even the Nine Emperors couldn’t obtain any benefit while it's in the hands of the divine mountain, and even someone as strong as the Southern Emperor could only leave empty-handed.” Mu Xueling explained. Then, her facial expression slightly changed, “That was, until three years ago…”

Three years ago? Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts when he heard that. Three years ago, he parted with Su Ziyao and left the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect for the Ancient Barren Domain.

“Three years ago, a woman came to the divine mountain and passed the trial that even the Nine Emperors failed. So I have no choice but to leave the divine mountain as per that lord’s instructions.”

“Who’s that woman?” Lin Yun asked with his face changing.

“You know her.” Mu Xueling replied, turning around.

Lin Yun’s breathing became hurried. But before he could ask, Mu Xueling continued, “It’s someone you have been thinking about all the time.”

Mu Xueling’s gaze suddenly became sharp, making Lin Yun feel suffocating. She clearly didn’t flare up, but there was immense pressure coming from her, as though she could see through his thoughts. This was the first time Lin Yun had experienced something like this.

He asked, “Su Ziyao?”

“That’s right. The Ninth Princess, Su Ziyao.” Mu Xueling affirmed. “After she made it through the trial, she had to fight someone from the divine mountain. Weiwei is the one who fought her.”

“How is this possible…?” Lin Yun muttered to himself. Yue Weiwei and Su Ziyao met each other? Then again, it made sense after he sorted out his thoughts. Yue Weiwei definitely knew about Su Ziyao’s existence. After all, she told him that the princess of the Ji Clan from the Divine Phoenix Mountain was one of the three goddesses in the Kunlun Realm. The other was Mo Qianqian; the last person was someone he knew. This last person should probably be Su Ziyao.

“Why not? Don’t tell me you think that was their first meeting?” Mu Xueling indifferently looked at Lin Yun.

Her words were calm but caused a wave within Lin Yun’s heart. Yue Weiwei and Su Ziyao had met each other before? Mu Xueling should be referring to before they both descended to the Profound Amber Realm.

“But she never told me about it…” Lin Yun muttered to himself.

“She did.” Mu Xueling said. “You forgot about it? She said that she doesn’t mind.”

Lin Yun was stumped upon hearing that. That was what Yue Weiwei told him on the Dual Moon Lake. Back then, he didn’t dare to look Yue Weiwei in the eyes, and he finally knew the weight of her words back then. Taking a deep breath, it took Lin Yun a long time to calm down.

“I didn’t intend to tell you, but I have told you everything today. Remember not to hurt her heart anymore.” Mu Xueling said calmly by the lakeside. She grabbed onto a snowflake and casually threw it out, instantly freezing the entire lake. “You have already hurt her twice, never thrice.”

This scene made Lin Yun raise his brow, and he could feel a chill run down his spine.

“I wouldn’t tell you about it if Weiwei was awake… What is love?” Mu Xueling muttered.

Lin Yun wore a bitter smile and didn’t know how to reply to Mu Xueling’s words. He had always been the one who talked sense into others, so he didn’t expect that he would be trapped by ‘love’ himself.

“Since I have already given her my promise under the Three-Lives Tree, I won’t let her down in my lifetime. As long as I live, I will always stand behind her.” Lin Yun said firmly.

Just like that, the two stood by the lakeside for a long time. In the end, Lin Yun was the one who broke the silence and asked, “Saint Elder, are you serious about inviting me to the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain?”

“No.” Mu Xueling shook her head. “I only said it on purpose to confuse others.”

“Why?” Lin Yun asked.

“Why join the divine mountain? Do you want to become someone like me?” Mu Xueling suddenly asked.

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts because he couldn’t find anything bad about Mu Xueling. Then again, the loneliness that enveloped her aside.

“I will stay here for three days before leaving.” Lin Yun said before he sat down by the lakeside.

For the next three days, Lin Yun practiced the Profound Thunder Sword Technique, studied the Black Tortoise Saint Canon, and watched the slumbering Yue Weiwei.

On this day, snowflakes danced in the air as Lin Yun stood with the Flower Burial Sword in his hand. As he moved on the lake’s heart, the Flower Burial Sword was like a Thunder Serpent pouncing forth.

Lin Yun divided into two, one wielding the Black Tortoise Seal and the other wielding the Thunder Serpent Seal, both executing the Profound Thunder Sword Technique.

One was a powerful shield, and the other was a powerful spear. In the end, the Thunder Serpent manifested into nine serpents while a saint rune intertwined on the back of the Black Tortoise. As the Black Tortoise and Thunder Serpent merged, Lin Yun breathed out a sigh of relief because he had reached lesser mastery in this sword technique. But there were many profundities that he had yet to grasp.

The Profound Thunder Sword Technique had a total of nine moves, and he could practically execute all nine of them. But he sensed a huge flaw, and it wasn’t enough for him to face enemies with it. Sheathing his sword, Lin Yun walked towards the stone table.

When he saw Mu Xueling coming out of the abode, Lin Yun smiled, “Saint Elder, let’s have a drink.”

“One cup.” Mu Xueling replied after a brief stun.

“I remember that when I first came to the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion, Saint Elder gave me a bottle of wine. I’m about to leave today, so I’ll return your gift with a cup of wine to express my gratitude for taking care of me in the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion.” Lin Yun said while taking out the wine bottle containing the Demigod Wine.

When he poured the golden wine into a cup, Mu Xueling’s face suddenly changed as she exclaimed, “The Demigod Wine!”

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