The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 2426 - Great Saints Gathered

Chapter 2426 - Great Saints Gathered

While Lin Yun was comprehending Nirvana and Yin-Yang Daos, there was an undercurrent in the Kunlun Realm.

In the Profound Sky Sect, Tian Xuanzi had gathered the various forces together just one day after the phenomenon of the Radiant Sword Saint’s tribulation appeared. At the plaza before the main hall, countless saints have been gathered there. It was unimaginable that there would be so many saints within a sect, and even Saint Lords wouldn’t have a seat.

Tian Xuanzi wasn’t sitting on the main seat. It was being occupied by a yellow-clothed old man instead. This old man was donning a yellow saint robe that was decorated with silver threads. He also had a golden crow and silver toad embroidered on his chest, representing the sun and moon, looking noble.

Those silver threads were like moonlight as they emitted a faint radiance. With just one glance, anyone could tell that this was the Ming Cult’s Sun-Moon Saint Cloth, and the ones worn by saint disciples were mostly replicas. But the one being worn by this elder was naturally an authentic Sovereign Saint Artifact.

Amongst all the secret treasures, saint clothes were naturally the most precious ones, and that was especially the case for a Sovereign Saint Artifact. That’s because it could protect one’s life at a critical moment. The old man was the Ming Cult’s Light Subduing Great Saint!

So, in terms of seniority, Tian Xuanzi wouldn’t be able to take the main seat. But Tian Xuanzi was in his prime, especially after he had suppressed the Heavenly Dao Sect when he weighed the Eastern Desolation, not to mention that Tian Xuanzi was still young. Hence, he had a higher chance of becoming an Emperor than anyone else. Anyone could see his fortune, and not even the Radiant Sword Saint could stop him.

The Light Subduing Great Saint didn’t want to take the main seat, but Tian Xuanzi dragged him over, so he ultimately agreed. Aside from Tian Xuanzi, he was the strongest person there, not to mention that he still had the Sun-Moon Saint Cloth. As a result, no one dared to compete with him.

On both sides of the main seat were the sect masters of the Heavenly Flame Sect and Myriad Lightning Sect, the Flame Crow Great Saint and Heavenly Glory Great Saint. Behind them were the notorious Black Mountain’s Seven Saints, and after them were the Great Saints brought over by the three holy lands.

The outer layers had mats, which sat the Saint Sovereigns from the various forces. As for Saint Lords, they could only obediently stand behind the Saint Sovereigns and didn’t qualify for a seat. After all, aside from the three holy lands’ sect masters, they brought four Great Saints over as well. In addition to Black Mountain’s Seven Saints and the two Grand Elders of the Profound Sky Sect, there were twenty-five Great Saints there, including Tian Xuanzi himself.

As for Saint Sovereigns, there were roughly forty of them. So, why would there be a spot for Saint Lords? Then again, there were exceptions, such as Tian Xuanzi’s Nine-Tailed Fox, which was eating at a table with two servants serving it.

With so many Saints gathered, they could wipe out any holy land within the Eastern Desolation if they had an Emperor. Even if an Emperor arrived, it would only be possible for that Emperor to fight so many Great Saints. That was because the Great Saints here weren’t simple. They were either sect masters or demonic cult experts.

They were holding a banquet here with a smile on everyone’s faces, and no one looked nervous. Suddenly, Tian Xianzi smiled as he lowered his cup on the table. That made the entire banquet quiet as they turned to look at Tian Xuanzi.

Tian Xuanzi looked towards the north and smiled, “Ladies and gentlemen, that sword ray has become even more dazzling.”

When everyone turned their heads over, they saw a sword ray piercing through the clouds from the Sword Sect’s direction, shattering the thirty-six layers of heaven. Even outside the Eastern Desolation, everyone could see a sword ray piercing the crimson clouds, like a pillar that was lifting the sky.

At the Profound Sky Sect, they could see it even more clearly. Everyone knew that Tian Xuanzi was finally getting into the main topic, and they looked excited. Why was everyone gathered here? That was naturally to stop the Radiant Sword Saint from becoming an emperor and follow the Divine Dragon Empire behind Tian Xuanzi to reforge Eastern Desolation’s order. With the new order, they would either be able to consolidate their position or take another step further.

Then again, some came due to a personal feud since the Radiant Sword Saint had offended countless people over the past three thousand years.

The Heavenly Sever Great Saint said, “Holy Master, please calm down. The Radiant Sword Saint wants to compete with the nine emperors, so he’s just courting death.”

“That’s right, the Radiant Sword Saint is courting death. If he became an emperor a hundred years ago, no one could stop him. But he’s courting death now.”

“Not many people could make it through a tribulation of this level.”

“If there’s going to be an emperor in the Ancient Barren Domain, we still have to look at the Profound Sky Holy Master.”

“When the Holy Master becomes an emperor, he can use Ancient Barren as his title!” Many people echoed along, trying to flatter Tian Xuanzi. Before the banquet, Tian Xuanzi had already been called a holy master.

Tian Xuanzi smiled, “It might seem that way, but the Radiant Sword Saint only has an opportunity for his tribulation. If we succeed, we’re the ones doomed. I fought with the Sword Sect for many years, so we already have a death feud, even forcing him out of seclusion back in the Ancient Barren Battlefield. Nine hundred years ago, the three holy lands joined forces to invade the Ancient Barren Domain but were stopped by the Radiant Sword Saint, losing countless saints. There’s already a blood feud between these parties, and if the Radiant Sword Saint manages to become an Emperor, the three holy lands might be doomed. As for my seven brothers from the Black Mountain, they wouldn’t have holed up in the Black Mountain if not for the Radiant Sword Saint sweeping through the Eastern Desolation.”

Everyone from the three holy lands exchanged a look but couldn’t find a way to refute his words. As for the Black Mountain’s Seven Saints, that was just a nice way to put it. In reality, the Radiant Sword Saint led many people like the Dragon Origin Great Saint to sweep all the demonic cultivators on the Demonic Ranking.

The Black Mountain Seven Saints might be notorious, but anyone could tell they couldn’t be compared to the various holy lands when regarding their foundation. So, if there were a choice, no Great Saint would want to stay there.

The Ming Cult’s Light Subduing Great Saint said, “Holy Master, you don’t have to say anything else. We’ve gathered here because we either have a feud or came for you. So you can just give the order.”

The Heavenly Sever Great Saint smiled eerily with a sinister light flashing in his eyes, “If you ask me, we should wipe out the entire Sword Sect, killing everyone to eliminate the trouble from the roots!”

The seven great saints from the Black Mountain and demonic cultivators present all chanted about wiping out the entire Sword Sect. That naturally made those from the righteous sects frown, but they said nothing about it.

The Heavenly Flame Sect’s Flame Crow Great Saint said, “The Sword Sect is nothing, and it’s fine to wipe it out. I’m only concerned about the Sword Emperor Yu Qingfeng. After all, he moved back on the Ancient Barren Battlefield.”

When he said that, everyone became quiet with fear, not daring to look at Tian Xuanzi’s face. After all, back on the Ancient Barren Battlefield, Tian Xuanzi wanted to cripple Lin Yun. But the Radiant Sword Saint appeared first before Yu Qingfeng. Even if the other Emperors appeared, Yu Qingfeng still taught Tian Xuanzi a lesson, embarrassing him. That was an embarrassing matter for Tian Xuanzi, and no one dared to mention it before him.

They didn’t dare to look at Tian Xuanzi, but they focused their senses on their ears. That was because Yu Qingfeng’s name held too much weight. They might not fear ordinary Emperors with them around, and the three holy lands even had Emperors in their sects. But if they ran into Yu Qingfeng, even if they all came together, they were nothing before him.

The Flame Crow Great Saint asked the thing everyone wanted to ask but dared not say. Tian Xuanzi naturally knew about it, so he smiled, “Flame Crow Great Saint, there’s no need to worry about it. If Yu Qingfeng is that strong, why didn’t he dare to kill me with a slap?”

The Flame Crow Great Saint knew that Tian Xuanzi was pointing to him for rubbing salt on his wound.

Seeing this, Tian Xuanzi sneered as a medal appeared in his hand. When everyone had a clear look at it, they instantly recognized it. They exclaimed, “The Imperial Dragon Order?!”

Everyone heard that Tian Xuanzi had a relationship with the Empress, and it was the Empress who supported his clash with the Sword Sect. This was the same as putting it on the table now.

“We greet the Empress!” Everyone bowed after they came to their senses, including the Light Subduing Great Saint. Seeing the Imperial Dragon Order was the same as seeing the Empress, and anyone with the order was the representative of the Empress. Being disrespectful to the Imperial Dragon Order was the same as being rude to the Empress.

The Empress was one of the nine living legends, the monarch of the Divine Dragon Empire, and was ranked first in the Kunlun Realm in regards to her strength. It wasn’t an understatement to say there would be a river of blood if she became angry. Only those she trusted would be given the Imperial Dragon Order and no one had any worries when looking at it.

“It’s fine,” Tian Xuanzi waved his hand.

When the Flame Crow Great Saint wanted to back down, Tian Xuanzi smiled, “I’ll be honest with you. That lord has come out of seclusion, so we don’t have to fear Yu Qingfeng. Flame Crow Great Saint, do you have anything else to say?”

Tian Xuanzi had a feminine look, and his smile would make everything else pale in comparison. But his smile made the Flame Crow Great Saint sink into the abyss with his legs trembling. That shocked everyone, and they knew that the Flame Crow Great Saint was doomed.

The banquet was cheerful, to begin with. Tian Xuanzi didn’t have an opportunity to intimidate everyone, but the Flame Crow Great Saint stood out. The Myriad Lightning Sect’s Heavenly Glory Great Saint turned to look at the Light Subduing Great Saint, hoping the latter could help appease the matter. But the Light Subduing Great Saint merely maintained his composure and said nothing.

When the Black Mountain’s Seven Saints saw this scene, they sneered because Tian Xuanzi mentioned that the three holy lands couldn’t be entirely trusted when inviting them over. Tian Xuanzi wanted to teach them a lesson, and the Flame Crow Great Saint stood out.

The Flame Crow Great Saint was nervous, but he maintained his composure, and said, “It looks like Holy Master already has a plan, and I was too overly concerned. I have no other meaning in what I said.”

Tian Xuanzi raised his brow, and smiled, “I have something to say. It’s a disappointment that the Flame Crow Great Saint will only be getting your disciples to make a move and not personally. I wonder if there will be an opportunity for me to experience the Flame Crow Great Saint’s strength?”

Everyone’s hearts trembled with their faces changing. But their eyes were filled with curiosity, wanting to know Tian Xuanzi’s current strength.

“Since you’re a guest, you should have the honor to make a move again,” Tian Xuanzi smiled, but his tone was unquestionable.

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