The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 2427 - Profound Sky Universe

Chapter 2427 - Profound Sky Universe

The atmosphere suddenly became tense because no one expected Tian Xuanzi to be so blunt.

The Flame Crow Great Saint took a deep breath and said, “The holy master defeated all the six holy lands when you weighed the Eastern Desolation, even suppressing the Heavenly Dao Sect. There’s naturally no way I can rival you.”

Tian Xuanzi smiled, “It doesn’t matter. We’re only sparring amongst ourselves. If the Flame Crow Great Saint has any concerns, I can let you have three moves.”

The Flame Crow Great Saint sighed because he knew he couldn’t avoid this fight. That also made him furious since he was the sect master of a holy land, and his seniority was even higher than Tian Xuanzi’s. Let him have three moves? Wasn’t this the same as humiliating him?

A cold light flashed within the Flame Crow Great Saint’s eyes. He didn’t want to fight Tian Xuanzi, but he had been forced to this point, and even he had a temper. He soared to the sky with his clothes fluttering in the wind. He said, “I apologize in advance, then.”

A golden flower appeared behind the Flame Crow Great Saint and all the tables in the banquet exploded. Everyone was a saint, so they naturally wouldn’t be injured by the shockwave. When the Flame Dragon Great Saint made a move, they had already retreated.

A bizarre scene occurred. The tables and everything that flew out suddenly slowed down. That was the Flame Crow Great Saint’s dao, which affected time and space, with everything forming into a bizarre painting.

Tian Xuanzi wore a smile while looking at ease. The Light Subduing Great Saint had already retreated, leaving Tian Xuanzi behind, calmly looking at the Flame Crow Great Saint.

The Flame Crow Great Saint didn’t think much about it as he waved and pushed his palm forth. There was a Great Solar Divine Rune engraved on his palm that shone brightly, releasing a dazzling radiance. That made everyone take a deep breath in horror, seeing the golden radiance enveloping the surroundings that looked like a real sun above the Profound Sky Sect.

But the phenomenon only lasted briefly before Tian Xuanzi pushed his palm forth, and the golden radiance disappeared. The Flame Crow Great Saint was pushed back with a palm before he charged forth with an even faster speed, pushing his palms forward. His palms were powerful, and each one contained many saint daos.

At the same time, the Great Solar Domain opened up. His first palm managed to force Tian Xuanzi to take three steps back, and his second forced Tian Xuanzi to take ten-odd steps back.

Blood dripped down from Tian Xuanzi’s lips, which looked striking compared to his pale skin, which looked like a rose in the snow.

When the Flame Crow Great Saint stopped, he wore a grave expression when he landed on the ground. He forced Tian Xuanzi to take ten-odd steps back and even injured the latter. But Tian Xuanzi didn’t use his dao or dao domains to take on his attacks.

“Sect Master, I guess it’s my turn now?” Tian Xuanzi wiped the blood off his lips and looked at the Flame Crow Great Saint with a smile.

That shocked the Flame Crow Great Saint, before he blankly nodded. Just when he was surprised by Tian Xuanzi’s strength, the latter charged over as though he came out of a painting, as if where he was before was an illusion. Before the Flame Crow Great Saint could respond, Tian Xuanzi’s palm landed on his chest, and a galaxy appeared behind Tian Xuanzi. When the galaxy appeared, it began to grow into an actual starry sky.

The Flame Crow Great Saint remained on the same spot, throwing out a mouthful of blood. When he raised his head, Tian Xuanzi had already retreated to where he previously stood, and what just happened felt unrealistic.

When everyone looked at the Flame Crow Great Saint, they realized what happened earlier was real. There was a crater on the Flame Crow Great Saint’s chest, and he was taken by surprise. The golden flower behind him had shattered, making everyone feel a chill run down their spines when they saw this.

“That’s the Profound Sky Universe! That ultimate stage in the Profound Sky Canon. No one has ever succeeded in it before, not even the creator of the Profound Sky Canon!”

“This is terrifying. He’s already so strong without using his dao.”

“Tian Xuanzi might become an Emperor!” Everyone was shocked. Everyone knew that Tian Xuanzi had grasped Space Dao. They initially thought that Tian Xuanzi would use it to face the Flame Crow Great Saint, but no one expected that he would use the Flame Crow Great Saint, instead.

Just seeing the Profound Sky Universe made everyone feel that Tian Xuanzi was unfathomable; he had become stronger than when he weighed the Eastern Desolation. In just one exchange, the Flame Crow Great Saint’s injuries looked terrifying, but it didn’t take long before the Flame Crow Great Saint recovered.

“Thank you for going easy on me!” The Flame Crow Great Saint cupped his fists together with an ugly expression. In the Kunlun Realm, it was the survival of the fittest, and he had to bow his head now that he had been defeated even if he was humiliated, just like how Yu Qingfeng treated Tian Xuanzi and how Tian Xuanzi treated him.

“The Profound Sky Holy Master will rule the Eastern Desolation!”

“The Profound Sky Holy Master will rule the Eastern Desolation!”

Cheers resounded, and the effect was pretty good since Tian Xuanzi’s strength had now subdued everyone and they were willing to follow him to wipe out the Sword Sect.

“Hahaha!” Tian Xianzi laughed, waving his hand, “Flame Crow Great Saint, everyone knows you’re a Blade Saint, and the Great Solar Dao isn’t your true strength. If we’re using our weapons, I wouldn’t dare to let you have three moves!”

Tian Xuanzi no longer looked overbearing and wore a warm smile.

Seeing this, the Flame Crow Great Saint’s face improved, and he smiled, “Holy Master, you’re too humble. Even if the Radiant Sword Saint becomes an Emperor, you can face him as long as you become an Emperor!”

“I’m afraid that the Radiant Sword Saint might not give me that chance,” Tian Xuanzi smiled. He looked at everyone, and said, “We have to work together to wipe out the Sword Sect and kill the Radiant Sword Saint!”

“Wipe out the Sword Sect and kill the Radiant Sword Saint!” Everyone cheered along since Tian Xuanzi’s strength subdued everyone. They were so loud that their voices echoed throughout the entire Profound Sky Sect as a wave. Even the Flame Crow Great Saint couldn’t help feeling emotional, feeling hopeful about it.

The Light Subduing Great Saint and Heavenly Glory Great Saint exchanged a gaze and instantly knew what each other was thinking. Tian Xuanzi was even more terrifying than they had imagined. The three holy lands had actually discussed amongst themselves about wanting to use Tian Xuanzi to get rid of the Radiant Sword Saint before the three worked together to restrain Tian Xuanzi. Now that they saw that exchange, it would be extremely tough for them to do that, and there was no way they could hold down Tian Xuanzi.

In another part of the Ancient Barren Domain, the four Great Saints who were rushing over to the Sword Sect from the Heavenly Dao Sect heard the cheers when they passed by the Profound Sky Sect, which made them stop and look in the Profound Sky Sect’s direction. Many Great Saints, Saint Sovereigns, and Saint Lords were gathered there.

“Did you guys hear anything?” The Serene Dust Great Saint asked.

“Wipe out the Sword Sect and kill the Radiant Sword Saint...” Ye Guhan’s face was complicated.

The Dragon Origin Great Saint roared, “That bastard! He’s really heartless to gather so many saints when Radiant is undergoing his tribulation!”

As Great Saints, they could see everything from a few kilometers away, and they had sensed the aura of the saints within the Profound Sky Sect. With so many saints gathered together, they would form a powerful aura even if they did nothing.

“There are at least ten Great Saints, and their aura is complicated. There are those from the righteous and demonic cults. It looks like Tian Xuanzi has been planning this for a long time,” the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said with concern flashing through her eyes. It was even more terrifying than the attack from the Blood Moon Sect and Demonspirit Clan. Even someone as confident as her couldn’t help feeling tremendous pressure.

The Serene Dust Great Saint said with a grave expression, “There are three holy lands, and there will only be more Great Saints.”

The Dragon Origin Great Saint calmed down, and said, “Let’s not care about Tian Xuanzi for now and head to the Sword Sect. As long as the Great Profound Sword Canon doesn’t break, even an Emperor can't enter the Sword Sect.”

But the four knew that Tian Xuanzi had made preparations.

“Don’t worry about it. We also have reinforcements since Junior Brother went to the Divine Phoenix Mountain. If the Divine Phoenix Holy Master is willing to help, we still have a chance,” Ye Guhan said.

The four said nothing else as they rushed to the Sword Sect. But before leaving, Ye Guhan turned around and looked back at the Profound Sky Sect. He and Tian Xuanzi had a complicated relationship as the Twin Stars of the Eastern Desolation. When they were young, they were good brothers who could entrust their backs to each other and shared their cultivation techniques. They did get beaten up together before and got in trouble.

Hence, Ye Guhan looked at the Profound Sky Sect with a complicated gaze before his eyes became determined.

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