The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 871: Rage

Chapter 871: Rage

Lin Yun’s words allowed everyone to sense his arrogance. However, no one thought he would win. In fact, they were looking at him like he was a dead man. After all, those who challenged Tang Yan in the past were now dust.

In their view, Tang Yan’s Flamecloud Incinerating Palm was practically invincible, which planted fear deep in their hearts. When Fang Shaoyu recovered from his shock, he looked at Lin Yun with panic, “Lin Yun, d-don’t be impulsive. Bear with it for now.”

“Fang Shaoyu, you’re too naive. This battle cannot be avoided, not to mention that there was no need to bear with it to begin with,” said Lin Yun.

“Well said!” Tang Yan laughed. His eerie laughter sent chills down everyone’s spine because they could sense his killing aura. Fear filled everyone’s eyes as they took several steps back.

Tang Yan looked at Lin Yun like a viper looked at its prey, with violence and ferocity. “Brat, this city has been under my control for nearly a year. Eighteen people have challenged me but all of them ended up dead.”

Jumping off of the stage, an immense pressure emitted came from Tang Yan’s body. With a smile, his killing aura started surging out violently, “And you will be number nineteen!”

Tang Yan’s ruthless words reminded everyone of their fear. Without exception, all of Tang Yan’s opponents had turned into dust after turning bright red. Even more terrifying was the fact that they didn’t die instantly and screamed in pain the whole time.

At this moment, everyone could tell that Tang Yan was truly enraged. He had never seen someone as arrogant as Lin Yun since coming to the Heavenly Path, especially a country bumpkin from the Profound Amber Realm!

“Brother Tang, don’t misunderstand. I have 1,000 astral pellets I’m willing to hand over. I only hope that Brother Tang can let this matter come to a rest. We can continue to…” Fang Shaoyu gnashed his teeth and squeezed out a smile. In the end, he didn’t want to see anyone from the Profound Amber Realm die.

“Get lost!” Tang Yan flashed and gave Fang Shaoyu a kick, which sent Fang Shaoyu flying out. With disdain in his eyes, he said, “Who do you think you are to call me brother?”

When Fang Shaoyu fell to the ground, he started throwing up mouthfuls of blood. At this moment, the difference between them was clear.

“Fang Shaoyu!” Zhu Qingshan and Zhao Chen’s faces changed as they quickly helped Fang Shaoyu up.

Examining Fang Shaoyu’s injuries, Zhao Chen was on the border of crying and he said, “Fang Shaoyu, why are so stupid that you want to save that bastard?”

Spitting up more blood, Fang Shaoyu could sense his vitality leaking out and smiled bitterly, “Since you guys picked me as the leader, I am naturally responsible for everyone’s safety. No matter what, please protect him…”

Tang Yan’s attack left Fang Shaoyu at the border of death. Even if he could survive, his cultivation would probably be crippled.

Tang Yan couldn’t even be bothered to look at Fang Shaoyu as he revealed a sinister smile at Lin Yun, “That piece of trash wants to protect you when he can’t even protect himself? You killed a dog of mine, so I crippled a brother of yours. Does it feel bad? But what are you even going to do?”

Tang Yan’s words were filled with arrogance, which dumbfounded many people. Facing Tang Yan’s words, Lin Yun smiled coldly. If people treated him well, he would treat them well as well. Initially, he thought that he only needed to worry about Zhu Qingshan’s safety. However, he knew he was wrong now.

Fang Shaoyu wanted Lin Yun to bear with Tang Yan because he wanted to ensure that the Profound Amber Realm wouldn’t be eliminated. He wanted everyone to survive, which would keep their hopes alive for the future.

This didn’t mean that Fang Shaoyu was cowardly. When his comrade was in danger, he didn’t even hesitate to help. He had genuinely treated Lin Yun as a seed from the Profound Amber Realm, so he didn’t want Lin Yun to lose his life for nothing.

“I initially intended to let you live if you were willing to hand over the Flamecloud Incinerating Palm. But now, I guarantee that you’ll regret your action and beg me like a dog!” Lin Yun’s indifferent voice sounded out. He was genuinely enraged.

What? Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard what Lin Yun said. He wants to make Tang Yan beg like a dog? Is Lin Yun insane? Didn’t he see how Tang Yan nearly took Fang Shaoyu’s life with a single kick? Everyone had disdain on their faces because they thought Lin Yun was boasting. Just who gave him the confidence to say that?

“Hahaha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in my enitre life.” Tang Yan couldn’t help laughing out loud when he heard Lin Yun’s words. “If you didn’t kill my dog, I would have let you off the hook. At the very least, you’re amusing. You can die now!”

When he finished, he soared into the sky and arrived in front of Lin Yun. His speed was so quick that a gale swept through the plaza as dust and rubbles flew around. His punch was even faster as 49 punches hit Lin Yun’s chest in a split second.

With a huge explosion, a colossal mountain-like flame surged behind Tang Yan. With the roar of a beast, Tang Yan created a terrifying phenomenon.

“You’re going to make me regret it? You’re just a piece of trash who can’t even take a punch from me!” Tang Yan gasped for air because he was exhausted from throwing 49 punches in a single breath.

“You’re already exhausted? I guess it’s my turn now.” Lin Yun’s voice sounded out right at this moment, which made Tang Yan’s face change with deep shock.

Dragon runes squirmed around Lin Yun’s body as the dust cloud cleared up. Tang Yan wasn’t even as fast as one-tenth of Lin Yun’s sword speed. However, Lin Yun didn’t bother dodging and chose to rely on his Azure Dragon Battle Physique to take the punches head-on.

Although Lin Yun was unharmed and didn’t budge, he still felt pain from the attack. He knew that he had wronged Fang Shaoyu, so this pain was the punishment he gave himself as a reminder.

Sensing the killing aura coming from Lin Yun’s eyes, Tang Yan’s heart fell and he quickly backed off. But could he really retreat?

Azure Dragon Enneaform–Enneaform!

One hundred and eight dragon runes began to gather onto Lin Yun’s right leg as he stomped on the ground. Charging at Tang Yan, Lin Yun aimed his leg at the former’s face. When his attack connected with Tang Yan’s face, blood and broken teeth flew everywhere.

But this wasn’t the end as Lin Yun gathered all the dragon runes on his fist and threw a punch. In an instant, he unleashed an azure dragon. When his punch landed on Tang Yan’s chest, terrifying lightning exploded and Tang Yan was sent flying like a cannonball as his face distorted from the pain.

“Flamecloud Incinerating Palm!” But Tang Yan wasn’t a pushover and he immediately executed his fortune martial technique. As two ancient runes revolved in his palm, he shot out a beam of flames that incinerated everything in his path. “Die!”

But right at this moment, he was shocked to see an azure glow coming from Lin Yun. Sensing the origin energy contained in Lin Yun’s body, he realized he had never sensed such a powerful aura coming from a quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm expert. At this moment, Lin Yun had unleashed his Azure Firmament Sword Sutra at the seventh stage without holding back.

“N-no…” Tang Yan wanted to retreat, but Lin Yun had already moved and threw his punch out. Lightning shined on Lin Yun’s fist and like a sharp sword, his fist pierced the Flamecloud Incinerating Palm. Once Tang Yan’s attack was destroyed, Lin Yun grabbed Tang Yan’s wrist.

In that split second, Lin Yun had completely subdued Tang Yan. However, he didn’t stop there as he lifted Tang Yan into the air and smashed the latter into the ground.

With a huge explosion, Tang Yan was buried into the ground.

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