The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 872: Two Choices

Chapter 872: Two Choices

Upon hearing Tang Yan’s collision with the ground, everyone’s heart trembled. Up to this point, no one managed to survive against Tang Yan’s Flamecloud Incinerating Palm.

But when the cloud of dust settled down, everyone saw a scene that shouldn’t be possible. Lin Yun stood next to a huge crater that Tang Yan was lying in.

How is this possible? Everyone had disbelief in their eyes because they couldn’t believe what they saw. But in the next second, an uproar exploded out in the plaza. “How is this possible?”

“Tang Yan actually lost? Even after bringing out the Flamecloud Incinerating Palm?!”

“Where did this brat come from?”

They couldn’t accept the fact that the infamous Flamecloud Incinerating Palm couldn’t cause a single injury to Lin Yun. This had destroyed their understanding as the Flamecloud Incinerating Palm was a huge reason why Tang Yan could do what he wanted in this city. It seemed like the legend was defeated by Lin Yun.

Damn it… Yu Haotian cursed inwardly because his killing intent flashed in his eyes when Tang Yan used the Flamecloud Incinerating Palm. He wanted to take this opportunity to kill Lin Yun. But now, he had to retract his killing intent and didn’t dare to reveal even a single trace of it. He couldn’t describe how terrible he felt right now, especially when he had already imagined Lin Yun begging for his life. Just how strong is Lin Yun?!

Fang Shaoyu and the others felt like they were dreaming when they watched this scene, especially Fang Shaoyu who was nearly killed by Tang Yan with a kick. Although Tang Yan’s attack had caught him by surprise, Tang Yan was also very strong.

But what did he just witness now? Tang Yan couldn’t even threaten Lin Yun.

Ignoring the surrounding gazes, Lin Yun looked at Tang Yan coldly before lifting him up and raised him into the air. Then, he tossed Tang Yan like a punching bag. At this moment, Lin Yun’s indifference and killing aura made everyone shiver.

The scene gave them goosebumps. It was even more terrifying because Lin Yun had great control over his strength. Even after taking many hits, Tang Yan didn’t die. At this moment, Tang Yan had become a joke. They didn’t know where Tang Yan got the confidence to act arrogantly towards Lin Yun.

“Do you regret anything?” Lin Yun suddenly stopped.

Tang Yan was half dead and was basically hanging on by a single breath. Sobbing, Tang Yan fell to his knees, “Brother Lin, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have kicked him. I-I have a sixth grade pellet with me that can save your brother. Please spare my life!”

Looking at Tang Yan beg for his life, everyone was dumbfounded. Furthermore, Tang Yan was even willing to take out a sixth grade pellet to make up for his mistake. Taking the pellet, Lin Yun tossed it over to Zhu Qingshan.

“Earth Origin Pellet!” Zhu Qingshan’s eyes lit up when he saw this scene. The pellet was a priceless treasure in the Profound Amber Realm that required an empyrean spiritualist to refine. It was so priceless that it couldn’t be bought outside. Not only could it save the life of the consumer, it could also assist in cultivation.

Zhu Qingshan quickly fed the pellet to Fang Shaoyu. When Fang Shaoyu swallowed the pellet, his complexion instantly became rosy as his vitality returned at a visible speed.

“Lin Yun, it’s real!” Zhu Qingshan rejoiced.

On the other hand, Tang Yan was bitter because there were only five of these pellets in the Flamecloud City. He only obtained it before entering the Heavenly Path because of a huge contribution.

Just when everyone was feeling that this scene was unreal, terrifying flames burst out of the pillar at the center of the city. The flames instantly turned the sky red as a horrifying aura filled the air.

Seeing this scene, Tang Yan laughed, “Hahaha! Lin Yun, you’re dead! My senior brother is out! You’re finished! Not just you, but everyone from the Profound Amber Realm is as good as dead!”

Tang Yan was overwhelmed with joy right now as Nangong He was about to appear. No one had seen his strength, but everyone knew about his legend. He had once killed ten Heavenly Soul Realm experts from ten different realms to forge his fame. Back then, he was only in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm.

Now that he reached the Heavenly Soul Realm, they couldn’t imagine how powerful he had become. Initially, many people thought they could escape from the city since Tang Yan was defeated. However, it looked like they wouldn’t have the chance.

When the crowd looked at Lin Yun, they thought they were looking at a dead person. Many people were rejoicing that they didn’t leave.

Yu Haotian also smiled because he nearly forgot about Nangong He. Lin Yun would surely die today!

“Senior brother, save me!” Tang Yan yelled in the direction of the pillar.

Lin Yun’s eyes flickered and fell into deep thoughts. He didn’t stop Tang Yan at all. Nangong He was finally done cultivating. Nangong He was fortunate to come from such a powerful realm. Everyone knew that one would benefit greatly if they reached their limit in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm before making a breakthrough. But this required immense resources, willpower, and courage.

After all, making a breakthrough when reaching the limit wasn’t without danger. One would explode and die if they weren’t careful. So no matter what, Nangong He was a powerful enemy. This was why Lin Yun didn’t interrupt Tang Yan because he wanted to see how strong Nangong He’s strongest attack would be.

Hearing Tang Yan’s cry for help, a figure flew over like a flame dragon. When he landed on the ground, a shockwave sent everyone flying into the surroundings.

Their faces changed because Nangong He not only made a breakthrough to the Heavenly Soul Realm, but his flame intent also reached the second stage. Clearly, Nangong He was a lot stronger then when he fought with the ten Heavenly Soul Realm experts.

Nangong He was dressed in simple clothes and looked to be a few years older than Lin Yun. His appearance was ordinary, but everyone could sense his pride. As the surrounding flaming aura surged, everyone could vaguely see a roaring dragon.

“What is it?” Nangong He asked.

Tang Yan quickly jumped up and explained what just happened.

“Interesting. I just made a breakthrough and was looking for an opponent to test my strength.” Nangong He smiled instead of becoming furious. Narrowing his eyes, he spoke indolently, “You came at the perfect time.”

Nangong He showed no signs of anger as if this matter wasn’t enough to enrage him. But this made him even more terrifying because his confidence wasn’t limited to just strength.

“The gap between Lin Yun and Nangong He is too great.”

“Nangong He isn’t simple.”

“Lin Yun is going down.” Under the surrounding discussion, the atmosphere became weird as many people backed off in fears that they would be implicated.

“Lin Yun…that’s your name, right?” Nangong He looked at Lin Yun and smiled, “I’ll give you two choices before we fight. You can either kill yourself or kneel before me and become a dog!”

Nangong He was more domineering than Tang Yan, which silenced the surrounding discussions. Everyone was waiting for Lin Yun’s answer because he only had two choices laid before him.

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