The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1156: Seven Layers Growth

Chapter 1156: Seven Layers Growth

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The space warped around Zhuo Fan as his aura grew violent. The sky was rumbling and a fierce wind picked up. The sea churned and battered the shore with bigger and bigger waves. 

The only quiet place was around Zhuo Fan, but it was under a heavy pressure, forced into keeping still, like an active volcano ready to explode.

Zhuo Fan shook just then and howled at the sky. The skies shook and black energy flowed into the heavens, swallowing everything until there was nothing but darkness. 

The sun was covered as well, turning day into night.

This was Zhuo Fan’s Genesis Stage effect of using world power, Demonic Sky!

This was just the start, for Zhuo Fan shook again and dragons roared in veneration. The black sky had then formed countless black dragons, roaming through the darkness. Their whipping tails shuddered the world around them.

They looked like heavenly punishment sent from up above to lay waste to all creation.

This was the effect of Zhuo Fan’s twin souls in the Genesis Stage, Draconic Sky!

The strongest beast soul, heaven dragon soul, turned the Demonic Sky into its own lair. As the king of beasts, it would tear apart anything that barged into its domain with all the black dragons. It was beyond even Demonic Sky’s sword dragon.

Danqing Shen dragon-cleaving power was more like a strengthened spiritual weapon. One couldn’t take it but dodging was more than possible. Zhuo Fan’s demonic dragon nest, however, was a meat grinder. It was a combination of domain soul and dragon soul, on an entirely new level. 

Was this the end though? ‘Course not!

Danqing Shen’s power came from the sword and dragon, while Zhuo Fan’s came from a domain and dragon. But since he also had a sword within…


Ringing sounded as the demonic sword felt as Zhuo Fan’s power grew exponentially and surged with glee. It then jumped out of the ice and soared into the sky.

The black sky surged, with its thick darkness reaching for the demonic sword while the thousands of dragons roared and converged.

The blackness gathered on the demonic sword, growing it to three hundred meters. The waves of raw power it oozed sent the North Sea rippling stronger and stronger.

Zhuo Fan shouted at the skies once more, shooting into the air and grabbing the hilt.


The black clouds around the sword exploded, scattering everywhere and unleashing black sword waves, destroying anything in their path. Even the barrier couldn’t take it for long, sporting bigger and bigger cracks. 

As Zhuo Fan held the demonic sword, he looked like a demon from hell. Darkness ebbed into his surroundings, devouring as it went while the sword auras destroyed the rest.


Once all settled down and the sky turned bright again, Zhuo Fan put down the demonic sword and found no trace of ice where he could sit.

His flashy display had it all melted.

And this was ice Heaven Sealing Sea Ao made with his sealing power, the same ice the Invincible Sword couldn’t even scratch. Yet it was no match for the black sword waves.

Zhuo Fan had, beyond any shadow of a doubt, surpassed the Invincible Sword, the past hundred years one at least…

“Brat, are you mental?”


A one-eyed huge head popped out of the water, roaring, “Using dragon soul with Nine Serenities domain, then adding Sword Sovereign’s four fused swords, are you trying to break the heavens? This place can’t take it, so scram already! Just look at the mess you’ve made of my place!”

Zhuo Fan grinned and bowed, “Senior Sea Ao, thank you so much for your care this past century, or I would’ve never learned the depths of the four sword arts.”

“Spare me, I only shared with you the sword intent the Sword Sovereign leaked when he formed it. You did all the work, not me. I also wanted to see if the arts would’ve joined as the swords did. It was just an experiment, not meant to help you. Stop reading too much into it.”  

Zhuo Fan nodded, “I understand, but learning the sword here for so many years has disturbed you. Now that I’ll leave, I may never return. Take care, senior.”

“You’re really leaving?”

Sea Ao looked reluctant but then nodded, “Yeah, you should go, if not to fight, to find that girl. At least, get her back.” 

Zhuo Fan nodded solemnly.

Only a Sovereign could form a Sovereign path, giving him endless lifespan. Regardless of who put it in him, it was now with Qingcheng. He wasn’t that hurried to get it back though.

But wealth stirred envy, inviting disaster. He could not let her become another’s prey.

Zhuo Fan bowed once more, “Senior, farewell.”

Zhuo Fan left, with Sea Ao watching him go, “The human kid is gone and now I feel bored. Should I go find another? Who in this world would be as interesting as him? What a drag…” 


Zhuo Fan came out of Sea Ao’s domain to find two people standing tall with respect. They cheered up at his coming, and Qiao’er said, “Congratulations, father, on reaching Genesis stage!”

“Eh, father’s in the 1st layer of Profound Heaven? Then the strength should be at Genesis…” Gu Santong tested.

Feeling his own strength, Zhuo Fan said, “Genesis Stage 7th layer!”

“7th? You went through seven of them?”

“It was nothing. Having focused on learning swordsmanship, my cultivation was long since ready to take the leap. It was just sitting there for the last step. Moreover, it contains insights in the sword. Though the regress was a little small.”

Zhuo Fan sighed, “I feel the path the ten ancient Sovereigns were after isn’t far. This makes the True Self Art incredible. While training the heart, it is in tune with the Dao.” 

“Now you’re mocking all those experts and mighty lords scrambling for better and better cultivation methods. And it turns out to be in the hands of averages?”

“Maybe because it’s average that it conforms with the world’s nature.”

Qiao’er teased and Zhuo Fan exclaimed, “Some that go too far forget their start, making them grow further and further apart.”

The two were stumped, not getting anything from that. Zhuo Fan had a feeling. He just needed to test it now.

But that was for later. What mattered now was to finish the ascension.

Zhuo Fan asked them, “Has the plan been going smoothly?”

“All according to your predictions, father.”

“Good, then let’s make a trip to the Sword Star Empire’s capital and finish my last fight in the mortal domain.”


A black sword pointed ahead and Zhuo Fan grinned, thirsting for battle.

The Dark Demon Lord was bearing his fang at the empire…

In the imperial capital, all grand officials and ministers gathered. In the lead was Zither Sword King and the Luo clan, followed by Shangguan Feiyun, southern lands’ group and northern lands’ group. Danqing Shen and Wine Sword Immortal were three days late.

“Sorry, sorry, I’m late, ha-ha-ha…”

“Thousand pardons…”

Cupping hands all over the place, Wine Sword Immortal and Dragon Cleaving Sword King came to the imperial hall. Baili Jingwei smiled, “Dragon Cleaving Sword King and Wine Sword Immortal, why the delay?”

“The old drunkard found a stash of good whine, you understand, right, Prime Minister? Ha-ha-ha…” Baili Yuyun mocked. 

Wine Sword Immortal glared at him then chuckled at everyone else.

Baili Jingwei nodded, having known his style, but he asked, “Dragon Cleaving Sword King, what about you?”

“I picked up someone’s trail in southern lands and invited him here, making me tarry, Prime Minister.” Danqing Shen smiled.

Baili Jingwei raised an eyebrow, “Who? It can’t be Murong clan’s venerables requiring Dragon Cleaving Sword King’s personal assistance, can it?”

“Of course not, those foggies hardly need three days, let alone wasting so much time to track them, ha-ha-ha…” 

“Then…” Baili Jingwei’s eyes shone with curiosity…

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