The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1157: Sentence

Chapter 1157: Sentence

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Danqing Shen showed a vague smile, then a guard brought a gorgeous woman in that took even Baili Jingwei by surprise, “Murong Xue?”

“I heard she was around so I stayed a few more days before coming to Prime Minister.” Danqing Shen smiled.

Baili Jingwei nodded and laughed, “Dragon Cleaving Sword King is the cornerstone of the empire, making such efforts. Murong Xue has been hiding for a century and now we have her once more. Now Murong Lie or their venerables will have to come out. Ha-ha-ha, the empire will have them cornered and remove one more danger.”

“Humph, think again. Not even I could find my brother after all these years, him having ignored any and all affairs. He won’t come even if you have me.” Murong Xue mocked.

Baili Jingwei smiled, “Miss Murong better pray your news will reach your brother. It’s such a pity for a pretty lady like you, ha-ha-ha…” 

“Guard, add one name to the execution list. In five days, the traitorous Murong woman will be executed by heavenly punishment. Let the lands know. If Murong Lie and the rest come out, humph, give them her corpse!”


The guard bowed and took away the cold Murong Xue. Baili Jingwei smiled, turning to the others, “Everyone here is a valued official. His Majesty will bestow to you all your reward on the day of the execution, thanking you for all your efforts in the empire’s campaign.”

“Thank you, Prime Minister!”

They all echoed and laughed. Luo Yunchang pondered and asked, “Prime Minister, could you release my brother and his wife?”

“Oh, Alliance Leader Luo!”

Making a show of recalling it, Baili Jingwei nodded with a smile and shouted, “Guard, arrest the Luo clan!”


Luo Yunchang’s group started, finding themselves seized by Zither Sword King and Shangguan Feiyun. Not even the venerables could do anything.

“Prime Minister Baili, what’s the meaning of this?” Zhuge Changfeng spat.

Baili Jingwei shrugged with a twisted smile, “Isn’t it obvious? You’re traitors being caught for execution five days from now.”

“Prime Minister Baili, we surrendered, so why…”

“You did, but not your Alliance Leader!”

Baili Jingwei spoke harshly, “I should reward you for having helped with western lands, by releasing Alliance Leader Luo. But with your leader against me, what then am I supposed to do if he starts messing things up? So I can’t let him go. You could complain that I broke my word and start fighting me as well. That’s too much of a pain. So might as well get rid of you all. Without the Luo Alliance, none of that will happen, right? Ha-ha-ha…” 

Zhuge Changfeng cursed, “Baili Jingwei, you backstabbing bastard!”

“I want to keep my word, but your Alliance Leader Luo wouldn’t feel like living up to the deal.”

Baili Jingwei shrugged, sneering at the three minds, “Besides, back in that house, I told you three that I’ll talk if you guessed my intent. But in the end, none of you had the right to negotiate with me. All the pieces were in my hand while you couldn’t even have the option to choose. Take them away!”

Guards escorted the Luo clan out, leaving behind a trail of curses and shouts. Baili Jingwei smiled, “Only the weak bark. If that would’ve done the trick, why would the strong need their fists? Ha-ha-ha…”

“Wise, Prime Minister!”  The others bowed.

Baili Jingwei nodded, “Sword King Liu, have the Luo clan’s members been dealt with?”

“The Luo clan is in charge of the western lands’ borders. They’ll notice the slightest movement and it will take time to handle them all.”

“It’s fine, we’ll deal with as many as we can. It won’t matter how many escape. As long as the Luo Alliance’s top brass are dead, they’ll be lost, walking right into our traps.”

“I’ll give the word to pull in the net!” Zither Sword King nodded.

The rest’s hearts sank.

Baili Jingwei was cruel and sick, not even willing to give them any chance of even fighting.

Ignoring the obvious discontent in others, Baili Jingwei’s smile never left his face, “Everyone can now take rest in your quarters in the Imperial Palace. In five days, the ceremony will begin. As for Luo Alliance, you don’t have to worry, I’m not one to throw people away. I always reward those that have the good of the empire in mind. The Luo clan was too ambivalent and had to be resolved. You understand.”

“We’re amazed by the Prime Minister’s thoroughness.” They all bowed.

Baili Jingwei left pleased as the rest disbanded while whispering about the event.

They failed to notice Baili Jingwei looking over his shoulder at them, his eyes cold and disdainful.


[Ha! How unbearably naive. Five days later will be a day of peace for the Sword Star Empire. All danger shall be purged, ha-ha-ha…] 

Baili Jingwei cackled to himself…

Five days later, in the imperial capital’s main square, the place was packed with the city’s people. 

For today was the execution of many convicts.

In the previous execution, only Baili Jingshi and Baili Jingwei were present. But this time, there were the ten Sword Kings and the officials from the four lands, including the traitor Bu Xingyun. 

On the scaffold, many kneeled, people from many factions and all with renown.

The first was the ex-leader of northern lands, Sea Bright Sect Leader Ling Yuntian. Feeling his scraped knees on the wood and his cultivation sealed, the eyes of everyone made him feel like a circus animal, filling him with shame, “Bu Xingyun, you rotten animal! You sold out northern lands’ sects. Your day will come!”

“Tch, my day? Not before yours, bag of bones!” Bu Xingyun mocked, looking mighty smug at the old man.

Wu Randong was calm by contrast, neither sad nor happy. But some of the people below pointed at him knowing who he was, in regret.

[So many people from the Serene Shores Trading died a hundred years ago but they still had an heir. Now even he is culled.]

[What sin is this to not even spare their bloodline?]

Next was the Luo clan, looking forlorn. Luo Yunchang was bleak, gnashing her teeth in anger at the vilifying words of the crowd below. 

“Blasted Zhuo Fan, what the hell has he been scheming? I’ve never been insulted like this in my life. Now I’m about to get the noose, yet he still takes his time? Is he waiting for me to die? This rotten, vile…”

“Sister, what are you saying?”

Luo Yunhai muttered, earning her glare before she exclaimed, “Just die in peace and leave me alone, humph!”

Luo Yunhai flinched, stumped.

[Sister, we all are doing the dying here. Couldn’t you give us one last good memory? Not like there will be any left.] 

Luo Yunhai sighed, “Sister, I know you care for me, but how could you trust Baili Jingwei? Now we’re all sentenced. If only Sifan is safe.”

“Don’t worry, the girl’s fine. And you really thought I’d trust Baili Jingwei? I’m trusting, uh, never mind.” Luo Yunchang stopped herself.

Luo Yunhai was puzzled.

[Sister, are you that frightened?]

Luo Yunhai sighed, “Yue’er, we’ll be going to the Underworld River together. You must be scared.”

“Never, not with you by my side.” Yue’er smiled.

Luo Yunhai nodded and smiled back, comforted.

As the sun reached its peak, Baili Jingwei grinned and shouted, “Let the execution start!”

A few array masters made signs and thunder flickered above as they gathered power.

Bu Xingyun and Shangguan Feiyun grew excited. For after the heads rolled, they’d get their prize, becoming lords.

Only Danqing Shen and a few others eased a breath, looking at the lightning and then far in the distance…

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