The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1158: The Thunderous Darkness Strike

Chapter 1158: The Thunderous Darkness Strike

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Heavenly punishment, the highest form of execution the Sword Star Empire could employ. When the empire was formed, a 12th grade array was set up in the square center, holding their Patriarch’s earth ranked martial art gleaned from the divine sword, Void Slash.

The twelve array masters made signs and thunder rumbled, forming a thunder sword in the sky capable of erasing any and all life. Taking such a strike would destroy one in body, mind and soul.

Because of its brutality, none could stop it, becoming the empire’s highest form of punishment. At each sentence, the emperor, Prime Minister, and all officials were there in respect for the Patriarch.

Patriarch was their god and their god would strike down the criminals while they would prostrate before him.

“Heavenly punishment is about to descend! Is there any sign of him?”

The rumbling lightning grew louder and louder, with lightning snaking through the sky as it converged into a terrifying blade.

Murong Xue glanced at the blinding light and sighed, “I must’ve lost my mind. Why did I ever agree to this? I just knew he was no good…”

The imperial capital’s residents gasped and awed, treating it like a light show.

[It’s so rare to see heavenly punishment, with hardly any more heavy criminals that need such attention to deter the rest of the world.]

The first usage began around three thousand years ago, when it was used freely. Later it was barely used once a few centuries, until the empire ruled the lands and shook the world. Then the punishment was so rare that it didn’t get brought up as a punishment until a thousand years later, to the present era.  

With the most recent being used on Serene Shores Trading a hundred years ago. But now it was happening again, making the people thrilled. Such a sight was so rare everyone got fired up, with the first timers giddy beyond belief. 

Wu Randong watched the infatuated crowd with a critical eye, scorning them.

There were plenty of ways to kill a man. 

[Why do you think the empire chose this particular way? It’s for all of you! Making an example of us to scare away the ignorant masses, as in you fools! The empire’s thunder blade is bearing down our necks, but isn’t also hovering over yours? And you’re thrilled by it? Ha!]

Closing his eyes, Wu Randong ignored the filth of the world, waiting with calm for a strike, or rather the thunder blade to free him.

He had done all he could and was ready to go…

While he was without regret, his people couldn’t be more in pain. Seeing the thunder blade above, they cried, “Save us, Palace Lord, five Dharma Kings! Save us! We don’t want to die…”

“Palace Lord, save us! We always believed in your might as the one supreme being! Darkness consumes the stars and the Sword Star Empire will fall!” 

“Devils are victorious, darkness strikes, takes the skies and makes us kings!”

“Devils are victorious, darkness strikes, takes the skies and makes us kings!”

They yelled their lungs out, whether in belief or clinging to their last hope. It started with one, then more and more Devil Palace disciples shouted, their howls drowning the sky. Their bloodshot eyes, their fervent gazes and the booming cries spread through the imperial capital.

The audience never even heard of Devil Palace, being your average people. But they could feel their hearts thumping at the convicts’ howls, turning perplexed. 

[Are they begging for mercy? It doesn’t sound like the usual way they do it in the empire, but praying for some devil. Can this devil save them all from the empire?]

[That can’t be.]

The people refused to believe it, but seeing their looks and hearing their heartfelt wishes, doubts formed as they themselves muttered those infectious words.

“Devils are victorious, darkness strikes, takes the skies and makes us kings!”

“Devils are victorious, darkness strikes, takes the skies and makes us kings!”

Baili Jingwei’s ears twitched, watching with cold eyes and indifferent expression.

He wanted to draw out their Palace Lord and kings, to finish everything here and now. Once Devil Palace was gone, everyone would see the might of the empire, its invincibility. But if he was a no show, the harder these guys shouted, the heavier the blow to Dark Demon Lord’s name would be.

[What can a strong man do when he can’t even rally men? How can he ever compete with an empire? Humph…]

Ling Yuntian and other captives heard the Devil Palace disciples and their mad shouts, but shook their heads.

[Are they cultists? Have they lost their minds? With ten Sword Kings watching, you expect some lord to come here, in enemy territory?]

[The Invincible Sword of before was the best example of human wave tactics. What fool would risk his life for you all? Wake the hell up!]

Luo Yunhai shook her head, “They’re so naive to think the leadership would care for the little guy. The Dark Demon Lord would never come.”

“Quiet, Yunhai, even if it’s not for them, it’ll be for us!”

Luo Yunhai started, turning a piercing stare at his sister, asking in confusion, “Sister, what makes you so sure? You know this Dark Demon Lord?”

“You know him too. He’s…”


The thunderclap drowned her voice as the thunder blade three hundred meter long was done and fell on their necks. 

Baili Yutian’s power wasn’t something anyone could take, even if that was a couple thousand years ago. Everyone would be dead.


The dreadful power rushed down on its victims, crushing their hearts, and still no savior in sight. The best chance was before the thunder blade struck. Now it was too late.

Feeling abandoned, Devil Palace disciples’ blind shouts turned weak and soon into sobbing, “Palace Lord…”

“That dead man doesn’t care at all about me?” Luo Yunchang saw the blade coming down and cursed.

Luo Yunhai was calm, then he faced his wife with a smile, “Let’s go together.”

“Let’s, husband.” Yue’er smiled back.

The two closed their eyes, welcoming release.

Baili Jingwei smiled in pride.

[Dark Demon Lord is nothing, ha-ha-ha….]

[Everything will end, with no chance of turning it around.]

“Earth level, Devil Palm!”

A calm voice echoed throughout the square, one of disdain.

The boundless space held one long shadow. It grew fast to the size of hundreds of meters, taking the shape of a black hand.

The thunder blade felt stifled, its oppressive power sapped as it halted its descent. The victims were gaping. 

Baili Jingwei jumped to his feet, clenching his fists.

[He actually came?]

The people started, in utter shock.

[It stopped, the heavenly punishment was stopped! How? How can the godlike Baili Yutian’s earth ranked martial art be blocked?]

[Who did it?]

With a cooling breeze, clothes ruffled. People whipped around their heads to see a man in white with covered eyes, the picture of godhood, floating down on the scaffold and bearing a snicker.

The face had them all frozen, the smile giving them the feeling he held all the power, all the secrets in the world.

“Zhuo Fan?!”

Baili Jingwei cried out in utter disbelief. His eyes trembling.


The ten Sword Kings stood, watching the familiar figure with amazement and some glee.

Bali Yuyu was beaming with joy.

[The brat is alive. He’s still alive…]

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