The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1257: Insanity

Chapter 1257: Insanity

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The two couldn’t believe their ears. The Demonic Emperor was insufferably arrogant, on top of being raving mad.

The two made more signs.

“Scattered Falcon Feathers!”

“Wraith Flight!”

The two muttered then the golden eagle burst into a dazzling radiance, sending countless feathers in every direction. The wraith howled as gray images shot from its mouth.

This made the two Imperial Marks to shrink, fading out, as the Emperors looked for an escape.

Zhao Chen sneered, “Humph, you found the wrong person to try those petty tricks on.”

“Devouring Demonic Dragon!”

He made quick signs with his hands and the black dragon turned into a black mist, swallowing all the feathers and the gray images.


The Emperors froze and winced. Their hope of fleeing dashed.

As they watched the black energy swirling and caging them, the two were grave.

Zhao Chen cackled, “Falcon Emperor, Wraith Emperor, you’re beneath me. Just give up already and feed my cultivation. It’s your honor to be a part of my rise to the Sovereign Stage, ha-ha-ha…” 


Zhao Chen shouted.

A torrent of black mist surged, swallowing the sky. The two Emperors shivered under the oppressive blackness.

“W-what is this? Why do I feel so weak and in pain…”

“H-he’s tampering with our marks…”

The Wraith Emperor cursed, “Demonic Emperor, what the hell are you doing to our Imperial Marks?”

Zhao Chen shrugged, “Nothing much, just, taking its power. Once I finish, they will dissipate and you along with them, hi-hi-hi…”


The Emperors were terrified. They kept making signs with trembling hands in an attempt to break their marks free, to no avail.

As their strength waned, Zhao Chen grew stronger. They had only one fate, to be sucked dry…

The two plopped on the ground in convulsions as life was drained from their bodies.

Zhao Chen felt his own strength surging with a manic grin, relishing in the moment with closed eyes.

[Sovereign cultivation methods are out of this world. I just need to keep cultivating and I can dominate Sacred Domain, ha-ha-ha…]


A sudden cry came out of nowhere as a massive brown figure appeared. It slammed into the black mist and made a huge hole in it. 

Zhao Chen shuddered, with the brown figure turning out to be a huge eagle. It was now holding in its talons the wraith and the golden eagle.

“Well done, my precious.”

The two Emperors felt they could stand again, with the Falcon Emperor praising the creature. 

The Wraith Emperor lit up, “Is that your spirit animal? It came right on time.”

“Let’s just get our marks and flee!”

The Falcon Emperor made a sign and the Wraith Emperor copied him.


The marks turned into a golden light and entered their bodies, making them breathe easier.

Zhao Chen grimaced, seeing the brown eagle fleeing with killing intent, “Damn pigeon, you’re dead!”

“Devil Palm!”


A gigantic palm a hundred meters big, shot for the eagle. It tried dodging but it was too late. The palm grabbed it and the dark energy swirled around it. The Emperors watched with terror as it turned to ash.


[What the hell is the Demonic Emperor practicing? It’s horrible.]

Zhao Chen recalled the dragon into his body and snickered, “The beast helped you live longer, but not much, humph…”

Zhao Chen shot for the two.

The Emperors ran away on the spot, not caring about anything.

[Is the Demonic Emperor insane? How did he degenerate so much?]

A whistle came from behind and a palm caught up to them, “Ha-ha-ha, you still think you can escape me with that speed? Fools, ha-ha-ha…”

“Why is he so fast? He’s like another person.” Falcon Emperor cried out.

Wraith Emperor shot a palm at Falcon Emperor’s shoulder, “Sorry, brother Falcon, I will remember you. I will avenge you later!”


The Falcon Emperor stumbled under the attack and Zhao Chen grabbed his neck.

“Curse you, Wraith Emperor, using me as bait. You’ll get yours!” The Falcon Emperor cursed as the Wraith Emperor got further away.

The Wraith Emperor was looking grim, blocking out his voice as he fled.

[Brother Falcon, sorry, it’s better for one to live then both of us dying. Your sacrifice won’t be in vain.]


The Wraith Emperor vanished in the distance.

The Falcon Emperor’s face shook. Zhao Chen grabbed his neck tighter, “Is this your friendship? I’m touched, hi-hi-hi…”

“D-Demonic Emperor, don’t kill me. I’ll do anything, please…”


The Falcon Emperor was swallowed by the black mist. Minutes later, it dissipated and Falcon Emperor was turned into ashes.

“Humph, do anything? Do you take me for a fool to believe the Eight Emperors? Ha-ha-ha…”

The Demonic Emperor cackled. The Falcon Emperor had a tragic end while the Wraith Emperor fled with heavy wounds. The Demonic Emperor’s forces saw their lord’s victory and rallied as they cheered.

However, the Demonic Emperor waved his hand and sucked hundreds of people into the black mist, turning them to ashes.

The people were frozen in fear.

The Demonic Emperor snapped at them, “Useless fools, fight! Get me more lands and more prisoners. It’s either them or you who will become my ingredients, understand?”

“Uh, y-yes, Demonic Emperor…” The forces shivered as they marched on.

The previous excitement was gone, now replaced by terror. They used to fight for the Demonic Emperor to make a name for themselves, now they only fought to stay away from his insatiable appetite. 

They had to work hard to bring him more prey so they wouldn’t end up being preyed on instead.

Zhao Chen sneered as he roared.

Zhuo Fan watched from afar, shaking his head. Li Jingtian chuckled, “Steward Zhuo, the Demonic Emperor is getting foolish. He even talks about using people to cultivate.”

“He isn’t foolish, he’s mad.”

Zhuo Fan’s eyes shone, “Demon Transformation Art has made his strength spike, making him forget restraint. He will do anything to get more power. When heaven wants you dead, he first drives you insane until you lose all reason. The Sacred Mountains will pay him a visit soon. We just have to wait for his fall.” 

Li Jingtian nodded.

“Any news from the dragons?” Zhuo Fan asked.

Li Jingtian bowed, “Steward Zhuo, still nothing. You’re impatient as well?”

“No, it’s that I still need to be patient and lay low.” Zhuo Fan left… 

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