The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1258: Deal

Chapter 1258: Deal

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“The Demonic Emperor defeated the Wraith Emperor and even killed the Falcon Emperor by himself?”

The Enchanting Empress cried out in shock at the report inside the jade slip. “That’s not possible! I had a hard fight with the Falcon Emperor so how could he die so easily? And on two against one? Even the Wraith Emperor could hold his own against the Sword Emperor for a while.” 

Mei Sangu was just as confused, “Senior sister, the reality is that the Falcon Emperor died and the Wraith Emperor fled. The Demonic Emperor had taken over their lands. This proves he is the most powerful of the Eight Emperors with his biggest domain.”

“Was it one of Zhuo Fan’s ploys that led to the Falcon Emperor’s death?” The Enchanting Empress was grave.

Mei Sangu shook her head, “Senior sister, I don’t think so. The three fought in the open, before an entire army. There’s no room for deceit on the battlefield. Schemes aren’t enough to make up for the Eight Emperors’ strength either. The kid can set all the traps he wants, but it’ll still be impossible for him to force the two Emperors into a corner with no escape.”

“This only makes the even more suspicious. Did the Demonic Emperor take some powerful tonic to grow so incredibly strong?” The Enchanting Empress remained skeptical.

She then waved impatiently, “Never mind, we still don’t have any clues on young lord or who took Qingcheng. I don’t have the time to deal with Eight Emperors’ grudges.”

“Senior sister is right!” Mei Sangu bowed.

A disciple walked in and bowed, “Master, another jade slip arrived with a strong aura. We couldn’t inspect it. It must be meant for master’s eyes.”

“Wraith seal?”

The Enchanting Empress jerked, “It’s from the Wraith Emperor.”

The Enchanting Empress frowned and read it. She shouted in shock, “the Wraith Emperor is calling all Eight Emperors to Wraith Bamboo Forest for an important matter.”

“It must have something to do with the war.” Mei Sangu added.

The Enchanting Empress nodded and walked out, “Sangu, follow me. Since there’s no lead on the young lord and Qingcheng’s situations, we’ll see what’s going on with the Demonic Emperor.”

The Enchanting Empress took off and Mei Sangu followed her.

A month later, the two arrived before a dark and eerie bamboo forest, packed tight with guards. There were countless tombstones as well.

The Enchanting Empress reached a pavilion where people were already seated, with the Wraith Emperor acting as host. 

“Enchanting Empress, you’re here.” The Wraith Emperor stood and cupped his hands, gesturing, “Have a seat.”

The Enchanting Empress took the seat and asked, “Did you invite us because the Demonic Emperor killed the Falcon Emperor?”

Everyone else focused on the Wraith Emperor’s conflicted face with hard stares.

The news was just too suspicious and worried them greatly.

“Indeed, that’s why I called you all here.” The Wraith Emperor lamented, “The Falcon Emperor had a gruesome fate, not leaving behind even a body to bury.”

“You aren’t asking our help to seek revenge, are you?” The Sword Emperor asked.

The Wraith Emperor shook his head, “Not at all. There’s a long history between us Eight Emperors. Friends can become enemies at the drop of the hat. Their demise is their own fault to bear. However, the Falcon Emperor’s death is too strange. We have to figure it out before that lunatic sucks us all dry!”

Everyone shuddered.

“Is the Demonic Emperor that strong? Rumors say that you two couldn’t beat him, and that the Falcon Emperor died in battle. Is that true? Is there another reason?”

“What reason could there be? In a straight up fight, we lost against him.” The Wraith Emperor sighed, “The truth is we were weaker and so one died.”

Everyone tensed.

The Sword Emperor squinted, finding it the hardest to believe. It threatened his position as the top of the Eight Emperors.

“If I were to join as well, I’ll lose too?”

“Sword Emperor!”

The Wraith Emperor chuckled, “Forgive my bluntness, but did you win against Zhuo Yifan?”

The Sword Emperor shook and winced, “Why bring up the dead? It’s been thousands of years. Haven’t we agreed to lay that to rest?”

“Yeah, none of us want to recall that detestable Demonic Emperor. He was the true top of the Eight Emperors, able to take on the rest of us. He was one a loner, but he had the power of entire armies.”

The Wraith Emperor took a deep breath, “We have to bring him up since another Zhuo Yifan is here. We have to accept reality before it makes us suffer for it.”

Their eyes twitched and the Sword Emperor exclaimed, “Where are you going with this? You mean to tell me Zhao Chen is like his master? Humph, no way. Zhuo Yifan’s talent was the most incredible outside the Sacred Mountains. Some said he’d attain peak Sainthood if he went to the Sacred Mountains, if not Sovereign Stage. Zhao Chen is petty and reckless. He could never attain a tenth of his master’s strength all these years, humph…”

“Sword Emperor you still can’t accept that times have changed for the very worst.”

The Wraith Emperor spoke in a grave tone, with the others becoming serious as well.

Wraith Emperor continued, “This meeting with Zhao Chen was like seeing another person. He used to be cunning and outrageous, but he had restraint. Now he’s simply insane, wild and mad. He doesn’t care about anything, not even us. He said he’ll take on even the Sacred Mountains!”

“Him? Humph…” Someone sneered and the others shook their heads.

However, the Wraith Emperor grinned, “He has good reason for saying it. You would feel the same thing if you saw him. The lunatic was confident. His strength grew so much he even killed the Falcon Emperor. He’s catching up to Zhuo Yifan.”

“Do you have any clues?”

“Look for yourselves.”

The Wraith Emperor took out a pouch, letting it spill on the table, “What do you think it is?”





The Wraith Emperor stressed every word, “I found out that he is using people to cultivate. After our battle, he admitted it himself. He only started the war to get more ingredients. The Falcon Emperor turned to ashes because of this.”


Everyone gaped, “Using people to cultivate is forbidden in the Sacred Domain. It will incur the world’s wrath, struck down swiftly. Isn’t he afraid that the Sacred Mountains will hunt him down?”

“I told you he doesn’t care about them. He also mentioned that he will become a Sovereign soon, that the Sacred Mountains would be nothing by then.”


They all shouted.

There had been no new Sovereign since ancient times.

[What gave him the gall to say he will become one? None in the Sacred Mountains could claim that either.]

Before becoming one, even a peak Saint would end up killed once surrounded. How could he commit such cruel acts?

The Sword Emperor muttered, “There are only two ways to become Sovereign, through enlightenment, though there has never been any record of anyone achieving it since ancient times, and…”

“A Sovereign’s inheritance!”

Everyone exclaimed, “He found one?”

The Wraith Emperor nodded, “It’s very possible. What kind of art could double his strength in such a short time? This proves his arrogance. By getting a Sovereign’s inheritance, becoming one is only a matter of time. Of course he would hate the Sacred Mountains.”

“This piece…”

The Enchanting Empress noticed something in the dust, taking out a piece of clothing.

Wraith Emperor explained, “I collected this from the remains of people he used for cultivation. It seems his art turns not only soul and body to dust, but clothes as well.”

[It’s similar to the ones I found on young lord. Maybe…]

The Enchanting Empress nodded.

[So you did this, Demonic Emperor!]

[You’re finished. Once the Mountain Lord knows, you…]


The Sword Emperor’s grave voice echoed, “We will have to join forces once more, just like when we faced Zhuo Yifan, and deal with Zhao Chen. Do you still remember the past? Because of the arrival of a Saint, Zhuo Yifan destroyed the records and detonated. This time, we must keep this a secret if we want to get our hands on the Sovereign’s inheritance. Why bother doing someone else’s job?”

Everyone nodded and turned to the Enchanting Empress in unison.

Her face twitched and she finally nodded under peer pressure…

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