The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 10: An Overnight Celebrity

Chapter 10: An Overnight Celebrity

“Haha, little brat, you sure are useless, you still need this little fatty to protect you, such a useless boss.” The lackey mocked.

Tang Zheng’s face did not change. He turned to Feng Yong and said: “You step to the side and watch, I will be fine, they can’t do anything to me.”

Feng Yong was shocked, he had carefully investigated Tang Zheng’s situation and never heard that he could fight. Just as he was about to advise against him, he saw Tang Zheng’s firm set eyes, and swallowed the words that were at the tip of his tongue.

Tang Zheng glanced at his surroundings and discovered that there were many people stretching out their necks watching the scene. He did not want to make a move in the a public area with many people watching since he still wanted to keep low-key.

“How about we go to the alley there, making a move here is troublesome.” Tang Zheng suggested.

The lackeys were shocked, then smiled without any good intent: “Haha, this brat has turned stupid from reading too many books. Okay, us brothers will satisfy you and go to the alley, but let me tell you, to not even think about running.”

In reality, making a move in front of so many people caused a bit of uncertainty within the lackey, since if the brat decided to call the police to investigate the matter, with so many eyewitnesses they could only leave.

So, when they heard Tang Zheng’s words they felt extremely pleased as they believed this person to be scared silly. “Boss, I will go with you.” Feng Yong gathered up his balls and loudly said.

“No need, you stay outside of the alley and keep watch, don’t let other people walk in.” Tang Zheng said. Feng Yong wanted to refute but was stopped by Tang Zheng’s eyes.

The alley was not deep, but there was no one present, the six lackeys brought Tang Zheng to the middle of the alley, smiling evilly.

“If you tell me who sent you I can let you guys experience less pain.” Tang Zheng said with a straight face.

“Haha, little brat, it seems like you are scared silly. Brothers, attack.” A voice ordered and the many lackey’s attacked with their hands and feet.

Tang Zheng’s mouth curled up in a cold smile, his hands moved like lightning, using the Heaven Gathering Hand the sky was filled with hand shadows, as if there was a net that covered the sky preventing the lackey’s from escaping.

Peng peng peng…

Sound after sound rang out, five of the lackeys were sent flying, smashing against the wall, involuntarily and pitifully crying out for their mom and dad’s, appearing to be incomparably wretched.

The leader of the lackeys stared on foolishly, in the moment it took to strike a spark from flint, they had already lost, this… who the hell was this f**king evil kid.

Tang Zheng walked towards him, his face cold, scaring the lackey into hurriedly retreating, while pulling out a dagger from his waist, trying to appear fierce when he was scared at heart, shouting: “Don’t come over, otherwise I will stab you to death.”

“Reckless.” Tang Zheng dodged with his face then appeared before the other, the lackey stabbed forward but felt his hands pass through empty air, his dagger appeared in Tang Zheng’s hands without his knowing how.

Tang Zheng took ahold of the dagger, drawing in the air with it, his opponent looked on in a daze. Suddenly, a cold light flashed and the dagger was pressed against the lackey’s throat. The lackey was scared pale and loudly shouted: “What are you going to do?”

He already knew that he had provoked an expert and that he was completely unable to afford offending him but he also did not want to immediately beg for his life since that would be incredibly shameful.

“Speak, who sent you?” Tang Zheng coldly asked.

“Kill me if you dare!” The lackey gathered up his balls and said.

Tang Zheng’s ice grew cold, the lackeys felt his heart grow cold, the Tang Zheng today with a move of his hand or a shift of his foot carried with it a deadly force, especially when he is angered. The energy he gave off from within his body was not something ordinary people were capable of withstanding.

“Since that is the case, then let me fulfill your wish.” Tang Zheng stabbed forward, the dagger cut into the skin on his throat.

The lackey, paled face, frighteningly shouted: “It was Gao Dazhi, Gao Dazhi!”

“Gao Dazhi.” The dagger suddenly halted, Tang Zheng’s two eyebrows lifted up. Gao Dazhi, you and I have no hatred between us, yet you tell other people to come deal with me. Heng, very good, then I will definitely not let you go.

Tang Zheng never took the initiative to find trouble but was not afraid of others. Since others have already came knocking on the door then he definitely can’t hide otherwise it would be the same as smashing his own head in.

A knife strike landed on the lackey’s throat and he weakly fell to the floor.

Feng Yong was anxious like a cat on a hot tin can, pacing back and forth in front of the small alley. He originally wanted to go in and investigate but thinking about Tang Zheng’s firm eyes, he wavered.

Since the boss is so confident then nothing will go wrong, Buddha please protect him, boss will definitely be fine.” Feng Yong said to himself comfortingly when suddenly a familiar figure walked out. Feng Yong eyes was set alight and he charged towards him, and walked around him, “Boss, you are fine?”

Tang Zheng smiled and said: “Look at me, do you think something is wrong?”

“They didn’t make a move?” Feng Yong said hardly believing, that group of people did not seem like they had good intentions, how could they leave matters just like that.

Tang Zheng said mysteriously: “We are learned people, if we can use our mouths then we most definitely can’t make a move with our hands. They listened to me and corrected their former ways.”

“Really?” Feng Yong said still unbelieving.

Tang Zheng did not reply, his eye made a sweep, and saw a single person—— Gao Dazhi. Gao Dazhi was also looking at him, frightened he hurriedly hid from Tang Zheng’s gaze.

Gao Dazhi was confused, how come Tang Zheng appeared safe and unharmed. How come his nose wasn’t bloody and his face swollen? Did the group of lackeys take the money and not do anything? To f**king unethical.

But he did not have enough time to think as Tang Zheng was walking towards him.

Gao Dazhi hurriedly hid from Tang Zheng, while other people were looking flabbergastedly at Tang Zheng, especially Qiao Fei whose eyes were blank and his open mouth could fit a chicken’s egg.

“Gao Dazhi, where are you running off too?” Tang Zheng said in ridicule.

Gao Dazhi couldn’t help but not halt his steps and turn his body, his face ugly. “Just where am I running?”

“Did you do something shameful, is that why you are running?”

“Who did something shameful, you better not venomously slander others.” Gao Dazhi angrily refuted, face beat red. Before this, he did not put Tang Zheng in his eyes but now in his eyes, Tang Zheng, was filled with a secretive air, which caused him to not help but feel fear.

“The other lackeys already gave you up, yet you still do not dare admit?”

“What rubbish, you and I have nothing to say so I am going home.” Gao Dazhi said in a hurry, as he prepared to leave.

How could Tang Zheng let him succeed just like that, but right now everyone’s eyes were watching so he couldn’t do anything. That didn’t mean that he will let him go without teaching him a lesson, because if he did he wouldn’t be able to release his pent up energy.

His hand reached out and Gao Dazhi immediately couldn’t move, maintaining the posture of walking forward like that of a statue. “What did you do?” Gao Dazhi’s face turned pale, giving it his all yet discovering that he couldn’t move.

Tang Zheng smiled in a mysterious manner, minding his own business and walked away.

Gao Dazhi was badly shaken since he has never placed in such a situation before, and as if he had seen a ghost he cried out loudly: “Tang Zheng, don’t leave, please let me go!”

Tang Zheng turned a deaf ear and with big steps, walked away, Feng Yong gazed foolishly as he looked at Gao Dazhi’s comical looking expression before he suddenly chased after Tang Zheng and asked: “Boss, what happened with him, why did he suddenly turn into a wooden man?”

Tang Zheng loosened his shoulders and said: “Maybe it’s because he’s done so many evil deeds that god is punishing him.”

“He deserved it! You don’t know just how arrogant Gao Dazhi normally is, sitting atop his high horse, using his strength to bully the weak causing several students in our class hate him to death. Oh right, boss, today when you entered the classroom that bucket of water was placed there by him. He often plays evil pranks to mess with people.” Feng Yong said, releasing his pent up energy.

Tang Zheng tacitly understood that Feng Yong must have suffered quite a bit of torment under Gao Dazhi’s hands, causing his anger to burn even brighter. Even so, in the end they are still classmates so this time he will let him off with a little lesson, by pressuring his pressure points so that he can suffer a few minutes of shame.

“In the future he wouldn’t dare to bully anyone else.” Tang Zheng lightly said.

Feng Yong’s eyes flamed, his heart was like a mirror, even though Tang Zheng didn’t clearly say it, he knew that Gao Dazhi’s current predicament was most definitely caused by Tang Zheng. Following such a boss is really f**king awesome.

“Tang Zheng, don’t leave, hurry and release me…” Gao Dazhi pitifully cried out, drawing a lot of attention upon himself. Everyone seeing his face as red as a monkey’s butt, pointed and laughed, mocking with frigid irony and scorching satire.

Gao Dazhi simply was going crazy, never had he suffered such humiliation. Just what the f**k was happening, a sense of dread unconsciously welled up from the deepest parts of his heart.

Qiao Fei stared coldly from the side, he couldn’t place his hands on it, Gao Dazhi was most definitely not acting so there must be something wrong with his body. What really confused him was that he didn’t see Tang Zheng make any move, so how come Gao Dazhi is standing there like a wooden statue?

Qiao Fei’s heart suddenly lurched and he hurried walked towards the alleyway only to discover it empty. The lackeys seem to have ran away, leaving him no way of finding out just what in the world was happening.

Qiao Fei’s expression turned dark as he stared at Tang Zheng’s disappearing back, fiercely biting his teeth: “Just what happened to this cripple’s body that made him seem to have changed person overnight?”


Suddenly, a stifled sound rang out followed by a pitiful cry, proceeded by the image of Gao Dazhi fiercely slamming into the ground like a dog eating shit.

The Pressure Point Technique could only last for five minutes, and after these five minutes were up, Gao Dazhi’s pressure point would naturally unlock itself. Due to him being in an awkward position and also struggling with all his might, when his pressure point was released, it caused him to be unstable and slam to the ground.


The crowd exploded in a definitive laugh, Gao Dazhi wanted nothing more than to find a crack and burrow into it. In the end battered and exhausted he crawled up, leaving the school as if he were escaping.

This event was immediately put on the Peng Cheng Forum, and even though they did not understand what exactly happened with Gao Dazhi, they were sure that it was definitely Tang Zheng who caused him to have a face full of grime and dirt. Anyway, Gao Dazhi has completely lost all of his face, falling rock bottom, and Tang Zheng’s interest level skyrocketed, the first place and second place on the school’s most popular list now has a large gap.

But then again, Gao Dazhi also appeared on the School’s popular list because of this matter but everyone was making fun of him. Gao Dazhi never would have thought that he would make it onto the School’s popular list for this reason.

After Tang Zheng parted ways with Feng Yong, he ran home. Suddenly, he stopped his steps and from afar he saw that in front of his small house, was a messy pile. Among the discarded items was his old books, which his grandfather treated like treasures.

His heart froze, his face turned pale, and he rushed towards his house shouting: “Grandfather…”

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