The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 11: Intimidation

Chapter 11: Intimidation

“Grandfather…” Tang Zheng seeing his grandfather lying on his bed with the house a mess couldn’t help but feel a deep seated sense of fear.

“Little Zheng, you came back.” Tang Dahai said without energy.

Tang Zheng felt his heart loosen, he had thought that something had happened and that his grandfather had forever left him. He hurriedly ran forward and discovered that his grandfather’s face was deathly pale, his complexion looked terrible.

“Grandfather, who did this?”

Tang Dahai sat up and benevolently rubbed Tang Zheng’s head and squeezed out a thin smile, saying: “You don’t need to worry about it, everything is over now.”

“No, I must find that bastard and get revenge.” Tang Zheng roared in a low voice.

Tang Dahai’s face deepened and he panted out: “Little Zheng, you are not allowed to say such dirty words. Good child, listen to me, go clean up the house and I’ll go make food, after eating dinner you will rest early, you still have class tomorrow.”

Tang Zheng wanted to say more but seeing his grandfather’s firm eyes he could only shift the topic: “Grandfather, you rest up, I will clean up and cook.”

Tang Dahai did not continue pursuing the matter and loosened his breathe, saying: “Little Zheng’s cooking skills far surpasses grandfathers, then grandfather will continue being lazy.”

Tang Zheng squeezed out a thin bitter smile, and thought to himself while he was silently cleaning up the house: “Grandfather has always been kind, never getting angry at another person, but has always been bullied by others, even having our own house smashed in. Since grandfather is unwilling to say who did it because he must be afraid of me being implicated, but I will definitely not let those bastards to get away with this.”

“This must be related to the event that occurred in the dumpster, he must have called the Brother Hu of his, heng, I must find him.”

Tang Zheng spent a solid two hours cleaning up the house and cooking. After eating an early dinner he went to rest early.

He layed on his bed, quietly listened to the activity within grandfather’s room, waiting for his grandfather to fall asleep before quietly getting up from his bed and leaving from the window, quickly disappeared under the cover of darkness.

Midnight. Sheng Shi Bar. It was the time when the bars were the most crowded, the loud clamorous music was deafening and all types of guys and girls moved about.

This was the first time Tang Zheng came to a bar, and inevitably felt some curiosity towards it seeing everyone wearing revealing clothing, and guys and girls openly touching each other, their face showing a hint of red, while their heart was overwhelmed by emotions.

He hurriedly calmed himself, looked about his surroundings in search of his target. He heard that Brother Hu’s headquarters was ShengShi Bar, and he was here a large portion of the time.

But he discovered upon his arrival that it was filled with people, making it impossible to find someone.

Suddenly a familiar figure appeared within his sight—— Dong Zi. Dong Zi’s two arms were wrapped in plastic as he walked straight up the second floor of the bar, Tang Zheng followed close behind.

“Halt!” Two big men stood in front of the stairs, blocking Tang Zheng, “Do not come any closer. The second floor is private and only employees are allowed in. If you want to play then stay on the first floor.”

Tang Zheng seeing Dong Zi was going to disappear at the end of the corridor could not help but reveal himself, his hands flashed like lightning, striking the two big men’s chest, causing them to clasp their chest and fall heavily onto the floor.

Tang Zheng’s body flashed forward in pursuit, seeing Dong Zi enter into a room and immediately close the door, which at the same time prevented him from hearing the contents discussed within the room as it was sound-proof.

He used a foot to kick open the door causing a bellow to ring out within the room: “Who dares, do you not know this place is restricted?”

Tang Zheng measured his surroundings, the room had two males and one female, Tang Zheng was completely focused on one of the males.

This person had the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear, his stature was high, exposing his arms, his chest was tattooed with a fierce tiger, giving a sense of strength. Within the man’s embrace was a pretty and flirtatious woman, her collars were wide open, revealing snowy whiteness, the male’s hands were currently within her collars, causing the woman to continuously release lovable laughter.

“You are Brother Hu?” Tang Zheng stared straight at him and asked.

Lin Hu’s eyes stared at this uninvited guest and asked: “Who are you, daring to step into my territory?”

Dong Zi already recognized Tang Zheng because his face was in his nightmares making it impossible to forget. He hurriedly said aloud: “Brother Hu, I recognize this kid, he is the grandson of the old man who was picking up trash at the dumpster.”

“It’s you!” Lin Hu’s pupils shrank revealing his anger, “Little brother, do you know that I was just looking for you and yet you walked right into a trap.”

“Heng, I walked right into a trap? I don’t think so, if you bunch of despicable lowlife can all charge at me all you want, since you destroyed my house and even beat up my grandfather I will settle this debt with you today.” Tang Zheng angrily said in a low voice, looking like a furious tiger.

Lin Hu’s face revealed hints of suspicion, looked at Dong Zi, who hurriedly said: “Brother Hu, it wasn’t me, I was still looking all over for where the brat was.”

“What nonsense, of course you would not admit it.” Tang Zheng would definitely not believe the others excuses.

“I am a man of character, unafraid of acting and doing, if I did it I will stick up to it, I, Lin Hu, have stayed in JiangHu for many years and everyone is clear with my personality. If it was something I did, I will most definitely not deny it.” Lin Hu swore.

“Little brat, don’t you dare speak casually otherwise if I really did find you I will definitely hit you till all your teeth fall out, not allowing you to stand there.” Dong Zi arrogantly said.

Tang Zheng’s eyebrows pinched together, his eye unable to leave Brother Hu, discovering his eyes to be firm. Could it be that it wasn’t him? Then who could it possibly be?

But Dong Zi’s words raised an alarm within Tang Zheng, since even though this matter wasn’t caused by them they were clearly unwilling to put this matter down, and was looking for them all over waiting for the chance at revenge.

“It seems like your last lesson was not enough.” Tang Zheng coldly said staring at Dong Zi.

Dong Zi’s heart jumped and he couldn’t help but look at his arms in a cast, that tearing pain rose up within his heart.

“Little brother, you really don’t put me in your eyes saying such harsh words in my territory .” Lin Hu said with power.

Tang Zheng cast Lin Hu a glance, this person is definitely not good, since he was a Second grade Body Refining realm martial artist. Even so, Tang Zheng was not worried and said: “Since you guys want to go against me, you still expect me to put you within my eyes. Heng, aren’t you thinking too much.”

“It’s good to be a youth full of vigor, but being to arrogant may bring about unexpected calamity.” Brother Hu sounded out coldly, in warning.

“Brother Hu, since it’s this brat what’s the point in saying so much, just fiercely beat him up, and let him know our strength.” Dong Zi clamored.

With the door kicked open, ten lackeys hurriedly charged in surrounding Tang Zheng and looked at him like they were looking at their prey before saying: “Brother Hu, the two brothers at the entrance were put down by this brat.”

“Ah, it seems like he does have some power.” Brother Hu joked, but his hands still haven’t left the pretty girls boobs, massaging it without restraint, causing her to delicately laugh out.

“Since you came knocking then as the host I have to properly take care of you because if this were to spread then wouldn’t I be a laughing stock.” Suddenly, Lin Hu’s expression darkened, “Attack!”

The lackey’s charged towards Tang Zheng, while Tang Zheng also made his move like a whirlwind, charging towards Brother Hu like lightning, his body took a big leap and he jumped over the table, like that of a great Peng spreading its wings… defeating one’s enemy by catching the chief.

Lin Hu was shocked, never did he expect Tang Zheng’s speed to be so fast, appearing before him in the blink of an eye, his arms struck out trying to gain the advantage by taking the initiative.

Both hands struck out and Tang Zheng was sent flying backwards, his big hands grabbed hold of the table to stabilize himself before sending himself forward again.

Lin Hu released a roar and pushed the woman in his embrace forward to strike against Tang Zheng’s chest. Tang Zheng reached out a hand and grabbed something soft, it was the woman’s boobs causing the woman to unconsciously scream out: “You pervert!”

Tang Zheng felt a bit embarrassed his hands moved to his side and the girl fell to the side but Lin Hu who was hiding behind the girl suddenly closed in.

Tang Zheng firmly took a fist, slamming harshly against the table.

“Grab him!” Dong Zi’s voice rang out and all the lackey’s came charging forward, since if they can pin down his body then he will have nowhere to escape.

“Little brat, hurry and defeat the head, otherwise you are done for.” Tian Chanzi hurriedly reminded.

“No need to say anymore, I know.”

Tang Zheng flipped up into the air like a carp, then evaded all the lackeys surrounding him before once again charging towards Lin Hu.

Heaven Gathering Hand, prevented Lin Hu from evading, pushing him against the wall, leaving him with nowhere to go.

He was shocked in his heart, just what is this kids background that he is so strong but before he could become distracted Tang Zheng had already released a torrent of fists.

Lin Hu hurriedly resisted, peng, one strong first caused him to slap against the wall.

Peng peng peng!

Followed by several more attacks, Tang Zheng’s speed was just too fast and Lin Hu was unable to block it all, causing him to fall within Tang Zheng’s grasp.

Tang Zheng finally loosened his breath, thankfully his series of attacks flowed smoothly otherwise he would not have been so successful. Even though the other was a Second grade Body Refining realm practitioner he did not train in any strong martial arts, otherwise Tang Zheng would not have it this easy.

Tang Zheng guessed correctly, when Lin Hu was younger he once had a master and could be considered to have entered the world of martial arts. In the end his master was no expert and he only learned some superficial knowledge, but with this ten years of experience he managed to train up to the Second grade Refining Body realm, which towards any other ordinary person would be more than enough, but towards Tang Zheng it was nothing.

It must be known that even though the Heaven Gathering Hand which Tian Chanzi was an elementary martial arts technique, it was still a technique from a thousand years ago which was practiced and refined by countless amount of people, having all the trash removed, leaving behind only the essence.

“Don’t move!” Tang Zheng’s loudly roared while clenching Lin Hu’s throat, all of the lackeys stopped and looked at him in fear, afraid of what he might do next.

Evidently, Tang Zheng being able to catch their boss right under their eyes gave them a huge shock.

Dong Zi walked out and glaringly said: “Little brat, hurry up and release Brother Hu otherwise I will cut you into pieces.”

Tang Zheng coldly laughed, completely unafraid: “Then why don’t you give it a try and see if it’s your boss who dies first, or me who dies first.”

Lin Hu’s face was ashen, this time he really did messed up big time, actually being caught by a youth in front of all his brothers.

“Little brother, you actually want to do this?” Brother Hu deeply asked.

Tang Zheng’s heart moved, and a plan was formed.

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