The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 13: Mysterious Yin Body Constitution

Chapter 13: Mysterious Yin Body Constitution

Liu Qingmei was standing at the classroom doorway, she clearly saw the scene of Tang Zheng holding Ye Dingdang hand and finally completely believed the forums message.

“Tang Zheng, you come out.” She straightforwardly said.

Tang Zheng walked over, “Teacher, is something the matter?”

“Let’s talk in my office.” Liu Qingmei walked in front, her elegant body swayed gently, making her butt within her skirt seem exceptionally perky, while her black pantyhose made her beautiful legs even more enticing.

Tang Zheng couldn’t help but look while swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

“Little brat, your teacher’s figure sure is good.” Tian Chanzi said.

“Please, you are a cultivator, not a pervert.” Tang Zheng said without any good feelings.

“Cultivators are also human, albeit people who don’t need to eat the food of common people. Moreover, appetite and lust are only natural, if a cultivator does not have the traits of a human then they wouldn’t be able to reach a high level of mastery.” Tian Chanzi said righteously.

“…” Tang Zheng was speechless, and just ignored him.

Entering the office, many people’s gaze were attracted over, not because of him but because of Liu Qingmei.

Among the teachers she was like a crane within a flock of chickens, she really was a true beauty and many male teachers were sneaking glances at her while the female teachers were having a hard time covering up their looks of jealousy.

“Tang Zheng, what are you doing in the teacher’s office?” Wu Cuihong’s cold voice rang out, and the crowd’s gaze shifted onto Tang Zheng’s body.

The teachers were quite familiar with this talented youngster as he was often the topic of their discussion but since his recent fall, he no longer retained all his previous brilliance.

Tang Zheng cast a look at Old Witch Wu Cuihong’s face and did not reply to her.

“Wu Cuihong, it was I who called student Tang Zheng here.” Liu Qingmei abruptly said.

Wu Cuihong was the director of the senior years, her authority was high, and she has long since looked down upon the young and beautiful Liu Qingmei… because all her attention was stolen away by Liu Qingmei.

“What did you call him over for? Did he cause more trouble?” Wu Cuihong said without any good feeling.

Liu Qingmei did not reply but waved towards Tang Zheng: “Sit.”

Tang Zheng did not acknowledge Wu Cuihong, and directly sat in the seat across from Liu Qingmei. Wu Cuihong seeing Tang Zheng’s disregard for her, was greatly angered: “You guys, look at his attitude and I was even his old teacher yet he doesn’t even greet me.”

“Yeah, does he still think he is first in the city? Too unreasonable, not even the least bit respectful towards his teacher.” Someone close by replied.

Tang Zheng creased his eyebrow and just as he was ready to refute he saw Liu Qingmei stand up, look towards Wu Cuihong and her surroundings before saying: “Tang Zheng is now my student, if there are any matters, I will take care of it. I do not need other people’s criticism.”

Wu Cuihong’s face turned beat red, and angrily said: “Teacher Liu, what is your meaning?”

“I am just speaking the truth and nothing else.” Liu Qingmei coldly said.

“Just speaking the truth? I think you are speaking nonsense, what is the meaning of you protecting a useless person? Do you not know that he is the humiliation of our school?” Wu Cuihong roared in flustered exasperation.

“Humiliation is it? How come I didn’t realize it, the people who are shouting loudly should be the real humiliation.” Liu Qingmei refuted with a straight face.

“What is your meaning?” Wu Cuihong said in anger.

“If you don’t understand then I have no obligation to explain it to you.”

Wu Cuihong said: “Birds of a feather flock together. These kind of people staying at our school is simply a waste of resources, just like a certain class, which can only drag the whole school down giving us a bad name.”

These words were simply a challenge, and everyone was clear that the certain class Wu Cuihong was speaking about was Hell Class, Class 7. As the teacher of Class 7, Liu Qingmei, could not allow others to slander it and angrily said: “Teacher Wu, are these words you should be saying as an exemplary teacher?”

“Teacher Liu, are you trying to embarrass her by saying that she is an exemplary teacher? Just where does she have any of the required characteristics.” The silent Tang Zheng finally voiced out, shocking everyone, causing all the teacher’s eyes to go silly.

Liu Qingmei faintly froze, she never expected Tang Zheng to speak out for her and with words that were so sharp, causing her lips to unconsciously hook up in an indiscernible smile.

Wu Cuihong was overflowing with anger and roared: “Tang Zheng, what did you say?”

“What did I say? Did you not hear me?” Tang Zheng replied, light as a feather. He had always been devoted to her but she did not have any characteristics of a model teacher, hence his honest words.

“The sky’s collapsing, you actually dare say such slanderous words to me, you…” Wu Cuihong’s face was red as she has always thought of Tang Zheng as being honest but today he actually didn’t allow her any way of escape. She was both flabbergasted and angered, all the other teachers were looking at her, causing her to be angered to the point of vomiting blood, “The sky’s collapsing, today I want to fiercely teach you a lesson.”

She said like a vixen pouncing at prey.

Tang Zheng slide backward to avoid her blow and coldly said: “As a teacher, you still baselessly attack a student.”

“I want to hit you, you piece of shit who was never raised properly.” Wu Cuihong clamorously yelled.

Tang Zheng was thoroughly angered, these words had struck his nerve. Knocking her down would be as effortlessly as turning a hand but there were too many people watching which may be a subject of gossip and cause his expulsion.

Wu Cuihong was a picture of fury but in her heart she already had a plan: if she were to successfully strike Tang Zheng then it would be her showing her power but if Tang Zheng were to strike back then that would be falling into her plans and she would label him as a teacher hitting student and have him expelled.

Anyways, no matter what Tang Zheng did, Wu Cuihong thought of herself as holding an invincible position.

“What are you doing?” Liu Qingmei stood in front of Tang Zheng’s body, blocking him from Wu Cuihong, not allowing her an inch.

“Scram, I want to discipline this student and it has nothing to do with you.”

“Tang Zheng is my student, not anyone can discipline him.” Liu Qingmei argued strongly with a cold face.

“Tang Zheng, don’t think of evading!” Wu Cuihong sent a slap, but it wasn’t aimed at Tang Zheng but Liu Qingmei’s face.

Wu Cuihong’s heart was poisonous and wanted to use this opportunity to fiercely slap Liu Qingmei. Her hands were fast and fierce, the other teacher were completely unable to stop it, Liu Qingmei was also unable to block and also had no way of blocking.

Tang Zheng couldn’t just stand there and watch as Liu Qingmei was about to be slapped so he casually picked up a piece of chalk from the table and flicked it out with lightning speed.

The sound of the slap caused everyone’s teeth to hurt, that slap was simply too fierce, and many of the male teachers couldn’t help but flinch internally, wishing that slap landed on their face instead of the fragile Liu Qingmei’s face, that was meant to be cherished.

Suddenly, everyone was shocked, as if they had just seem demonic magic. Liu Qingmei’s face was actually completely fine while Wu Cuihong’s face on the other hand was red on one side.

Wu Cuihong actually ended up slapping her own face!

Everyone recalled the scene, just as Wu Cuihong’s palm was about to slap onto Liu Qingmei her palm suddenly turned and harshly slapped upon her own face.

Could it be that Wu Cuihong has gone mad?

Wu Cuihong stood stupidly looking at her own hand in shock, her face was burning with pain causing her to continuously gasp for cold air, as if she had seen a ghost. What just happened, why did she end up hitting herself?

Liu Qingmei was confused, unable to come up with a plausibly answer, so she thought that Wu Cuihong must have gone mad, and that it was best to maintain a distance from crazy people.

She ungracefully grabbed Tang Zheng’s hand and hurriedly retreated, saying: “Tang Zheng, let’s go.”

The two used big steps to leave the office, walking towards the fields, completely disregarding the foolish look drawn on the crowd of teachers.

Liu Qingmei’s hands were incomparable soft, sleek, and exquisite just like a top grade piece of jade. The beauty of it was enough to move anyone’s heart.

But, Tang Zheng did not have the heart to appreciate this beauty as a continuous flow of pure Yin energy steadily flowed into his body.

“Haha, little brat, you struck jackpot. Your teacher actually has a Mysterious Yin Body Constitution, and she’s also a virgin, who has been accumulating pure Yin energy within her body for the past twenty years making it incomparable concentrated. This is simply top quality, more so than the two girl’s pure Yin energy.” Tian Chanzi excitedly said.

Tang Zheng was also deeply moved, as this wave of pure Yin energy was far superior to Fang Shishi and Ye Dingdang’s as he felt his true qi was both stimulated and increasing simply by absorbing this pure Yin energy.

“Little brat, you must make this teacher yours, since it can both increase your cultivation and also preserve your life. It’s basically killing two birds with one stone.” Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng took a glance at Liu Qingmei’s beautiful countenance that could move any man’s heart, his included.

Liu Qingmei exhaled a long breath and a wave of sweetness flooded Tang Zheng’s nose, moving his heart, was this the so called virgin woman’s fragrance, it was simply to intoxicating.

Liu Qingmei softly patted her chest, which bounced, erect, then she coldly said: “She really is an unreasonable madwoman.”

Suddenly realizing that there was no sound from her side, she flabbergastedly turned to her side only to see Tang Zheng staring at her stupidly.

“What are you looking at?” Her face suddenly deepened.

“I’m looking at you, teacher.” Tang Zheng unconsciously blurted out.

Liu Qingmei slightly froze, not expecting Tang Zheng to be so bold and straightforward and couldn’t help but stare at him and say: “Careful that I don’t scoop out your eyes.”

Tang Zheng was greatly embarrassed, realizing that he was being rude, he hurriedly said: “Teacher, that was not what I meant.”

Seeing him all hurried, Liu Qingmei recognized that he was an adult since no one else would be so thick skinned.

“Don’t tell me you want to keep holding my hand?” She asked teasingly, when she saw that he was still tightly holding her hand.

Tang Zheng unwilling and reluctantly loosened his hand and said: “Teacher, thank you for what you just did.”

“I am your teacher so of course I have the duty to protect you. It is just that Teacher Wu was being too unreasonable and actually dared to hit people.”

“She is completely unfit to be a teacher.” Tang Zheng angrily said.

“You and her have some contradictions, so you should minimize any future contact, after all you are a student and are therefore in a disadvantage.” Liu Qingmei warned.

Feelings that were hard to describe started welling up within Tang Zheng’s heart, if only all the teachers under Heaven were like Liu Qingmei, then there would be no conflicts between students and teachers.

“With this interruption, I almost forgot about official matters.” Liu Qingmei said.

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