The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus

Chapter 12: As long as I have breath in my body, our clasped hands will not falter

Chapter 12: As long as I have breath in my body, our clasped hands will not falter

Tang Zheng’s original intention was to fiercely teach these guys a lesson so that they will never dare to wreak havoc again.

But he discovered that it was not them who did it, which caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable… that there was someone else who was out for him.

Just based on his one person ability, looking for them would not be easy, but since Brother Hu was a head, maybe he would have some methods.

Tang Zheng looked at Lin Hu and said: “You guys keep on saying that this matter was not caused by you, but how do I know if what you say is true unless you guys can take out some evidence.”

“How could we bring out any evidence?” Dong Zi roared in discontent.

Lin Hu’s heart brightened, then he glared at Dong Zi: “Shut up.” Then he turned to Tang Zheng, “You are telling us to find these people?”

Tang Zheng’s mouth faintly curled up, this leader was indeed smarter than his lackey’s, “That’s correct, as long as you find the people who did it, then you guys are able to wash away any doubts.”

Lin Hu was also stifling a wave of anger, someone actually dared to cause trouble in his territory, ultimately making him the scapegoat. How could this be, if this was revealed to the public then he would be a laughing stock.

He also wanted to find the bastard.

“No problem.” Lin Hu agreed.

“Very good, but you guys also wanted to deal with me, so how should I settle this debt?” Tang Zheng’s face deepened as he coldly asked.

“What do you want to do?”

Tang Zheng had long since formed a plan, he couldn’t possibly do something to these people since this was still a society based on laws. Even though he suddenly became stronger, he couldn’t possibly overturn these decades old views, so he couldn’t just kill everyone.

“You promise not to go to the dumpster area to cause problems.” Tang Zheng resolutely and decisively said.

Lin Hu hesitated, he previously did not value that area until someone coincidentally picked up an antique which caught his interest.

“What, you aren’t willing?” Tang Zheng’s expression turned cold.

“No, I promise you.” Lin Hu hurried said, giving up that piece of land would not bring him any harm since picking up trash was not something people would do if they were given a choice. Also, in this situation the most important thing was to please Tang Zheng.

“Very good.” Tang Zheng said, loosening his hands.

When Lin Hu recovered his freedom he unconsciously distanced himself from Tang Zheng, as his lackey’s stirred up, preparing to once again charge him.

“Stop!” Lin Hu said with an angry sweep of his eyes. Everyone stopped unable to not look at Brother Hu.

Tang Zheng coldly looked at Lin Hu, causing Lin Hu’s expression to become uncertain, and said: “Don’t worry, I will fairly deal with this matter, but I have yet to ask this little brother’s big name.”

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows and coldly asked: “What, are you still looking for revenge?”

Lin Hu hurriedly splayed his arms: “You misunderstand, I definitely do not have that intent and only want to be friends.”

“Tang Zheng.” Tang Zheng coldly smiled, taking a big step to leave the bar.

“Brother Hu, are we really going to let the little brat off just like that?” Dong Zi hurriedly ask while coming over to his side.

“Then what do you want to do?” Lin Hu expression deepened as he asked in return.

“We have so many people and he isn’t our match.” Dong Zi eagerly said.

“Idiot!” Lin Hu flipped the white of his eyes at him, after his short exchange with Tang Zheng he deeply recognized where the terror in Tang Zheng’s strength lie and that was—— Tang Zheng was also a martial artist!

Lin Hu spent more than ten years of bitter training to reach the Second grade Refining Body realm but this youth still easily got the better of him, and what does this say?

This says that his opponent has a famous master, or the support of a formidable person, so by making someone like this an enemy wouldn’t that be seeking one’s own death.

Lin Hu has suffered countless hardship to reach the position he has today, so why would he want to lose it all by causing a feud with this formidable opponent over a small misunderstanding.

“Remember this, if you see this person in the future you must be respectful, just like how you treat me… no, be more respectful to him than you are to me, if he were to have any needs, you must help him, understand?” Lin Hu warned in a serious manner.

Even though the lackeys were still a bit unclear, since it was the boss who was giving the order they were all afraid of disobeying, so they all nodded their heads.

“Also, help me drag those bastards out, f**k, daring to mess around in my territory, they really did eat the guts of a leopard.”

Early morning, Tang Zheng was sitting in the classroom reading a book.

Other people secretly conversed, occasionally glancing at him, too many events have transpired over the past few days making everyone unconsciously have some interest towards him.

“Boss, you came so early.” Feng Yong hurriedly walked over, “Boss, I heard another piece of news, yesterday Gao Dazhi made a fool out of himself, and heard that in his anger, he wanted to get revenge on you.

A flash of seriousness passed through Tang Zheng’s eyes as he said: “If he persists in going down the wrong path, in the end the one who will suffer the most is him.”

“Yes, how could he possibly be the bosses opponent… boss, Gao Dazhi is coming.”

Gao Dazhi quietly walked in, looking at Tang Zheng from afar, upon seeing Tang Zheng look towards him, he hurriedly turned his head to avoid Tang Zheng’s gaze. Even though he was a head taller than Tang Zheng he was just like a timid rat in front of a cat.

Gao Dazhi already confirmed that Tang Zheng was an expert, yesterday he found the few lackeys and learned of what happened in the alley, and unconsciously felt unbridled fear and hatred towards Tang Zheng.

This was the greatest failure in his life, causing him to become the schoolwide laughingstock, he must find a chance to get back at him.

He glanced at Tang Zheng from the corner of his eyes, in his heart he said ‘I’ll let you be arrogant for a few days, but I will definitely get back what I lost’.

“Boss, Gao Dazhi’s eyes do not contain goodwill, I wonder what he is planning.” Feng Yong said in doubt.

Tang Zheng arranged his hands, his first priority right now was to cultivate so he does not the have heart to bother with Gao Dazhi. Suddenly, a dazzling person appeared at the doorway, making people’s eyes flash.

“Ye Dingdang has arrived.”

Ye Dingdang wore an expression of ice, her steps carried with it the wind.

Tang Zheng’s desk was slapped so hard it jumped a bit. Tang Zheng’s eyebrows pinched together, “What are you doing?”

“Heng, you have the audacity to ask me that, you are too despicable posting something like that on the forum, ruining my reputation.” Ye Dingdang said in a low flustered and exasperated tone.

Tang Zheng’s expression turned embarrassed, the scene of Ye Dingdang denouncing the situation to the teacher flashed through his mind before he quickly explained: “That was actually just a misunderstanding.”

“Like shit that was a misunderstanding, that was simply creating something from nothing, at first you looked honest but you are actually so small-minded.” Ye Dingdang’s eyes were practically burning, especially since today when she came to school she was pointed out by others, and secretly talked about, almost driving her crazy.

Chasing after Tang Zheng? This was simply the biggest joke under heaven, what is there about him for her to like?

“Go release your pent up energy, this really is just a misunderstanding.” Tang Zheng continued to explain.

Ye Dingdang would very much like to swallow him alive but remembered that he also had the identity of a martial artists, she could only temporarily suppress her desires.

Yesterday when she verified with her father that only Pre-Natal Stage martial artists can use the Pressure Point Technique, her father told her that if she were to provoke Tang Zheng, this expert, it would definitely not be beneficial to their clan.

Ye Dingdang’s actions were impulsive but she was not stupid. She would not increase the amount of enemies her clan has, but this was really too much for her to swallow.

Ye Dingdang, you really misunderstood boss, that message was posted by me.” Feng Yong said after gathering his courage.

Ye Dingdang suddenly froze: “You posted it?”

“Yes.” Feng Yong said nodding his head, preparing to accept the incoming tempest.

“Fatty Feng, I will kill you.” Ye Dingdang struck out at him with lightning speed.

Ye Dingdang’s hand was stopped mid-flight, grabbed by Tang Zheng, unable to move.

Everyone’s gaze was upon them, unable to take their eyes off, they saw Tang Zheng grab ahold of her hand and thought that a good show was bound to occur.

It was said that there was once a suitor who grabbed Ye Dingdang’s hands and he was beaten up till he looked like a pig, and now everyone was certain that Tang Zheng will end up the same and be beaten up into a pig.

“Release my hand!” Ye Dingdang angrily said with a glare.

Tang Zheng turned a deaf ear as if he was stupid. At this time, Ye Dingdang turned really angry and wanted nothing more than to kick him to the ground.

“Such strong pure Yin energy, little brat, don’t waste this opportunity, hurry up and absorb it. Hei, this is so weird, you can absorb this much pure Yin energy just by holding hands.” Tian Chanzi’s voice rang out within his sea of consciousness.

Tang Zheng was momentarily shocked, previously his pure Yin energy absorption did not feel like anything but this time he could clearly feel a wave of refreshing energy enter his body’s meridians from his palms.

“So this is pure Yin energy.” Tang Zheng understood that he must absorb as much pure Yin energy as he can otherwise he will die at the age of twenty, by bodily explosion, but never in his wildest dreams did he think that holding hands would have such a profound effect.

“Bastard, hurry and let go!” Ye Dingdang growled in a low voice while using all her energy to pull back only to find that she was unable to escape. Tang Zheng recovered but did not immediately loosen his grip, saying: “I will only release you if you promise to not strike out and to talk it out.”

Ye Dingdang hesitated a bit before slightly nodding her head.

Tang Zheng unwillingly loosened his grip, but that refreshing pure Yin energy was already completely absorbed into his nine great meridians, allowing his true qi to increase.

“Little brat, you should find a reason to hold her hand a bit longer, this is such a waste. Oh right, I have a suggestion, why don’t you make her yours, then you can hold her hands in broad daylight, that way your little life can be extended.” Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng did not know whether he should laugh or cry, is chasing Ye Dingdang really that easy? Just looking at her previous suitors and one will have the answer.

The crowd that was originally waiting for Tang Zheng to be violently beaten did not see their expected outcome, at this time, everyone’s view of Tang Zheng became complicated… could it be that Ye Dingdang really does like him, otherwise why would she have such a drastic change in personality?”

“Ye Dingdang, please vent your anger, I know you want to keep a low-key and don’t like to be exposed, but what I said was true. Moreover, this matter has already happened, so can you please not blame the boss. In reality, this isn’t so bad, with the boss protecting you, no one would come bother you.” Feng Yong said.

Tang Zheng glared at Feng Yong, is he complaining that matters aren’t complicated enough as it is?

The speaker had no particular intention, but the listeners had their own interpretations. Ye Dingdang’s eyes revealed some change, her mind was moving, even though she appeared cold on the outside, she still had countless suitors pestering her.

Feng Yong’s advice was a pretty good option, with Tang Zheng, this amazing person acting as a shield, then those suitors would stop bothering her.

“But isn’t this letting this bastard take advantage of me.” Her heart was still unwilling, “No, I will not admit it nor deny it, letting him take the brunt of the blow.”

From when Feng Yong spoke to now, her mouth had curled up in a pretty angle, making those who look go silly. Tang Zheng’s heart dropped, her smile really is able to wound and kill others.

There was an ancient saying ‘a smile that can charm a hundred souls’ was basically in reference to Ye Dingdang’s smile, other people’s breath visibly increased.

“Tang Zheng, you come outside with me for a bit.” Suddenly, an icy cold sound range out from the door.

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