The Strongest Gene

Chapter 879 - Return

Chapter 879: Return

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“I told you; it’s time for this to end.” With a tranquil expression, Chen Feng watched as Xiao Ying messed around with Luo Yuan. “In truth, everything was over the moment the real Luo Yuan died. You are, after all, a mere clone. Even though you two share the same consciousness and thought process, you are just a mere clone.”

Luo Yuan began muttering to himself. “How can this…”


The time whirlpool started to seethe. Without the timestamp, the whirlpool was fully activated. The entire world began to rewind. Apart from where they stood, everything flowed backward like the water of a river. Time was now flowing backward.

Luo Yuan’s eyes were wide open. This was something he had been yearning for even in his dreams. For this moment, he had worked hard for so many years. Alas, though this was now actually happening, it no longer had anything to do with him.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Time for you to go.”


With a red flash, Xiao Ying sent Luo Yuan flying away.

“No!” Luo Yuan’s face fell. The instant he was flung out of the area, he vanished amid the current of time. This Luo Yuan was just a clone. Therefore, the moment he touched the current of time, he vanished from existence.


The time whirlpool erupted with power, bringing them to all the points in time they had once lived in. First was the era of Luo Yuan. They watched as Luo Yuan dominated the world, becoming the sole king. Due to time being rewound, what they witnessed was quite amusing. They watched as Luo Yuan transformed from a peak god and the ruler of everything into someone who lost his kingdom.

Next was the era of Chen Feng. In this era, the world had yet to be split in two. Chen Feng never gotten involved in the affairs of the world. Therefore, the world was able to develop in a positive direction.

Soon, the era of Ye arrived. The world changed. The human world turned into a single bead that appeared in Ye’s eyes. This was the era where humans suffered most.

Shua! Shua!

Slowly, time flowed backward. Right at this instant, a dazzling flash appeared. Just like that, the time whirlpool stopped, forced to a halt here.

Mhm? Chen Feng was startled. He could sense that the time whirlpool had seemingly gotten stuck on something. Chen Feng looked into the distance. There, Ye, who had always been changing along with the flow of time, stood firmly. His eyes shone brightly. His existence itself was like a nail that was firmly fixing the time whirlpool in place.

“Has this moment finally arrived?” Ye’s mouth curled up into a smile. I know of your existence, Luo Yuan. I know what your goal is. Therefore, I have been waiting here for you. I might suffer defeat in the near future. I might die, allowing you the control over this world. However, since you are rewinding time, let us do battle once again.” Ye’s gaze became sharp. “Hehe. I have been waiting a long time for this moment.”

This was actually the point in time shortly prior to Ye and Luo Yuan’s battle. Due to Luo Yuan, Chen Feng had received a huge gift from Ye. This was how he had stepped into the realm of godhood. Shortly after this, Ye had set off for outer space to battle Luo Yuan. In that battle, both of them had suffered greatly. It seemed like this was the backup plan Ye had left behind.

“Looks like you indeed emerged victorious from that battle.” Ye smiled lightly. “However, I will still be the final victor.”


His figure flickered. His entire body was bathed in a resplendent radiance. Like a nail, he fixed the time whirlpool in place. His body flashed forth and instantly reached the center of the time whirlpool.

“Based on what I know, after activating this whirlpool, you won’t have much power left in you. Here, I am the strongest. Thank you for rewinding time, allowing me…” Upon entering the whirlpool, he immediately blanked.

Ye looked at the three before him, stupefied. “Who are you?” Immediately afterward, he recalled. This fellow seemed to be that kid named Chen Feng?

Ye’s face shifted. “Why is it you? Where is Luo Yuan?” Could it be that Luo Yuan had allowed someone else to take charge of the time rewind? Was this a precaution Luo Yuan had prepared for Ye? Countless thoughts surfaced in Ye’s mind. As for Chen Feng, he could clearly see the shining fragment held by Ye. That fragment was emitting a familiar power, the power of time.

Chen Feng sighed. “A timestamp.” Ye had actually discovered a certain powerful timestamp containing the power of time. Using that timestamp, he had waited until the time rewind reached this point before freezing it at this moment in time. If Luo Yuan were the one rewinding time, he would truly have suffered defeat here. “Xiao Ying,” said Chen Feng.


Immediately, Xiao Ying flashed forth, knocking Ye away. At the same time, the timestamp he was holding was snatched by Xiao Ying.

Ye was somewhat dumbstruck. What was this? He knew who Chen Feng was—he was that weak mortal Ye had personally granted a divine seat, allowing him to reach godhood. How had he become strong enough to control this time whirlpool? And there was also that young lady. Why was her strength so terrifying? Ye was clueless. He found that he couldn’t see through the three before him at all.

Chen Feng merely laughed. “Hehe.” Ye’s plan was indeed flawless. Unfortunately, he had neglected Chen Feng’s existence. He had not known that in the future, after his own battle with Luo Yuan, Chen Feng had also engaged in a battle with Luo Yuan. Moreover, that battle had been extremely long. Luo Yuan’s and Chen Feng’s strength had grown considerably. Moreover, during the final moments, even those by their side had reached the realm of true god. Ye’s strength could have once been considered powerful. But against the present Chen Feng…

“You are too weak,” Chen Feng said with a tranquil expression.


Instantly, Ye’s body was flung away.

I’m too weak?

Even after being flung away, Ye couldn’t react to this. This was a trap he had set prior to his departure for outer space. From his understanding, that Luo Yuan was nearly equivalent to him in strength. How was he too weak? Right at this instant, he saw the young lady who had snatched the timestamp from him. She shot him an inquisitive glance before chomping down on the timestamp.


Thus, time continued to flow.

“No!” Ye was alarmed. He knew that the moment time began flowing…


The moment the time whirlpool started revolving again, Ye vanished into nothingness. This powerful true god had finally vanished as time resumed flowing back to the era prior to the arrival of the gods. This was where the primordial descended. Time continued flowing. Ultimately, it returned to the era Chen Feng was most familiar with: Genetic Era.


Right at this moment, the time whirlpool stopped. The world, having been warped during the rewind process, returned to normal. Blue skies and jade-green waters appeared. The familiar skyscrapers and buildings appeared in their view. Cities brimming with vitality popped up.

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. We… have returned! He had finally returned to the era he was most familiar with. The ancient race had yet to be discovered. The primordial had yet to descend. The gods had yet to appear. This was still humanity’s golden era.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “I like this era.” Naturally, returning to this point in time did not signify that he now had nothing to do. At the very least, he had to deal with all those that were supposed to appear in the future before they could grow in power. As an example…

Chen Feng picked up a wristband and softly whispered into it.

“Luo Yuan. I am coming for you.”

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