The Strongest Gene

Chapter 880 (END)

Chapter 880: End

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In outer space, on a huge throne, when Luo Yuan, who was monitoring all of humanity, heard this sentence, he was greatly frightened. Since he was monitoring all of humanity, it was natural that his name was one of the keywords that his filters would immediately catch. He could hear every conversation pertaining to him. He had heard people scold him. He had heard people wanting to get married to him. However, never before had anyone directly conversed with him. He tried to find out who that person was. Regretfully, apart from that single sentence, Luo Yuan failed to gather any additional information about that person.

Luo Yuan’s heart throbbed. “How is this possible?” He was high and above all other humans. He was akin to a god, controlling all humanity. How could information he couldn’t find even exist?

Luo Yuan frowned. “Is it those fellows again?” The truth was, he had discovered the existence of an extremely powerful race on this planet. On top of that, he had also discovered an alien world called the Twin Horns World. He controlled the flow of all information, yet that person who had just talked to him…

Luo Yuan felt a chill in his heart. That person had used a newly bought wristband. Moreover, the wristband had only been used once to talk to him. Therefore, Luo Yuan had no way of obtaining any information about that person. This caused him to feel fear.

“Who exactly are you?” Luo Yuan asked in a low voice.

Right at this instant, a voice suddenly appeared by his ear. “Why don’t you take a guess?”


Luo Yuan’s heart jolted. He turned around abruptly. Instantly, his entire body chilled and all his hair stood on end. Unknowingly, a figure had appeared beside him and whispered into his ear.

Luo Yuan reined his fear in. “Who are you?” He feigned a calm expression and stood up. He knew that a person capable of arriving his side without being detected was not someone he could hope to contend against. However, when he got a clear look at that person, he could no longer control his emotions. That was because he had discovered that this was Chen Feng!

This was a chess piece Luo Yuan had planted, a chess piece Luo Yuan had gotten from an alien world.

Luo Yuan was shaken. “Why is it you?” He had been monitoring Chen Feng all this while. As such, he had a clear understanding of Chen Feng. How was it possible for Chen Feng to have such strength? The aura he was emanating…

Chen Feng chuckled. This version of Luo Yuan was truly too adorable.

The gods had yet to appear. The primordial had yet to descend. Even the ancient race had yet to be discovered. Therefore, this Luo Yuan had copied too few abilities. At this moment, he was merely comparable to a minor god. Of course, this was a level far surpassing all the life-forms in this world at the moment. Unfortunately for him, Chen Feng was now a true god.

“What do you think?” Chen Feng smiled. “I have completed your plan for you. Therefore, I have returned to destroy you, who would destroy the world in the future.”

“Plan… Future…” Luo Yuan’s mind spun as he suddenly realized something. Time rewind! Instantly, he understood everything. It was no wonder that this Chen Feng was so powerful, to the point that his aura alone was so fearful. So it turned out that he, Luo Yuan, had suffered defeat in the future? At the hands of Chen Feng?

“If possible…” Luo Yuan sighed. “Can you erase my memories and my power before sending my consciousness back to that era? Before death… I wish to… have one last look at her.”

“…” Chen Feng looked at him silently. After a long silence, he nodded. “All right.”


Chen Feng destroyed Luo Yuan’s body, leaving behind a trace of his consciousness. Like the blinking light of a firefly amid the darkness, the consciousness hovered on the brink of destruction. Chen Feng grabbed the consciousness.

“Go.” Chen Feng pointed at midair. That clump of consciousness traversed through time and space, threading the river of time like a tiny fluttering butterfly. His wings flapped with great difficulty. Finally, he reached that era, returned to the place belonging to himself. There, he saw the entrance of the Genetic Union. He saw the young missy was selling flowers there. When she smiled, she looked exceptionally nice. Like a flower, she looked at him with joy.

“Tell me, which little girl do you fancy?”

His heart throbbed. He soaked himself in the realness of all this. He knew that this was real. He had truly returned to that era, even if he could only stay for a short instant.


His body began to dissipate. He had known that this would happen. Chen Feng would not allow him to alter the past. The moment the past was altered, the future would change as well. Chen Feng would never do something that stupid.

However, he was content with this.

“Thank you, Chen Feng.”

Luo Yuan was filled with gratefulness. His consciousness scattered. Like a fluttering butterfly, he drifted around this young missy before slowly vanishing. The young missy had an odd feeling as her heart started pounding for no unknown reason. She lifted her head to gaze at the sky. There, a flickering butterfly could seemingly be seen. Further and further the butterfly flitted.

At this time, with Luo Yuan’s departure, Chen Feng destroyed the huge throne in outer space. This was ultimately the origin of all the conflicts, the origin of that terrifying existence that had conquered the entire world. He would not allow this world to change again. As for the wristbands… Those could be considered to be an excellent invention, discounting Luo Yuan’s control over them.

“One more thing,” Chen Feng said tranquilly.


He flashed forth, traversing the void and directly arriving on the Twin Horns World.

“Hey, bro, wake up,” he said as he patted a certain burial mound. The ground trembled as the Sin God, Ye, awakened. He stared at Chen Feng furiously, totally confused about why this guy would dare provoke him. No matter how weak he was, he was still… Suddenly, Ye’s thought stopped. From Chen Feng’s body, a familiar aura could be felt: true god.

“Who are you?” he asked blankly. He could not remember such a god existing.

“You don’t need to know that,” Chen Feng calmly answered. Different from Luo Yuan, Ye was not a human. He had been enslaving humans for far too long. One could say that during Ye’s era, humanity had suffered the most.

“You only need to know that I am a peak true god. I am here to destroy you, to complete my mission,” Chen Feng calmly said.


He lifted his hand and suppressed Ye with ease.

Mission… Peak true god…

Ye had a bitter feeling. So that planet had already developed to this level? True gods were everywhere there, now? Heh, while he had been in his long slumber, the Creation God had actually…


With a flash, Ye vanished from existence. Even in death, he was still filled with unwillingness.

“Spend an eternity in your hatred,” Chen Feng said calmly. He glanced around at the Twin Horns World around him.


With a casual wave of his hand, the entire world was destroyed. Since Luo Yuan was already dead, it was pointless to keep this incomplete world around. The remaining matters would now be easy. Chen Feng returned. He knew that this would be a busy day for him. He went to meet Duma, Qin Hai, Kong Bai, and everyone that had fought by his side toward the end. Their memories up to the point of that battle were transmitted to them.

This was the only thing he could do. With different memories, they might not necessarily grow into the same people. And Chen Feng did not wish for them to change into different people. Naturally, to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, he had also gotten Wang Yao to lock down the past.

Now, no matter what happened in the past, the timeline would mend itself. It would no longer affect the future. Those who died would still die. The only changes allowed were minor, insignificant changes. Nobody would be allowed to travel through time into the past.

After a busy day, Chen Feng had done everything he could do. All threats had been eliminated, with extra care given to the slumbering gods. Chen Feng did not wish to kill them all. After all, these gods included those such as the Forest Goddess, the Luck Goddess, and the Misfortune Goddess, who had once stood by his side.

Therefore, after a long period of consideration, Chen Feng ultimately created an alien world similar to The Crystal Palace before sending all the gods there. That world would forever be separated from this world. After all, the gods were too powerful and deserved to have a world for themselves. That world was thus named the Kingdom of Heaven. As for the evil gods, Chen Feng did not give them any such opportunity. All of them were cleanly erase, ending all evil at the roots.

All this was done even though the gods had yet to awaken. After a busy day, everything was finally done by the time night arrived. At night, Chen Feng gazed at the starry sky. He did not participate in Qin Hai and the others’ gathering. After all, he still had an extremely important thing he needed to do. This was something he had always wanted to do. After a long time, Wang Yao walked into the room.

Xiao Ying giggled and left the room tactfully.

“You’re here?” Chen Feng asked in a low voice.

Wang Yao appeared nervous. “I’m here.”

Chen Feng comforted her. “Don’t be nervous.” His had trembled somewhat from his excitement.

“I am not nervous.” Wang Yao lowered her head, playing with the corner of her cloth.

“That’s good,” Chen Feng said dryly. “Let’s begin?”

Wang Yao inhaled deeply. “All right.” Chen Feng approached her carefully and slowly held her dainty hand in his own. The hand he held was like a spotlessly fair jade. The skin smooth was extremely pleasant to hold.

“I… I will begin,” Wang Yao said softly.

Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.”


Light swirled around and the two instantly vanished. On a certain mountain range, the earth trembled. This calm forest suddenly started shaking, startling countless life-forms within the forest. Within the forest, two figures could be seen. Gasps could be heard, but what they were doing was a complete mystery. The hoarse gasps of the male interweaved with the gentle gasps of the female. The earth trembled without stop. After a long time, everything returned to its previous tranquility.

Wang Yao’s gentle voice said, “Do you want to take a rest?”

Chen Feng clenched his teeth and said, “I am fine.” Despite that, he sounded weakened. “I don’t understand this. Only a few years have passed. Why has it gone so deep underground?”


With a shovel, he dug at the ground with all his strength. The ground trembled, yet nothing could be found.

Wang Yao shook her head helplessly. “You are truly…” She was also holding a shovel. At present, she was dripping with sweat and gasping for breath. Evidently, this was quite the tiring task.

“Is this part of your plan?” Wang Yao asked helplessly. Things seemed to be developing in an entirely different manner.

“Nope.” Chen Feng was somewhat awkward. This task, which should have been completed naturally, had ended up this way, forcing them to manually dig. Holy sh*t, this planet was too weak.

If he dared to use the power of a true god, the entire world would be destroyed. He feared that this mountain and what he was looking for would be directly destroyed. Thus, he could only dig like a normal person. Fortunately, at this moment, he finally sensed that familiar aura.

His eyes shone. “We’re there!”

“Wow!” Wang Yao clenched her dainty hands, somewhat nervous. Had this moment finally arrived? Chen Feng was sprawled on the ground as he carefully pushed the soil aside. Ten meters deep underground, a huge ice coffin was dug out. This was an icy crystalline coffin. Within was a young couple.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Carefully, he poured some godly power into the coffin. At the same time, he was carefully controlling his power so as to not cause this world any harm.


The ice coffin slowly melted. Gradually, the icy aura disappeared. Slowly, the young couple recovered to normal temperatures. After a long time, they opened their eyes. Blankly, they stared at their surroundings and the two standing before them.

“Come.” Chen Feng pulled over the nervous Wang Yao and, while looking at the young woman, said, “Greet Mom.”

“Mom,” Wang Yao called out bashfully.

The young couple: “???”

The end.

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