The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 10: Tremor Human!

The Uchiha is one of the strongest clans in Konoha, but that doesn’t justify his actions!

After all these years, after all the bloodshed to achieve political stability and implement the institutions that made the village system work in, after all the work of the Nidaime Tobirama Senju, all of this went to nothing?

They were in the main street of Konoha, it’s a problem between kids, so why did he make all of this fuss?

Naito really wanted to know the answer.


“You provoked the clan when you hit my brother Izumi.”

Samui wanted to see how Naito would react so he revealed a trace of anger, then suddenly punched him.

This guy really dare to start a fight in the middle of the street!

Even Naito didn’t expect the Uchiha to be this arrogant.

But… he didn’t stop there he even dashed to him!

Naito didn’t hesitate he also clenched his fist and throw a punch.


The fist collided directly at the same moment.

Naito was as good as Samui in terms of speed, as for the physical strength, but with the power of the gura gura no mi the power of his shocks was enough to crush a C-Class ninjutsu, in another word when it comes to Taijutsu every punch he throws has the power of a C-Class Ninjutsu!

To be able to use a punch that can crush any C-Class ninjutsu, That’s just overpowered!

That’s unreal!


When Naito’s fist surrounded by a white halo, Samui features changed.

A terrifying force of shock, from the fist of Naito, suddenly spread out, it didn’t only make Samui feel that his fist gonna crush.

He even felt that his entire body gonna crash at any moment!

Samui’s heart for the first time felt the true horror, desperate to even mobilize Chakra in his body.

It’s true Naito only punched his fist, but the damage was all over the place, his whole body was trembling as if he was being hit by lightning Jutsu.

This is impossible!

Samui eyes exposed his astonishment.

He knew from his brother that Naito was a Kekkei Genkai user, his bloodline made him superior in terms of the physical power.

But he didn’t care.

Superior huh?!

He didn’t expect it to be this “superior”!

To stand against an Uchiha!

It supposed to be a fight against a kid who didn’t even graduate so it wasn’t fair to finish him off from the start!

So he simply didn’t think to fight him seriously, he just wanted to use taijutsu to knock some sense into him.

However, he didn’t expect Naito to be this powerful.

This was Frightening.

While he was throwing in the air, he looked to Naito’s eyes and murmured: “So strong…..”

Maybe he didn’t break some bones but he made him vomit blood.

He’s lucky that Naito was a little kid because he could have been dead.

However, Uchiha Samui didn’t get hurt that much, it made him realize the power of Naito.

“This damn little kid… You just used a bloodline Jutsu against an Uchiha”

Samui stands up, he’s so angry.

Because the fuss he made was for nothing he even got beaten and some people witnessed that.

Although it’s some kids fighting, he is still an Uchiha and it was watched by a lot of eyes.

He’s one of the best, to get beaten up by a kid who didn’t even graduate from ninja school is simply a shame.

Under the pressure and the anger, Samui didn’t even try to cast a Ninjutsu but he dashed again toward Naito he wanted to defeat him only with Taijutsu so he can wash away his shame.

Naito didn’t expect him to even dare to continue the fight.

Naito’s eyes suddenly revealed a trace sneer, the Uchiha are so arrogant.

“Look over there, isn’t that Uchiha Samui.”

“How pitiful, the kid kicked his ass.”

The people start gathering, everyone was surprised when they saw the trace of pity on Naito’s face.

From the first look, they knew that Naito is just a kid who hasn’t even graduate from ninja school, to see an Uchiha let a kid that young provoke him, How pathetic.

Even if Samui is so arrogant and he wasn’t afraid to kill him in the middle of the street, Naito was so afraid to seriously injuring him.

while all those people were watching, Naito and Samui collided again.


Naito didn’t even blink or evade yet he charged toward him even though Samui was the one who’s attacking.

It’s just a punch!, that’s what he was telling himself, no matter what tricks he’s pulling off it’s still just a punch, he can’t hit all of my body with just a punch!

I will show you the power of the Uchiha, with my Sharingan I will analyze your movements, how about this?

Against an earthquake user, you can’t just win with Taijutsu.


This time, facing the punch of Naito, Samui didn’t recklessly throw a punch at it, he dodged him then he throws a kick at him.

As long as you avoid it, the shock wont reach him.

That’s what he thought.

However, if the earthquake is that easy to avoid, how can it be the strongest force in the world?!!


Naito fist directly hit the air, but still, it made a sound of cracking!

It was clear he didn’t hit anything but it was as if he broke the air.


Once again the air crumbles like a broken mirror, it sent a devasting shock wave through the air and spread out toward Samui.


Uchiha Samui one again felt the horror to fight against a Tremor Human.

It was clear that he dodged yet why did the shock reached his body?!

Folds and cracks have emerged on his body.

This time, the situation is more serious!

Last time when he tried to use force against it he contained all the power of the shock and push it back to one spot.

But this time when he tried to evade it, the power of the shock spread and surrounded his body.


The power of the shock made a crazy impact, Samui clenched his teeth, at this point he can do nothing, but he barely managed to stick his arms over his chest to resist the impact.

However, he failed to do that!


Within the shock of all the people, Naito sent him flying!

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