The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 9: Uchiha Samui

Naito admired this man because he went through the same way, the same difficulties.

Now he himself belongs to the kind of Maito Dai.

Ninja shop


Naito felt the ground tremble.

“I am sorry”

The owner was very exhausted carrying all of these weights after he throws it on the ground, Dai felt so embarrassed.


The owner got sick of him he looked at him and said: “Just take them and leave!”

Dai took his weights, as he started to leave the owner whispered “what’s his deal? why does he only use weights? building muscles are useless in this world!”

Dai heard him he stopped for a moment but he didn’t look back, then he walked away.

What a snob!

Looking to this scene, Naito felt very sad.

However, he knew that his hard work is not for nothing the power he will gain is really enormous.

Dai patient was the same as the original, he controlled his temper and just left the store.

Naito shooked his head, then walked into the store.

“Give me two loads of weight… just two is enough”

“you want that kind of weight too?”

The owner looked a little surprised, he didn’t expect such a small kid is also interested in bodybuilding, but he brought out two anyway.

It looks just like two pieces of iron, but in his hand, it was very heavy.

“It’s heavier than what I expected, it seems like I still can’t use it.”

Naito suddenly felt down.

But he bought it anyway.

Naito left the shop quickly, looking for Dai he went into a crowd of people

It wasn’t that hard to find him after all Dai is too conspicuous.

Then he followed him into the woods, Dai put on those enormous weights and then began his crazy training.

That’s kind of training, even Naito was speechless.

This is indeed the original way to open the eights gates.

If the owner shop saw this he wouldn’t say a word.

Watching how Dai practiced, Naito found out how he’s gonna practice too, but just with fewer weights.

Naito didn’t hesitate to record all of Dai training process.

Even if Maito Dai is wearing weights there no one in Konoha who can surpass him in terms of techniques.

there is nothing wrong with his path.

After discovering Dai’s practicing place, Naito went there every day to see him practice.

After All, there is no book about this kind of training, if he wants to improve he has to steal a one or a two from him.

It’s Nearly a month now, watching Maito Dai every day Naito’s physical aspects of progress is very large, in both strength and speed, he reached already the next level.

In this period Naito managed to wear the weights he brought, he also enhanced more amount of the Gura Gura no mi in his attacks.

A place on the open

Naito clenched his fist, a halo emerged, fiercely in front of a stake Naito knock out the air.


the air spreads out of cracks like a broken mirror.

Naito’s punch didn’t touch the stake directly, he was one foot far from it, but the wave reached it start to cracks then finally collapsed.

“The power of the shock increased a lot” Naito was so excited.

if he reached this level before the fight with Uchiha Izumi that fireball he used wouldn’t have a chance against him, one punch and there wouldn’t be even a little flame left!

However, for an entire month, Naito didn’t see Dai practice the eights gate, he was a little bit disappointed.

he really wanted to witness the power of the eights gate.

“Perhaps he still didn’t discover how to open the gates!”

thinking about that for a moment, Naito turned around and walked in the familiar direction.

Naito heeded the streets, but he noticed a guy wearing a Konoha forehead protector approaching him.

Any genin can wear the Konoha protector, everyone can have a special uniform it can change for one to others.

with the headband, you can easily determine the level of the ninja also identity to which village he belongs.

Because some ninja will not wear the uniforms of the village the forehead protector is the only way to identify them.

Their eyes met when he noticed that he stared at Naito with cold eyes then walked straight to him.

“you got a problem?”

Naito didn’t react to that and kept the calm face.

No matter how you look at it, this guy want’s some trouble but Naito didn’t fear him.

After all, they were in the middle of the Konoha streets, no one dares to do mess up.

However, Naito was surprised that someone has the guts to even pull out something.

“You’re the one who his village was destroyed, you’re that outsider who joined Konoha, they call you Naito right?”

the proud tone, the posture everything lead to one conclusion this guy came with trouble, apparently, he can’t escape from this one.

But he needed to understand the situation.

He’s not that famous in Konoha, and he never provoked anyone, so from where did this come…..

Suddenly, he remembered what happened a month ago, he has beaten Uchicha Izumi in the Ninja school.

At that time Izumi wanted to kill him, you don’t use the fireball against someone unless you want them dead, Naito, of course, didn’t just watch him do whatever he wanted so he fought back and Izumi ended beaten with a few broken bones.

And he needed to lay down for a month.

Well if this is the case, then no doubt that this guy is an Uchiha.

“Are you related to Uchiha Izumi?”

Naito didn’t answer his question, instead, he asked a question.

His eyes slightly exposed a hint of shock, apparently, he didn’t expect Naito to guess his identity.

“My name is Uchiha Samui, am Uchiha Izumi’s brother, and since you guessed it, just tell me which arm you want me to brake.”

Uchiha cold tone made it very clear he was serious.

Listening to this, Naito was stunned for a moment.

So this is the Uchiha family?!

How arrogant!

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