The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 25: Naito VS Minato

“The last fight… Namikaze Minato Versus Yuu Naito!”

The examiner announced the last fight.

The excitement of the audience has finally reached the climax level, almost all the attention and expectations from the start were on Minato and Naito.

Minato smiled at Naito and said: ” I didn’t expect you to be the last opponent… but still am very pleased to be able to fight against you.”

Watching the movements the expressions of Minato made Kushina feel the pressure of an incoming storm, even Naito felt the same way.

What a presence.

Although it’s not a surprise, the appearance and the talent of this man even his mood and temper gives him a great presence.

“I am honored to fight you too.”

Naito nodded his head and smiled back to Minato.

Minato said with a smile: “It’s not that honorable.”

Of course, Minato didn’t know the reason for Naito’s feelings, it was referring to his future of being the strongest Hokage Konoha’s Yellow Flash.

Fighting a future Hokage is, of course, an exciting thing.

And even as a kid he can’t be underestimated, he’s a strong opponent.

That’s the reason behind Naito being so serious about this.

“Last fight, START!”

The moment the examiner announced the start, he also announced the fight that gonna decide the most talented kid in the school, the genius of the Ninja school!

From the very beginning Naito decided to go all out, with full speed, Naito dushed toward Minato and throw a punch.

Playing around with a man like Minato can kill you.

It doesn’t mean he’s afraid, the lion go all out even when he’s hunting a rabbit!

Naito showing his full speed was a shocking moment.

until now the only thing he showed in this event was his overbearing power.

This is the first time he showed his speed.

In the eyes of the other students, Naito speed was like the speed of light!

His body appeared like a shadow when he moved they couldn’t follow his speed with their eyes!


“Not only powerful?! but fast too… …”

It wasn’t only the students, even the other Shinobis were surprised.

His speed is almost comparable to a Chunin!

Naito wasn’t carrying any weights.

His speed at this time, was almost like the speed Lee showed in the Chunin exam, but of course, this is due to open the first gate of the reverse Hachimon Tonkou!

The strength and speed he gained from the Gate of heart can’t be underestimated.

“So fast!”

Minato eyes exposed a hint of shock, but he didn’t get distracted, while Naito was dashing at him he started doing Hand signs.

By the time Naito showed himself to strike him with a punch, Minato has already completed his Hand signs.


As soon as the sound of the punch exploded, Minato body Shattered, but it turned into a piece of wood.

Substitution Jutsu

It didn’t surprise Naito, suddenly he clenched his fist and Knocked out the air behind him.


The air cracked like a broken mirror, the cracks spread out in all directions.

Behind him it was Minato who threw Shurikens from his back, those cracks froze all the shurikens in the air!


All the Shurikens fell on the ground, simply they couldn’t resist the power of the shock.

“It’s really a tricky one.”

Looking at this scene,

Naito dushed at Minato with full speed, but Minato in the meantime managed to do Hand signs and cast a Substitution Jutsu then appeared behind him.

Minato natural speed and nerve reactions are beyond any other man, even the Yondaime Raikage isn’t compared to him.

That way even against Naito’s great speed, he can react faster.

But he felt that it was a pain in the ass.

If it was only power, he had too many combat plans to overwhelm him, but with this great speed, it’s a little bit difficult.

“The toughest the opponent… the more troublesome he is… That punch must be avoided, or it’s gonna be my end.”

he murmured that to himself, then he picked up a Shuriken.

Yuu Naito turned around, with a calm look.

Regardless of the tricks Minato gonna pullout up, as long as he gets close to him once, as long as he hit him with one punch, it gonna be his win.


Suddenly, Minato threw the Shuriken directly toward Naito, at the same time he started doing Hand signs with both hands.

While the Shuriken was flying in mid-air, suddenly another one showed up, the one Shuriken turned into two.

After that, the two changed to four, and the four changed to eight.

In the blink of an eye, the sky was full of Shuriken, like a storm it was moving toward Naito!

A shocking moment.

“Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu!”

“Self-education?! His talent is terrifying.”

Whether the students or the other Shinobis, the shock appeared in their eyes.

However, in the face of this sky of Shurikens, Naito trusted his power he didn’t retreat he clenched his fist and throw a wave of shock!

Anytime you use a Ninjutsu or throw a Shuriken, I will always stop it with one punch!


The power of the shock made a crazy impact in the air and stopped every single Shuriken in mid-air, then one by one they fell on the ground and disappeared.

A very Shocking scene, it’s simply hard to imagine that the two of them are just a Ninja school students who can use these tricks!

However, this is not over yet.

While the Shurikens was falling from the sky like the rain, several of them started to transform.


It turned out to Paper Bombs attached to Kunais.

“This trick too?!”

Naito kept the calm expression, he looked to the sky and grabbed all the air around him as if it were tangible.

Any move you’re gonna pull out, even if you use thousands of tricks, with one punch am gonna destroy everything!


The power of the shock was outbreaking, it shrouds all the surrounding area.

The cracks spread out in the air, it looked as if he broken the space itself.


The explosion was so big, but abruptly the wave shock blocked it out, it couldn’t go any further!

However, it caused a lot of smoke and dust wish temporarily blocked the vision.

The smoke spread out in all the area, and the Kunais disappeared in the air, in meanwhile a strong wind came and blew everything away.

“Wind Release! Breakthrough!”

This wind release, impressively given Minato a great advantage on Naito, while he was dealing with the explosive Kunais, he released it to shorten the distance between them, the moment Naito realized what’s happening, Minato was already in front of him!

Too late to dodge him.

However, he just used a C-class Ninjtsu!

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