The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 26: Fierce Battle

A series of amazing attacks.

Although it seems a little bit simple, at the age of Minato, using the Shuriken Shadow Clone, Paper Bombs, and finally Wind release Jutsu, is already extremely amazing and rare.

Even Sarutobi couldn’t help but praise him.

“Honestly Minato should win, the timing of these moves was so great.”

“It’s impossible to face a C-Class Ninjutsu, even if he does, he won’t stop it without any injuries, there is almost no chance of fighting back.”

those were some arrogant arguments from the crowd.

Even though Minato cast that Jutsu and gain the timing he didn’t just relax

Looking at that Jutsu Naito’s expression changed.

What Minato just did was incredible he just drove him to a corner.

No one can escape in this situation.

“That was clever… no one can hide or escape from this…”

“Unfortunately,I am not anyone.”

The Jutsu approached Naito, but in the face of this powerful jutsu he didn’t show any trace of fear or panic, he was extremely calm.

Since there’s no way to escape… why should I try?

C-class Ninjutsu, Huh!

If one fist won’t stop it, then two is the solution.

At the next moment.

With right fist as it is, he suddenly clenched the left one.

Om! ! !

White light emerges.

Suddenly the two dazzling bleak white light fists created a circle!

Suddenly, he punched the air with his left, blasting all the strength of the wave shock he gathered.

Om! !

The punch shook the entire field.


the power of shock spread out in all directions.

The power of the shock collided with the wind release breakthrough Jutsu!

Bang! !

A big exploding, even a C-class wind release got destroyed by Naito’s punch!

Before he couldn’t stop the fireball Izumi cast head on.

But now, he completely destroyed it from a close distance!

The shock was on everyone face.

“Oh my God, a C-class Ninjutsu… … he actually smashed it?!!”

“Yuu Naito bloodline is just… overpowered!”

“He can even stop a C-class Ninjutsu with his bare hands, we’re just not in the same league.”

Everyone subconscious showed their exclamations, with an incredible expression.

Even the other Shinobis didn’t expect the earthquake power to be strong to this extent.

This time the outcome surprised Minato too, he couldn’t help but get shocked by what he saw.

“S-So strong?!!”

This time, he felt it deep in his heart, he felt extremely dignified.

Winning Naito wasn’t so simple as he thought!

Considering this new outcome, loosing is not impossible anymore.

On the other hand, smashing the wind release with his fist, made Naito twist his wrist, so he started stretching it.

Hitting it with his punch was his only option.

Honestly, there’s no way he was gonna escape that without a little sacrifice.

“Now with the power of the eight gates, I can destroy any kind of C-class Jutsu.”

Naito murmured that to himself, this time he clearly saw the true power of his fruit.

Slightly revealing a trace of satisfaction, Naito eyes once again fall on Minato figure.

Whoosh! !

The next moment, Naito figure flashes, once again he dashed toward Minato with full speed.

Seeing Naito dashing at him, Minato didn’t hesitate to fall out.

Minato knew after he saw Naito blast away a C-class Ninjutsu with a punch as it was nothing that close combat is not an option.

What a joke!

If a punch can wipe out a C-class Jutsu then it’s just mean that his punch power is equal to a C-class Ninja move, and it doesn’t even need Hand signs.

A close combat with him is just a death wish.

However, even if Minato quickly retreated his speed compared to Naito was still poor.

Although Minato nerve reaction is incredibly faster, he can’t truly take advantage of that without his flying thunder god kunai, still does his body speed can be comparable to Naito’s?

A few flashes, Naito caught up.

Then he threw out a punch.

In the nick of time, Minato with surprise speed made Hand signs to cast a Substitution Jutsu, and escaped Naito punch!

Kacha! !

The block of wood shattered into small pieces.

Minato far away from him, but his breathing was heavy, and his forehead was sweating.

“Annoying substitutes… but it’s almost over.”

Knowing the outcome of this action Naito calmed himself.

Physically Naito who managed to open the gate of the heart is better than Minato, so a game of chasing is just what he wants.

“Yeah, it’s almost over.”

Once again catching his breath, Minato took a deep one then with eyes full of confidence he looked at Naito!

it seems as if he had already seen his victory.

The next moment, Minato start doing Hand signs.

Another C-Jutsu.

“Fire Release! Phoenix Sage Fire Technique”

The casted Jutsu made everyone a little bit lost, even Naito stunned for a moment, they didn’t understand the meaning of this move.

He can easily blast any C-class Ninjutsu.

The release of a C-class Ninjutsu is simply a waste of chakra

At that strange moment, Naito lost his focus.

in that rear time, there was two of Minato.

clone technique?!

Looking at this scene, everyone got more surprised.

Although no one noticed when Minato did the shadow clone… but even with the shadow clone what does this action gonna effect.

“What’s the purpose, you can only use it to distract the enemy, you can’t attack with that.”

“Maybe that’s what he wants…. ah?! this is not a clone technique!”

The next moment made everyone shocked.

That Clone of Minato started doing Hand sign! it’s gonna cast a Ninjutsu!!

“Wind release! Breakthrough !!”


Casting, one after another, fire then wind.

Suddenly there he was, in the middle of two cast Ninjutsu, it’s just almost impossible to turn the scales.

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