The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 27: SeaQuake

At that moment everyone showed a shocked expression.

Using two C-class ninjutsu, in fact, isn’t such a big deal.

What really shocked them is the clone that released the jutsu!

Ordinary clone technique doesn’t have thoughts or entity, it doesn’t have the ability to attack.

But the one Minato used, cast a Ninjutsu!

Obviously, this isn’t a poor trick, this is an advanced B-Class ninjutsu.

Shadow Clone! !

“It’s can’t be! isn’t this a shadow clone technique!”

“How did he learn this technique, self-learning?!”

“Why didn’t we noticed it from the very start?”

All the teacher couldn’t help but show incredible expressions.

In the Ninja school, they don’t teach shadow clone to the kids because it’s an advanced technique!

But Minato, he even learned this technique by himself?!

What a gift he has!

In the face of this sudden attack, Naito felt the desperation growing in his heart.

On the other side of the field, Kushina was looking at him, clenching her tiny fist.

She was unaware that she was pushing her nails into her flesh.


Her beautiful eyes were showing a hint of unease.

Minato is really strong, Naito after all of this, he’s gonna lose, isn’t he?!

At this time, even Sarutobi revealed an expression of a marvelous appreciation to Minato’s talent.

Even the other Shinobis also felt the same way about Minato, they even thought that it almost over.


Naito was standing quietly there.

The C-Class fire release Phoenix Sage Fire Technique was in front of him, and from his back, the wind release breakthrough was closing in.

The Actual field in a matter of fact wasn’t that large, anyone who caught in the middle of two Ninjutsu won’t have a way to escape.

Even the examiner was on the alert to clean the mess.

However, at that time.

Standing in the field, in the middle of two C-Class jutsu, Naito suddenly slightly fall out a half step to the back.

That actions looked pointless as if he was panicking out, but his look, his face, weren’t showing any fear or panic.

But Naito’s next move, made everyone get stunned for a moment.

Naito in the face of two jutsu, fire and wind release, one from his left and the other from his right, he did a simple move.

He spread his legs.

At the same time, he gently staggered forward then clenched his fists between his chest and belly.

“you don’t say !?”

“is he… …?!”


The moment everyone saw this action, they knew he was gonna pull something out and try stopping the jutsus, but they didn’t want to believe it.

But with the next moment, every these voice just come to an end!

Everyone’s eyes widened, the end was near, they couldn’t pick up their eyes from the field!

Boom! !

The wind release and the fire release closed in, and Naito was in the middle with the same posture.

But in the next moment, Naito start to move his arms, suddenly he hummered both sides fiercely with his fist!

Kacha! ! !

The next moment, the white halo suddenly shock the air in both sides.

Naito who looked as if he was surrounded by mirrorrs, the both sides around him start to crack inch by inch.

The power of the Shock crazily started spreading out toward both sides.

The two Jutsu was closing in, but in the face of this devastating shock waves who can pass through and damage almost any substance, they stopped right in front of Naito’s fists as if he just stopped the two of them with just his fist!

Almost as if he was a superhero.

The next moment, the wind and fire release collapsed!

The crowd was quiet.

However, everyone was shocked they wanted to run, to scream, because this is just insane.

Until the dust and the traces of the jutsu disappeared in the air, everyone restored the calm.

then they started getting noisy all over again.

“How can this be?!”

“He even used the two fist at the same time and attack in both directions?!”

“Such a bloodline, such an attack range, it’s just flawless!”

At this moment, even the third Hokage Sarutobi almost crushed the cup in his hand.

Naito’s power of bloodline, the power of the earthquake.

It’s almost perfect.

If this bloodline got trained the right way, how much can it go further?!

Sarutobi heart was beating so fast from excitement.

At that time, even Danzo couldn’t handle himself, his eyes revealed his desire.

“Sarutobi, this child is mine… he’s an outsider, I can grow him to a level that can be trusted.”


Sarutobi without any hesitation refused.

Danzo couldn’t handle himself and exposed his anger, he couldn’t hold back.

“You didn’t want to give me Minato, and now you’re taking Naito too, Sarutobi what do you want exactly?!”

“You will not have those two children.”

Sarutobi said with a cold stare, and tone that can cut off the iron.

“You! very good… you’re the Hokage after all, and you will always have the last word.”

Then Suddenly Danzo stood up, and with a trace of anger he looked to Sarutobi, then he looked to the field for the last time, and then he turned and left direction.

Sarutobi looked at Danzo leaving and thought.

You think am not aware of what you’re thinking?

Danzo turned the root from a special Anbu force to a dark institution working privately almost separated from Konoha main system.

Giving him Minato and Naito will only make him stronger and more powerful.

And Sarutobi as the third Hokage of Konoha will never let this happen!

At this time in the field.

Minato hopelessly stood there.

His shadow vanished because of the decreasing of chakra.

The Shadow clone technique divides the chakra of the user on the clones he makes, but Minato spent a lot of chakra and having a clone will only make him weaker.

Earlier when he saw Naito destroying two Jutsus with his fist his heart suddenly jumped from its place.

He couldn’t do anything but watching him destroying his plan, after all, what could he do more?

But at the same time, he hoped that using the shock waves from both sides will weaken him and won’t let him stop the two jutsu.

However, the power of the shockwave didn’t get any weaker and still shattered the two jutsu.

That bloodline he has is just too perfect.

Minato face showed a trace of bitterness

Even against a Junin, he wouldn’t feel this hopeless!

He didn’t think that Naito is stronger than him, or he’s more talented than him… … but in his current level, there’s no solution to defeat him.

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