The Strongest System

Chapter 12: Can you give me a chance?

Chapter 12: Can you give me a chance?

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‘Talent Registration Hall’

The fingers of the outstretched hand couldn’t be seen. Wearing a black cloak, Elder Li seemed as if he could disregard the darkness, as he searched for a book from the top of the bookshelf. This book recorded the experience of the sect founder's entire life.

In the darkness, only those pair of green flames hidden within the black cloak moved. The surroundings were completely silent, except for the sound of Elder Li flipping open books.

"Why can that disciple cultivate "Titanium Grade Demon Body" to such a high level? This has never happened before ." Elder Li said to himself. The "Titanium Grade Demon Body" recorded in the book was merely a body training method causally written by the sect’s founder, specially made for the punching bags to train. And yet, a person actually managed to train it to that level.

The next day…

Lin Fan sat up, and the first thing he did was pull down his pants and check. Seeing his brother entirely lively, safe, and sound, he was relieved. From now no, Lin Fan promised that he would never do such a thing again. This sh*t was practically life-threatening.

At that time, a knock came from the door. Lin Fan was a bit suspicious, ‘Just who would come see me? Did Han Lu come over?’

But that wouldn’t do. With the severe thing he did yesterday, if Senior brother Han Lu didn’t just directly kick down his door, it would be rather sorrowful. Lin Fan didn’t think much and got ready before opening the door.

"Hm, you are?" Lin looked at the unfamiliarperson in front of him, a bit doubtful.

"I live next door. You’re the newly initiated outer sect Junior brother Lin, right?" The person had a smile, looking at Lin Fan like an older brother looking at a younger brother.

"Oh, so you are a Senior brother! Come come… Senior brother, please enter." Lin Fan heard this and was suddenly ecstatic… Experience delivering itself…

"Hehe, Junior brother Lin is quite polite. Senior brother Ni told me yesterday to take good care of Junior brother Lin. Right now is the outer sect’s dining time. Since Junior brother Lin is newly initiated, you probably don’t know where it’s at, so I will lead you." Yin Mo Chen looked at Ling Fan and felt this newly initiated junior brother was a pretty good person. He was very warm towards other people. In the future, if there is a chance he should visit him more.

"Alright, then I will rely on Senior brother." Lin Fan said joyfully. The entire way, Lin Fan was rather buoyant, and Yin Mo Chen answered all his questions.

"Senior-brother Yin, this dining hall is a bit big." Lin Fan looked around and saw a sea of people, each head having a cultivation level floating above their heads. To Lin Fan, they were all just experience.

"Junior-brother Lin, all the outer sect’s disciples dine here. So naturally, this dining hall is huge." Yin Mo Chen replied.


Under Yin Mo Chen’s lead, Lin Fan received some food from the dining hall’s catering area. ‘There is meat and vegetables, so it’s pretty bountiful. Just what kind of vegetable is this, and what kind of meat is this? I have never seen these before, and the food also smells very delicious… It arouses my appetite greatly.’

Lin Fan’s stomach was empty, and after entering precelestial stage, Lin Fan’s appetite also increased greatly. So without any words, he quickly finished off all the food. As expected, this was not regular food. After Lin Fan had finished eating the food, his experience increased a little bit.

Lin Fan looked up, and saw Yin Mo Chen staring dumbfoundedly, "Senior brother, why are you staring at me like that?" Whenever Lin Fan saw eyes full of such expression, he would feel his entire body shudder, as if there was someone thinking about his innocent body. Yin Mo Chen smiled, "It’s nothing. Just Junior brother Lin’s ravaging eating method was an eye-opener for me."

"Senior-brother Yin, can each person only receive one serving of this food?" Lin Fan asked.

"Yes, these are all prepared in advance." Yin Mo Chen said while smiling. Lin Fan heard this, and suddenly was ecstatic.

Since to Lin Fan, everyone was merely experience, it just wouldn’t do if he didn’t initiate mocking mode. After receiving this confirmation from senior-brother Yin, Lin Fan decisively started mocking.

Lin Fan looked with a calm expression, then took Senior brother Yin’s food and placed it in front of himself, and then looked towards Senior brother Yin, awaiting his anger


"Senior-brother Yin, I am still not full, so you just watch me eat." Lin Fan said. At this moment Lin Fan’s inner heart was fully anticipating, ‘Senior brother Yin, hurry up and attack me… hurry up, flip the table, and beat me up. Though your personality is quite nice, who can blame me since your Junior brother relies on this to level up?’

What Lin Fan didn’t expect was that after Senior brother Yin appeared startled for a bit, he then smiled. "Right, this is your Senior brother’s fault. Since Junior brother is still not full, Senior brother doesn’t mind giving his food to Junior brother." Yin Mo Chen said.

Lin Fan heard this and exploded, ‘This…this…’

Suddenly Lin Fan realized, ‘Mocking nowadays is so hard… What’s up with people nowadays? Why are their hearts so generous?’

"Senior brother Yin… aren’t you hungry?" Lin Fan asked.

"I am hungry." Yin Mo Chen nodded.

"Then, since I took your food, aren’t you angry?" Lin Fan felt a sudden urge to cry, ‘Can’t you just cooperate and beat me up?’

Ni Mo Chen smiled while shaking his head, "As a Senior brother, it is necessary to take care of Junior brother. Since Junior brother is hungry, your Senior brother will, of course, let Junior brother eat his fill."

‘I concede…’

If there weren’t any people in the surroundings right now, Lin Fan definitely would have cried a lot. ‘Why are all the people in the outer sect like this, so saintly…? Where am I supposed to go for mocking from now on?’

"Senior brother, I suddenly don’t feel hungry anymore. Here’s your food back." Lin Fan pushed the food in front of him back.

"Junior brother, if you really are hungry, your Senior brother is completely fine." Yin Mo Chen said.

"No need." Lin Fan said while shaking his head.

At this moment, the sound of a table being slammed came from ahead.

"Give me your food."

Lin Fan looked towards the sound and saw a mountain-sized guy standing there, stealing another person's food. "Senior brother, that is mine." From the crowd, a bell-like voice traveled over. Judging from the voice it must be a girl."

"Now it’s mine. Do you have any problem with that?"

Lin Fan stood up at this moment, his heart filled with joy. Finally meeting this type of person… Lin Fan wouldn’t believe that among more than eight thousand disciples, there wouldn’t be a single arrogant one.

"Junior-brother Lin, don’t cause trouble… He is senior-brother Yi’s person." Yin Mo Chen said a bit fearfully. Lin Fan heard this and was even more joyful, ‘So, he even has someone backing him! Not bad, not bad.’

Senior brother Yin, who is this Senior brother Yi?" Lin Fan asked.

"He is one of the outer sect’s top ten geniuses like Senior brother Meng. His standing in the outer sect is very high. This person is one of Yi Zhongtian’s people. Though this type of thing doesn’t usually happen in the outer sect, it’s not nonexistent. Junior brother, listen to Senior brother’s words and don’t mind other people’s business." Yin Mo Chen warned.

"Oh.""Lin Fan nodded his head. Yin Mo Chen felt relieved, he was afraid that Junior brother Lin would be utterly fearless and unable to ignore injustice. Although the sect strictly prohibited in-fighting, but where there were people, there would be clashes. It was impossible to fully prohibit it.

But when Yin Mo Chen raised his head, he realized that Junior brother Lin was already walking over there. Startled, he hurriedly shoveled a few mouthfuls of food and immediately followed him.

‘Just what is Junior brother Lin trying to do? Absolutely don’t get involved in this.’

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