The Strongest System

Chapter 13: This Rhythm is Quite Good

Chapter 13: This Rhythm is Quite Good

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Currently, among the crowd, many disciples were sitting in their seats or standing there watching the situation, just like a bunch of rubbernecks. Some were whispering amongst each other, feeling sorry for this unfortunate Junior sister for a few seconds. They all recognized the person in front of them, one of outer sect’s top ten genius, Yi Zhongtian’s junior. He was usually very arrogant and particularly bullied people.

“I will take yours today, what are you going to do about it?” Wang Tianyuan was incredibly rough and crude, not understanding the concept of caring for precious beauties. If an ordinary person saw such a cute and beautiful Junior sister, how could they even think about doing anything to her? They would instead be trying their utmost to protect her.

Lin Fan looked at the current situation. What kind of beauty had he not seen before? But this Junior sister in front of him, who was being bullied, was especially beautiful. Lin Fan had just finished eating, and that meat and vegetables could increase his experience. So obviously, it wasn’t ordinary food and naturally attracted his attention.

This crude giant, most likely due to that very reason, decided to find small fries to pick on. “You…” Fan Yuxin clenched her teeth while staring coldly straight at the giant in front of her, but unable to do anything.

"Humph......” The crude giant Wang Tianfeng laughed dismissively, without any trace of the appearance of a Senior brother in him. Compared to Ni Mingyang or Yin Mo Chen, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Seeing the incident in front of them, the surrounding disciples also didn’t say anything. Although the Junior sister was immensely beautiful, they still dared not provoke the Wang Tianfeng in front of them. At this point, Han Lu stood among the crowd watching the current situation, his expression indifferent, without making even a single movement. “Train some more… the strong eat the weak… becoming stronger is the only way.” Han Lu clenched his two hands tightly and then lowered his head, preparing to leave.

“Stop.” At this time, a sudden outburst sounded throughout the entire dining hall. Everyone confusedly looked around for the person who the voice belonged to. Han Lu, who was initially leaving, stopped, the reason being that this voice was a bit familiar. “It’s him…” When Han Lu turned towards that person, his calm expression suddenly clouded over, as if he had possessed a deep hatred of some sorts.

Lin Fan glanced at Wang Tianfeng, ‘A sixth level precelestial.’ Then Lin Fan glanced over at the girl, ‘first level precelestial,’ but it was followed by a few question marks. This made Lin Fan a bit suspicious, ‘What’s up with that?’ But for now, that was unimportant, because Lin Fan was about to begin his taunting. A vast amount of experience was currently waving at him. No matter what, he had to cause some commotion.

"Who are you?” Wang Tianfeng’s voice thundered angrily upon seeing a person coming out to interfere. Lin Fan glanced towards Wang Tianfeng, then waved his hand grandly, jumped on the table and immediately began insulting.

“A person as shoddy as you is considered a Senior brother, and is even bullying your Junior brothers and sisters… I even feel shame for you, trash, useless moron…” Lin Fan spouted endlessly, using all kinds of colorful insulting words, surprising the surrounding outer sect disciples and leaving them dumbfounded.

As for the previously angry Fan Yuxin, the corners of her mouth inadvertently formed a subtle smile.

“Haha…” Hearing Lin Fan insulting Wang Tianfeng while pointing at his nose, the surrounding outer sect disciples all began to laugh. But when they laughed, Lin Fan instead snapped at them.

“What are you laughing about? Each one of you is a complete trash! As a man, you just stand by and watch as a weak Junior sister is being bullied by this kind of a despicable, dirty little scumbag… I even feel embarrassed for all of you, what are you looking at? Don’t like what I am saying? If you have guts, then come hit me?” Lin Fan pointed towards the surrounding brothers and scolded.

Yin Mo Chen, who had just run over upon hearing Lin Fan’s words, was scared to the point of paling. ‘Junior-brother, why are you making things so difficult for yourself? You just offended everyone, even your Senior brother can’t save you now… No, I must hurry and notify Senior brother Ni. Otherwise, this will turn awful.’ Yin Mo Chen didn’t think any further and immediately dashed towards outside. At this point, Yin Mo Chen could only wish he could grow more legs so he could run faster.

At this point, Lin Fan stood there, slowly closing his eyes, and gave a sigh, ‘I just insulted all of you so much. If you still don’t attack me, then Yours Truly really will look down on all of you.’ Without further ado, Lin Fan jumped down from the table and then walked in front of Wang Tianfeng,

“What, come hit me if you have the guts! I look down upon you.” Lin Fan looked at Wang Tianfeng’s already enraged red face and continued taunting. ‘Today's success or failure, all depends on this one punch.’

“Seeking death…” Wang Tianfeng eyes flashed dangerously at this point, and a punch flew towards Lin Fan. The surrounding outer sect disciples gasped. To them, it looked like someone would die today for sure. Fan Yuxin also watched nervously.


‘Ding… 《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 experience + 2000.’

Lin Fan’s current body strength was capable of enduring Ni Mingyang’s full powered eighth level precelestial strike, so naturally, Wang Tianfeng’s punch meant nothing to him. Feeling his experience skyrocket once again, Lin Fan couldn’t help but smile. As Lin Fan was awaiting the next wave of attacks, he then realized Wang Tianfeng was vigilantly watching him.

At this moment Lin Fan suddenly realized that Wang Tianfeng had just used his full powered punch, yet he was still standing there as if nothing had happened. As long as one wasn’t an idiot, anyone could tell there was something wrong. Lin Fan, who derived from the school of acting, at this point exhibited the full talent of his powerful acting skills.

“Phew…” Lin Fan’s expression suddenly flushed, as spurts of blood spewed forth from his mouth. In order to add to the realism, Lin Fan even deliberately spat a few extra ones. Right now, blood was not worth much. The experience was the most valuable thing.

“Haha… brat let’s see if you still dare to act arrogant.” Wang Tianfeng began laughing loudly after seeing this ignorant Junior brother crazily spitting out blood. With the previous punch he just dished out, Wang Tianfeng was very satisfied.

Now, this was the feeling he wanted.

Han Lu, who had never left gave a shallow laugh seeing the situation in front of him, his inner rage inadvertently decreasing by quite a bit.

Lin Fan was swaying around, the corners of his mouth dyed with blood. Lifting his finger, he pointed and said, “I despise you…”

Wang Tianfeng, seeing the brat in front of him still disrespecting him, became even further enraged. His two fists rained forth, each punch beating down onto Lin Fan’s body.

‘Ding…《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 experience + 2000.’

‘Ding…《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 experience + 2000.’

At this point, in order to make things easier for Wang Tianfeng, Lin Fan just lied down on the floor, allowing Wang Tianfeng to beat him freely. Lin Fan, who was lying on the floor, secretly gave a sigh, ‘This isn’t easy after all… After entering the outer sect, only today is the best.’ As Lin Fan was thinking about such things, Wang Tianfeng suddenly stopped.

“Hmph, after today’s lesson, let’s see if next time you dare defy me.” Wang Tianfeng snorted coolly, and then turned around, preparing to leave. “Stop, you piece of trash.” In the surrounding people’s eyes, Lin Fan was already half-dead at this time, but he abruptly stood up. He already appeared rather weak but still didn’t let up with his verbal insults, crazily taunting Wang Tianfeng.

“You…” Wang Tianfeng was stunned and in a bit of disbelief, ‘This guy, how can he still stand up?’

“Hmph, let alone you, even the surrounding people in my eyes are all complete trash. What now, what’s up with that expression? That’s right, I am talking about you lot. If you don’t like it, come beat me up together. Your grandfather Yours Truly is not afraid of you all.” Lin Fan was about to cry at this time, ‘Isn’t leveling up quite difficult?’ Aside from the taunting, he even needed to think of a variety of methods of taunting. If they didn’t take the bait, then all would be for naught.

“My fellow brothers, we are men amongst men, and now we are being humiliated as if we are nothing by this person. A warrior can be killed but not shamed… Today, let’s make him understand what words one can say and what words one can’t.” At this moment, a voice came from the crowd rallying them. Lin Fan glanced over and suddenly felt joyful. The one who provided this marvelous contribution was none other than senior-brother Han Lu.

Lin Fan’s heart leaped with great joy. ‘Senior-brother Han, today’s grace, this Junior brother will return to you in the future.’ As expected, once Han Lu said these words, the surrounding outer sect disciples were unable to hold back any longer. Some lowered their head in silence, probably at a loss due to the earlier insult, and the ones with bad tempers started to flare up after hearing those words.

At this point, Lin Fan was in full joy and obediently lied down on the floor, ‘Today’s rhythm is quite good.’

‘Ding…《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 experience + 1000.’

‘Ding…《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 experience + 5000.’

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