The Strongest System

Chapter 14: Fake Crying, Bring Out Their Hidden Potential

Chapter 14: Fake Crying, Bring Out Their Hidden Potential

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‘Ding… congratulations 《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 leveled up.’

Upon hearing this notification, Lin Fan revealed a cheerful smile. ‘Hard work does pay off. As long as you try, your efforts will be returned.’

“Hm, brothers, stop now. It seems he is about to die.” "Just when Lin Fan was immersed in joy, an outer sect disciple exclaimed loudly.”


“We were rash, we are all of the same sect. How could we do something like this?”

“Hurry! Take him to the medics, it’ll be bad if something really happened.”

Han Lu had been standing at a distance watching everything. The corners of his mouth revealed a smile, if this guy really did die than it would be well deserved.

At this point, Lin Fan hastily shouted out a taunt, “You scrubs, you think you can kill me. You are all just over-glorifying yourselves. When I said I looked down on all of you, I actually meant I look down all of you…” The previously smiling Han Lu couldn’t help but change his expression in an instant. He was a bit shocked, and also a bit in disbelief. ‘He’s still alright, this is impossible!’

“Damn, you brat! Still trying to act tough?” After seeing this guy still refusing to repent and even continuing to taunt them, the outer sect disciples who had just relented became enraged and began attacking again.

‘Ding…《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 experience + 2000.’

‘Ding…《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 experience + 3000.’

‘Ding…《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 experience + 1000.’

Lin Fan indulged himself in the sensation of his skyrocketing experience. The more these experience treasure troves tried, the happier Lin Fan became. The only regret Lin Fan felt was that there were still many outer sect disciples that were just standing there solemnly and not giving experience to him.

“Damn brat, hurry up and admit your wrong.” Wang Tianfeng shouted angrily. “You’re telling me to lower my head to a bunch of girl-bullying lowlifes? In your dreams!” Lin Fan joyfully shouted.

“We didn’t bully anyone, you brat! Why are you insulting us?” The outer sect disciples that were punishing Lin Fan all shouted in anger. They were just bystanders, and all they did was just watch from the sidelines, yet they ended up being insulted.

“So what if I insulted all of you? I want to insult all of you, come hit me.” Lin Fan, who was just asking for a beating, shouted. “Brothers, why are we even bothering with him? Let’s make him understand today what happens to people who spout nonsense.” Wang Tianfeng snapped.

Ever since he became one of Senior brother Yi’s followers, no one had actually dared to talk to him like that. This guy was definitely the first.

In order to make them feel a sense of achievement, Lin Fan also did some fake crying, his cries bordering onto being earth-shattering. Every time the experience treasure troves were about to stop, Lin Fan would once again start taunting.


Currently, the dining hall was a complete mess, and many outer sect disciples were gathered together unknowingly. They had seen everything from start to finish. To this fellow sect member who was being beaten, screaming out in pain but still refusing to yield, they also felt admiration inside their hearts. With a temper like that, how could one not suffer? Since one can’t beat this many person, can’t he just give up? Just wait till one’s cultivation base rises in the future, then come back for revenge one by one.

There was no need to be so unyielding.

“Do you concede?” Wang Tianfeng was a bit tired at this point. Although logically speaking, with a sixth level precelestial cultivation base and a deep inner energy, this should not have been so. Initially, Wang Tianfeng didn’t use his full strength to beat Lin Fan, but afterward, he realized that all this guy ever did was cry out and never fainted, and this made Wang Tianfeng impatient. So afterward, Wang Tianfeng began using all his strength.

“Concede my a*s! I, Lin Fan, don’t concede to the heavens, don’t concede to the earth, and even if you scrubs beat me to death, I still won’t concede.” Lin Fan replied. “You…” Wang Tianfeng held his breath while pointing at Lin Fan, not knowing what to say. Is this guy perhaps made of steel?

‘Ding…《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 experience + 800.’

‘Ding…《Titanium Grade Demon Body》 experience + 600.’

Lin Fan was startled, ‘What’s up with this? How is the experience so little?’ Then Lin Fan slightly glanced around a bit and realized that these outer sect disciples that were beating him were all red in the face as if they were all very tired.

‘Screw it…’

Lin Fan was beyond himself now. ‘These guys, are they all fast finishers perhaps? We’re only at this point, and they are already about done for. No, Yours Truly needs to scream a bit more painfully and stimulate their hidden potential. If this experience continues to grow so slowly, it will take years before I level up.’

"Oww, it hurts so much! I'm about to die.”

“You bunch of scrubs, I will never lower my head to you all.”

“Girl-bullying lowlife *&(@…”

As Fan Yuxin watched the person who stood up for her being surrounded by hoards of people, a killing intent flashed through her gentle eyes. Just when she was about to speak up, the corners of Fan Yuxin’s eyes glanced outside.

“Stop.” Upon hearing junior brother Yin Mo Chen’s report, Ni Mingyang startled for a moment before immediately rushing over. ‘This Junior brother Lin is really completely fearless, angering whoever he wants.’

Inside the sect, it was peaceful usually, but fights were still very intense, and the slightest mistake could put one beyond redemption. Ni Mingyang, an eighth level precelestial, instantly pushed aside all the people surrounding Lin Fan, his one hand as if possessing an infinite amount of power. "Wang Tianfeng, what are you doing?” Ni Mingyang glared at Wang Tianfeng while asking.

Yin Mo Chen hurried forth and helped the collapsed Lin Fan up, and then began checking him up in panic, ‘Junior brother Lin, you must hold on.’ At this moment, Lin Fan was utterly dumbfounded. ‘What happened? Everything was going so smoothly, why did they all disperse?’

“Junior brother Lin, it’s all right. Senior brother Ni is here.” When Yin Mo Chen saw junior brother Lin’s silly look, he thought junior brother Lin must have been scared silly by this group of people, and immediately comforted him


Lin Fan stared stiffly at Yin Mo Chen. If looks could kill, Yin Mo Chen would have long died thousands of times already.

This was a rip-off…After shouting out so many taunts, only to bring out half its effect.

Seeing the place Lin Fan was lying down on drenched in a pool of blood, Yin Mo Chen immediately shouted out angrily at the surrounding outer sect disciples, “As members of the same sect, how could you be so brutal? Do you not possess any sect kinship?”

“This…”At this point, those fellow brothers who had been beating Lin Fan glanced at the blood on the ground and came back to themselves, then lowered their heads down in shame.

“Senior brother Ni, after this incident I think you should properly control this junior brother, and teach him not to blather about.” Wang Tianfeng looked at Ni Mingyang while saying. Even though his cultivation base wasn’t higher than Ni Mingyang’s, Wang Tianfeng didn’t fear him the slightest. A piece of trash that trained for many years yet was still merely an eight level precelestial, he completely didn’t even consider him worthy. “Hmph, Wang Tianfeng, I will relay this incident to Senior brother Meng, and let’s see if all the people under senior brother Yi are people who go about in the dining hall stealing fellow sect member’s food?” Ni Mingyang said.

Seeing the current situation, Lin Fan gave a sigh inside. Today was his own fault for choosing the wrong place. Next time, he must learn from this lesson and must not causally choose a place like he did today. Otherwise all his previous verbal efforts would just be a waste.

“Senior brother, I feel a bit weak. I want to go back and rest.” At this point, Lin Fan also felt hurt, his heart drowned in pain. “Junior brother, hold on. I will help you back now.” Yin Mo Chen quickly said.

Ni Mingyang looked at Wang Tianfeng, knowing that this situation couldn’t be solved, and sighed coldly while assisting junior brother Lin and left. Fan Yuxin stood among the crowd, and then silently left as well.

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