The Strongest System

Chapter 22: A Weapon Salesman is About to be Born

Chapter 22: A Weapon Salesman is About to be Born

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‘Nine-Five Red Brick” … length nine centimeters, width five centimeters, overall usage: the basic building structure for houses.’

Rank: Legendary Weapon.

Effects: One brick in hand can dominate the entire world, able to ignore all defensive capabilities. One hit on the head will 100% guarantee knockout for one minute, can repeatedly be used, not effective on other parts of the body.

Description: this is a violation of equivalent forging, a legendary weapon that should be impossible to craft.

Lin Fan was currently at a loss. Although this legendary weapon wasn’t particularly on the strong side, its effects were way too fabulous. Just one smack on the head and 100% guaranteed knockout, and it could even be used repeatedly. This basically meant that in the future, if any unlucky fellow were to be smacked on the head by him, unless he stopped, the other person would never wake up.

'Especially the part about ignoring all defensive capabilities, even if the world’s scariest person were to show up in front of me, just one smack on the head and he would be at the mercy of Yours Truly.’

‘Strong! Way too strong!’

It was strong to the point where Lin Fan nearly wet himself. Lin Fan was a person with a high amount of curiosity. He had to test out the power of this brick for himself to see if it truly could ignore all defenses.

His defensive power was already unusually high, so he wondered what would happen if he smacked himself on the head with it. Although this was seemingly stupid, Lin Fan had to experience it himself so he could get an accurate measure of its capabilities.

‘Let’s do it,’ Lin Fan held the Nine-Five red brick up, judging the power and area, then clenched his teeth as he smacked it onto his own head. The instant the 95 red brick touched his head, Lin Fan felt as if he had heard something then went unconscious and collapsed onto the floor with a thud.

The last thought Lin Fan had in mind was, ‘This legendary weapon really deserves to be called a legendary weapon! Definitely impressive!’

A minute later…

Lin Fan woke up and rubbed his head. There was no pain and just as the effects said, one smack on the head and guaranteed knockout.

“Hm…where’s my legendary weapon?” Lin Fan looked around for his nine-five red brick but realized that it had suddenly disappeared. This gave Lin Fan quite a scare, ‘His hard-earned legendary weapon didn’t just disappear from just that, did it?’ It was then that Lin Fan felt a brick within his bag and gave a sigh of relief.

It turned out the nine-five brick had automatically returned to its bag. What a scary moment! Since Lin Fan tested it out, he could confirm that the nine-five brick didn’t’ cause any harm towards the person, but a smack on the head and one would definitely faint.

Lin Fan understood that for an expert what a minute of knockout could entail. Within a minute, one would’ve probably been killed hundreds of times already.

But Lin Fan was troubled, ‘Although this nine-five brick is strong, who would be stupid enough to stand there and let you smack them? It looks like there is a need to think this one over.’ But to be able to craft a legendary weapon from a normal brick, this only made Lin Fan feel very satisfied. This was basically the feeling of achievement, just like obtaining a legendary drop from killing a lowbie(it’s a type of character).

Lin Fan was euphoric and full of spirit, ‘This kind of refreshing feeling is the best.’Although he hadn’t slept for an entire night, for a hardworking person like Lin Fan, sleep meant nothing. Since time was limited, he needed to make use of every second. Lin Fan now understood that the profession skill normally required equal exchange and would then craft raw materials into finished products. The final product would be better and also at the same time there would also be a slight chance of a legendary weapon appearing.

As for how much the probability was, needless to say, it was most likely tough. Lin Fan then flipped through his drawers to see if there was anything good within his room. As long as it was metal, Lin Fan would take it.

After scavenging around for a bit, Lin Fan then placed all the scraps of metal he had gathered on the table. Although it wasn’t much, Lin Fan still wanted to see just what could be crafted. Lin Fan directly tossed all the materials he gathered into the furnace.

‘Ding… discovered small amounts of craftable materials can craft three weapons, please choose the type.’

‘Great swords, swords, axes, maces, daggers…’

Lin Fan looked through the types, and at the very least it ranged in the hundreds. Just looking at it was overwhelming. Luckily, there was another option in the back, random production. Without any hesitation, Lin Fan directly started random production; since these weapons were something he was just preparing to sell to the outer sect disciples.

Lin Fan trusted his blacksmith rank. Since he had already reached advanced blacksmith level, who knew maybe he might even be a master? It wasn’t that Lin Fan underestimated those outer sect blacksmiths, their knowledge was immense, but the weapons they forged to a normal person were only slightly above average.

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting a low-grade sword, profession experience + 100.’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting a low-grade mace, profession experience + 100.’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting a low-grade great sword, profession experience + 100.’

Lin Fan was full of joy. He was an advanced blacksmith after all. Even these scraps of metal could be crafted into low-grade weapons by him. Wasn’t this quite impressive?

According to Lin Fan’s knowledge, the weapons the outer sect disciples possessed were all made by the outer sect blacksmith. The materials used were all high-quality metals, so compared to the scraps of metal Lin Fan used, they were far better. Yet, the weapons crafted weren’t even graded weapons.

To the dynasties outside, the weapons crafted by these blacksmiths might be considered legendary, but for people on the path of cultivation, these weapons were mere trash. To be more general, all non-graded weapons were complete trash.

At this moment, Lin Fan remembered that the weapon senior brother Yin used was a sword. He then immediately grabbed a sword and ran towards the house of Yin Mo Chen.

‘Bang Bang!’

“Senior brother Yin, open the door.”

Currently, Yin Mo Chen, who had just awakened, smiled upon seeing the one who was knocking while saying, “Junior brother Lin, you sure woke up early today.” For Yin Mo Chen seeing junior brother Lin up this early was indeed actually a first.

“Senior brother Yin, where’s your weapon?” Lin Fan asked. “Over there.” Yin Mo Chen was puzzled as to why junior brother Lin asked this. But he still gave a truthful reply.

All the outer sect disciples obtained their weapons from the outer sect blacksmith. Although they were all non-graded weapons, for outer sect disciples, they were more than enough. After all, graded weapons were rare treasures. Unless the sect rewarded one or a disciple provided his own materials, it was impossible to attain one.

“Junior brother, what’s with all the hurry?” Yin Mo Chen asked in puzzlement. Lin Fan didn’t reply and instantly rushed in. He drew out senior brother Yin’s sword and clashed it together with the sword he crafted.


Just like Lin Fan expected, senior brother Yin’s sword was sliced into two pieces. Lin Fan tested out its feel which was like slicing through clay. Senior brother Yin’s sword felt like clay and offered no resistance.

The puzzled senior brother Yin instantly collapsed to his knees upon seeing the current scene. At this time, Lin Fan was utterly delighted, “Senior brother, I will give this sword to you. In return, I will be taking these scraps of metal.” Lin Fan then tossed the sword he had just crafted to senior brother Yin, then grabbed the two broken pieces of senior brother Yin’s sword before hastily retreating.

Yin Mo Chen watched Lin Fan dumbfoundedly, ‘How was junior brother Lin’s sword that strong?’ He then carefully inspected the sword junior brother Lin had tossed to him and instantly gasped.

Shining sharply, this was a low-grade sword…

“Junior brother…” Yin Mo Chen immediately came back to himself. Such a precious weapon, how could junior brother give this to him? But when Yin Mo Chen chased after him, he saw junior brother Lin close the door with a slam and from inside a few words travel out.

“Senior brother, don’t disturb me. I am very busy right now.”

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