The Strongest System

Chapter 23: Isn’t This a Loss?

Chapter 23: Isn’t This a Loss?

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In the outer sect dining hall, there was a rumor of a crazy peach stealing demon appearing there recently, who targeted the peaches of arguing brothers. This made many outer sect disciples fear for themselves, not knowing when the crazy peach stealing demon would target them.

And lately, many strange incidents have been occurring in the outer sect. In a single night, entire walls were stolen. This made everyone wonder who in the world would go and steal bricks?

Some disciples feared they would end up like Fang Han, waking up and discovering their entire house had disappeared. So before going to sleep, they would set up bells around their walls. If the wall demolition thief appeared and triggered the traps, they would be sure to capture him on the spot.

“Guys be careful, the crazy peach stealing demon has come.” At this moment, the peaceful outer sect dining hall broke into an uproar because one disciple had discovered that the crazy peach stealing demon was heading their way. Several outer sect disciples had suffered his attacks and had been reduced to lying in their rooms for the entire day, unable to move. This kind of pain was completely unbearable for an ordinary person.

Lin Fan, who was carrying a big bag, walked over from afar. To the fellow brothers that were avoiding him, Lin Fan paid them no heed, because he believed in a few moments they would all come running over to him begging and revering him as a treasure.

Lin Fan then came to an empty spot next to the dining hall entrance and lowered the bag he was carrying. He then took out a banner from within his chest and tied it to one of the entrance pillars.

“Those who are passing don’t miss out. Lower graded weapons flash sale…” Lin Fan stood there and shouted. The surrounding outer sect disciples saw him crazily shouting and expressed their disdain, but upon hearing the words ‘lower graded weapons flash sale,’ they all became enticed.

At this point, though the surrounding outer sect disciples were attracted by Lin Fan’s words, not a single person dared to step forth to ask, as they were afraid that upon being attracted over, their peaches would be stolen.

Lin Fan shouted with all his might, and seeing that he had caught everyone’s attention, he nodded in satisfaction. But a certain matter left Lin Fan speechless, ‘Why aren’t any of these guys coming forth? Perhaps low-grade weapons aren’t attractive enough?’ Lin Fan knew that for outer sect disciples, possessing a graded weapon was an extremely impressive feat.

Lin Fan refused to accept this and started glancing around, then found a disciple who was standing near him. “You, come here…” Lin Fan beckoned.

That disciple froze for a bit and retreated a few steps in fear, but Lin Fan did not give him a chance and directly went forth and started dragging him. “Come with me.” Lin Fan wanted to make this guy believe his words.

“No, senior brother, I just entered the outer sect a few days ago. Please don’t steal my peach.” The outer sect disciple dragged by Lin Fan was scared stiff. Although he had just entered the outer sect, he was familiar with the dining hall’s infamous crazy peach stealing demon.

Lin Fan rolled his eyes, not caring how this junior brother cried or begged, and directly dragged him in front of his stand, then removed the sect weapon on his back.

“Everyone take a look, behold, this is the weapon made by the outer sect blacksmith.” Lin Fan held the weapon up high while shouting and then picked up a sword from his stand.

“Now look over here, this is a lower graded weapon. You are about to witness a miracle, so don’t blink.” Lin Fan glanced at the outer sect disciples whose interest he had attracted and smiled, ‘I refuse to believe you all aren’t interested.’

“Watch carefully…” Lin Fan shouted out as the two swords clashed.


The sword crafted by the outer sect blacksmith was instantly sliced into two pieces, as one piece fell to the ground nosily.

“How’s that? There are only three, to the highest bidder.” Lin Fan then threw the other piece of the broken weapon onto the ground before returning to his stand, awaiting everyone to rush up.

“Senior brother, my sword…” The junior brother who saw his weapon being sliced into two by his senior brother was about to cry.

"Your sword is my sword…” Lin Fan replied with indifference. It was then that the surrounding outer sect disciples who were watching all came rushing forth crazily. They had all seen clearly what had just happened. The weapon crafted by the outer sect blacksmith had been easily sliced in half as if it was slicing through clay.

At the same time, the sword gave off a shiny and sleek appearance. It was obviously a graded weapon from one glance.

“Junior brother Lin, how are you selling this sword?”

“Junior brother Lin, you name a price I’ll buy it.”

At this moment, seeing the outer sect disciples scrambling in front of him, Lin Fan let out a bright smile within his heart, ‘I already said Yours Truly would become a hot commodity.’ It was difficult to rely on them to level up now, so he could only rely on medicine, ‘When Yours Truly reaches postcelestial and applies for admission into the inner sect, at that time this entire world will be mine to enjoy.’

At the same time, Lin Fan also expressed deep resentment for these despicable disciples who hadn’t broken through to the postcelestiial stage yet, ‘It’s because of these guy Yours Truly has such difficulty leveling up.’

“The Heaven-Piercing Sword, starting off at thirty circulation pills, goes to the highest bidder…” Lin Fan held up the sword in his hand and shouted.

“The Heaven-Piercing Sword, what a good name! Such domination! I must have this sword.”

“I bid thirty-one pills.”

“Hmph, only thirty-one pills and trying to get a lower graded weapon! In your dreams, I bid forty pills.”

“Forty-five pills.”

“Fifty pills.”

Seeing his fellow brothers fiercely bidding away, Lin Fan gave off a brilliant smile within his heart, ‘Just slightly fix up a pile of scrap metal and I can then sell it. This is such a steal!’

“I bid one hundred pills.”

As soon as this person shouted out one hundred pills, everyone went silent. The outer sect disciples were able to collect thirty circulation pills each month. Though the circulation pill was a common item in the outer sect, because it was a pill that assisted with training, many disciples usually just ate them all within the days. So, very few disciples saved up that many.

“One hundred and fifty pills.”

Lin Fan glanced at the disciple that bid one fifty pills. He had never seen him before. Although he stood there calmly, Lin Fan could tell from his eyes the desire he had for this sword. Though Lin Fan had only been in the sect for more than a year, he still understood one thing.

In this world, everyone only cared about one thing.

There was no end to cultivation, to begin with, so who would spend time cultivating something else? Cultivators were cultivators, blacksmiths were blacksmiths, alchemist were alchemist…

Cultivation didn’t have much to do with becoming the last two unless one was one of those top level experts whose cultivation base had already reached a certain level and couldn’t go any further in the meantime. Only then would one usually focus on other areas.

Though the Saint Devil sect was a big sect, they still couldn’t provide every disciple with a graded weapon.

“Two hundred pills.”

“Two hundred fifty pills.”

The bidding became very intense. Lin Fan realized many disciples weren't bidding and were only silently standing there watching. It seemed like they were waiting for the next weapon.

“One thousand pills…” And at this time, a man wearing white robes who was standing far away slowly walked over. The expressions of the surrounding outer disciples changed instantly upon seeing this person. Then everyone stepped aside, opening a path while staring in awe.

“It’s senior brother Yi.”

“One of outer sect’s top ten geniuses, Yi Zhongyu.”

“Looks like there is no hope for us. Since senior brother Yi has bid, there is no room for us. If we continue senior brother Yi will take offense.”

Many onlooking outer sect disciples understood that this lower graded weapon now had a master. But at this moment, Lin was thinking of one problem, ‘Isn’t this a loss for me?’

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