The Strongest System

Chapter 26: Your junior brother isn’t that kind of person

Chapter 26: Your junior brother isn’t that kind of person

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Today’s profit was not bad, selling the three lower graded weapons for a total of 17,000 pills. The Saint Devil sect being a training haven could provide every outer sect disciple with circulation pills monthly, though it wasn’t much. The number of outer sect disciples was over eight thousand, and with each person receiving thirty pills, that got over two hundred thousand pills each month.

Obviously, the circulation pill wasn’t some top quality medicinal pill and was merely a supplementary item to help assist with the training of the disciples. He was only two million experience away from postcelestial stage. and once he reached postcelestial, he could enter the inner sect, thus becoming a middle-level power of the sect. At that time, he would be able to come into contact with far more advanced things.

Lin Fan now also understood why with Meng Yangquan’s cultivation base of sixth level pericelestial, which within the sect would definitely be a rank one talent, he still decided to stay within the outer sect. If Lin Fan hadn’t seen Mu Chenyu, he really wouldn’t have understood why senior brother Meng was like that.

But now, Lin Fan finally understood that Meng Yangquan wanted to stay beside Mu Chenyu. Humans strived to reach the top while water flowed downwards, and still, Meng Yangquan abandoned his great future for a girl, that was also admirable.

Lin Fan didn’t think about it anymore and immediately took out the storage bag, raised it to his mouth and started dumping them in.

‘Ding… consumed circulation pill, experience + 100.’

‘Ding… consumed circulation pill, experience + 100.’

Vast amounts of circulation pills turned into experience, and his character experience points soared endlessly.

After consuming all the circulation pills, Lin Fan opened his character data panel.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 19 (Half step away from postcelestial)

Experience points: (9703400/10000000)

Storage experience: 0 (Can upgrade character level, can upgrade martial skill level)

Martial Skills: 《Eternal Demon Body》 1st level(10/3000000)

《Monkey Steals Peach》 13th level (1500//40000)

Professions: Advanced Blacksmith 1st level(1000/5000)

Equipment: Nine-Five Red Brick (Legendary Weapon)

Title: Not conceding so Just Do it (Cultivation base is doubled, time limit is one incense candle, one-time use)

He was half a step away from postcelestial, and now only needed around 300,000 more experience to enter the postcelestial stage.

There was only a one-word difference between precelestial and postcelestial, but the change that would happen between them was huge. Precelestial was blood energy while postcelestial was true energy.

Only after entering postcelestial did one’s body generate true energy and draw upon the power of the heavens and earth, truly entering the path of cultivation.

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

Upon hearing the knocking sound, Lin fan immediately knew who it was. It seemed lower graded weapons was quite alluring for senior brother Ni.

Lin Fan opened the door and was startled as a big sack entered his view.

“Junior brother, step aside really quick so I can come in.” Ni Mingyang’s back was currently facing Lin Fan.

Lin Fan hastily stepped aside, and Ni Mingyang stepped forth a few steps, placing the sack on the floor.

Bang…a dull sound rose, as pieces of silver-gray fine iron emerged from the sack, glowing with a dazzling silvery light.

“Senior brother, where did you get all this from?” Lin Fan’s was pleasantly surprised, ‘As expected of senior brother, he is really fast in obtaining these materials.’

“I got all of this from the blacksmith. The amount of fine iron they have over there is to the point where there’s no room left to place anymore. Every year those dynasties would transport vast quantities of fine iron over. Us disciples are allowed to go whenever we want to grab some.” Ni Mingyang brushed off his hands. In order to get these fine irons, he had gotten dust all over himself.

But the allure of lower graded weapons was far too great, so Ni Mingyang just couldn’t wait.

Lin Fan heard this and froze up. It seemed he was still very ignorant, these fine irons were obtainable anytime he wanted and he had been to his house looking for scrap metals. It was rather ironic.

“Junior brother, come at me.” At this time, Ni Mingyang spread out his two legs, taking a horse stance while clenching his teeth, as if he had made a great decision.

Senior brother, you…what are you doing?” Lin Fan became surprised to the point where he could barely speak, ‘Was it possible senior brother had one of those unspeakable fetishes?’

“Junior brother, didn’t you say you had to steal a peach to be willing to craft a lower graded weapon for me? For a lower graded weapon, I will go all out.” Ni Mingyang said.

“Senior brother, what are you doing, do you really think I am that kind of person? Stand straight, your junior brother isn’t that kind of person. It’s an honor that senior brother will allow me to forge a lower graded weapon for himself.” Lin Fan hastily patted Ni Mingyang’s shoulder while saying.

“Junior brother, you…” At this moment, Ni Mingyang gave a sigh of relief, then his voice became choked, “Junior brother, this gracious act of yours, your senior brother will remember it.”

“Oh, senior brother is overreacting, it’s a trivial matter.” Lin Fan smiled and waved his hands causally.

“Junior brother…” Ni Mingyang looked at Lin Fan with appreciation, his eyes overflowing with moved tears.

“Senior brother.”

“Junior brother…”

“Senior brother.”

“Junior brother…” Ni Mingyang hated himself for not being a girl. That way, he could repay his junior brother.

“Monkey Steals Peach…” And at this moment, Lin Fan instantly reached forth. This was essentially self-delivering experience. It’d be a waste if he didn’t receive it.

‘Ding… congratulations 《Monkey Steals Peach》experience + 300.’

“Junior brother…you.” The expression of the previously moved Ni Mingyang changed, only feeling an immense pain surging through his crotch and at the same time, disbelief in his mind, ‘didn’t we already have an agreement?’

Lin Fan took a small breath, his expression full of color, then his expression instantly turned serious, as if he was lecturing a student.

“Senior brother, the path of training is full of peril. I saw that senior brother was far too sincere and this made me afraid that senior brother will suffer big in the future. So I could only do this. I hope senior brother can forgive me…” Lin Fan words contained love and affection, full of sincerity.

“Junior brother is right, I will take this lesson to heart. Just junior brother, when will the lower graded weapon be finished?” Ni Mingyang couldn’t take his mind off the lower graded weapon.

Lin Fan looked exasperatedly at Ni Mingyang, ‘Senior brother, for a mere lower graded weapon you’re even willing to forsake your manhood? This leaves me speechless.’

“Senior brother, don’t worry. I will be waiting tomorrow morning at the dining hall for you to come pick up your weapon.” Lin Fan said.

“Alright then, I will leave it to you, junior brother. Your senior brother’s body is feeling a bit under the weather so I will take my leave now.” Ni Mingyang’s face was red as he said this with much effort.

“Alright.” “Lin Fan nodded.

Then Ni Mingyang walked outside and personally closed the door himself. Before leaving, he even said, “Don’t mind me, junior brother, I will be fine by myself.”

When the door closed, Ni Mingyang’s teeth started chattering as he instantly knelt down on the ground then left slowly step by step.

Seeing Ni Mingyang leave, Lin Fan gave a slight laugh and looked down enthusiastically at the glowing fine iron on the ground.

‘Not bad, not bad, these fine irons will be enough for to play around quite a bit.’

He was already a level one advanced blacksmith. Using just scrap metal was already enough to craft lower graded weapons, and these fine irons were enough to craft middle graded weapons.

Also, the professions had another benefit, which was when one material was enough to craft a middle graded weapon, then using that same material, one could also produce two lower graded weapons.

In the outer sect, lower graded weapons were already the leading commodity. If he brought out middle graded weapons to sell, who could afford them?

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