The Strongest System

Chapter 25: Senior Brother You May Not Insult My Intelligence

Chapter 25: Senior Brother You May Not Insult My Intelligence

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“3500 pills.” Yi Zhongyu had been one of the sect’s top ten geniuses for many years, so the amount of circulation pills he possessed is quite numerous. Although the lower graded sword wasn’t worth that much, Yi Zhongyu didn’t care anymore in order to maintain his pride.

The surrounding outer sect disciples watching the current scene were all in amazement, this kind of situation was a first for some people. This was a fight between the sect’s top ten geniuses. Even if they wanted to see one, it wasn’t that easy to come across. Lin Fan stood to the side in a good mood, the more fiercely the two competed, the better for him.

“4000 pills.” Meng Yangquan said causally. Circulation pills were a necessary medicinal pill for the newly initiated in order to train. But for Meng Yangquan, whose true cultivation base was at the sixth level pericelestial, they meant nothing.

“4500 pills.”

“Junior brother Yi, us competing like this is meaningless. I will bid 10,000 pills.” The two had been slowly raising their bid, but Meng Yangquan felt that this was a waste of time. Hene, he directly went straight to 10,000 pills.

Lin Fan who was standing to the side nearly wet himself after hearing this. One pill was 100 experience, 10,000 pills would be one million experience.

‘Holy crap, jackpot, this is a complete jackpot.’

The surrounding outer sect disciples were all shocked after hearing the bid as well and stared at Lin Fan with unmasked jealousy.

10,000 pills for a mere lower graded sword, this…this.

Lin Fan looked at Meng Yangquan, his two eyes prideful and extravagant, very extravagant. Spending that much for a single girl… At what time would a man be most attractive? The hypocritical ones would say when they were working, but what all girls really thought was that a man was most attractive when he spent money on them.

Yi Zhongyu’s expression became cold. He couldn’t afford to bring out 10,000 pills. It wasn’t that Yi Zhongyu was poor, rather he just hadn’t saved up that high a number of this kind of a medicinal pill.

And Yi Zhongyu wasn’t foolish enough to bring out his advanced medicinal pills. Those were hard to come by even for him.

“Senior brother Meng is prideful, willing to spend that much for junior sister Chenyu. I will concede and take my leave.” Yi Zhongyu saw that the remaining weapons on Lin Fan’s stand weren’t swords, so he was uninterested.

“Junior brother Yi, please wait a moment.” Meng Yangquan said. Ying Zhongyu’s expression slightly changed as he was preparing to leave, ‘Does he perhaps want to humiliate me?’

“It looks like junior brother is in need of a lower graded sword. I happen to also have one if junior brother doesn't mind, I can give this to you.” Meng Yangquan took out a sword and said.

Yi Zhongyu was surprised for a bit, then said in an utterly cold voice, “No, senior brother should keep that for himself. I will take my leave.”

Seeing the enraged junior brother Yi leave, Meng Yangquan also slightly shook his head, then reached down into a pocket near his waist, “Junior brother Lin, this bag contains 10,000 circulation pills.”

Lin Fan received the bag and was slightly startled, ‘10,000 circulation pills inside this measly bag? Stop lying!’

‘Ding… discovered beginner space bag.’

‘Used for storing items, made from small sky crystals.’

“Junior brother Lin, you can also have that bag too.” Meng Yangquan said.

Lin Fan was very joyful at this moment. He only then realized that senior brother Meng was an utterly amazing guy.

"Thank you, senior brother Meng.” Lin Fan naturally didn’t need this beginner space bag as he had his own bag which could store even more items than this one. But since it was a token of goodwill from his senior brother, he couldn’t turn it down. So he planned on waiting for a perfect time to exchange it for circulation pills instead.

“Senior brother, here is the Heaven-Piercing Sword.” Lin Fan handed the lower graded sword to senior brother Meng. Senior brother Meng received it and praised, “Not bad! Exquisite craftsmanship! It’s a lot better compared to the average lower graded sword. Just this name is a bit…how about this? This sword is very sleek, and the surface is also smooth like water, I believe it’s more appropriate to call it “Lingdong Sword.” Junior sister, what do you think?

“I will go with whatever senior brother wants.” Mu Chenyu blushed slightly and lightly nodded.

Lin Fan looked at the two people, "A beautiful sword paired with a beautiful woman… what a perfect match.”

Meng Yangquan smiled upon hearing this. Ni Mingyang looked at him in surprise. Today senior brother smiled a lot more in front of outsiders than he usually did, it was quite rare.

“Junior brother, I do have to warn you though. You are actually prohibited from setting up a stall here. If the sect’s patrol were to catch you, it would be a bit troublesome.” Meng Yangquan said.

Lin Fan was startled upon hearing this, ‘Are there perhaps law enforcement in this world too?’

“Thank you for the warning senior brother, I will keep that in mind.” Lin Fan clasped his hands together and gave thanks.

Meng Yangquan nodded, then said to Ni Mingyang, “Mingyang, you stay here and help our junior brother sell the rest of his weapons. If the patrol team comes, you can also help out.”

“Yes, senior brother.” Ni Mingyang nodded.

“Junior sister, let’s go.” Meng Yangquan said.

“Yes, senior brother.”

“Hmph, succubus.” When senior brother Meng left, Ni Mingyang cried out angrily. Lin Fan heard this and was shocked, ‘Was it possible Ni Mingyang really did have some sort of relationship with senior brother Meng?’

“Senior brother, is that junior sister perhaps senior brother Meng’s partner?” Lin Fan asked.

“Hmph, she‘s just a succubus! Alright, enough of her. Junior brother, let’s hurry up and sell the remaining two weapons. If the patrol team catches us, it will be quite troublesome.” Ni Mingyang said.

“Alright…” Although Lin Fan liked gossiping, for now, business was more important.

Now that he had obtained 10,000 circulation pills, with just a bit more effort, he would be completely satisfied.

The remaining two weapons were named “Moonlit Mace” and Heaven-Splitting Axe, the names of these two weapons being, of course, dominating as usual.

Though the price they were sold for couldn’t compete with senior brother Meng’s 10,000 circulation pills, but since it was a first time sale, the items were in serious demand, and at the same time there were many rich outer sect disciples.

The two weapons were sold for a total of 7,000 pills.

The outer sect disciples who didn’t have enough circulation pills were all regretful. With this, all the amazing lower graded weapons were gone. As for whether there would be any more next time, there was no need to think about it. Obviously, there wouldn’t be more of these, lower graded weapons weren’t your average vegetables after all. There was no way they could be obtained that easily.

As Lin Fan was preparing to pack up and leave, a familiar voice reached his ears.

“Senior brother, my sword…” This voice sounded very pitiful and also a bit choked up. Lin Fan also felt a bit uneasy, “Junior brother, you’re still here?”

“Senior brother, that is my sword I just received yesterday.” The newly initiated junior brother was really pitiful as he spoke with teary eyes.

“Alright, alright. A man shouldn’t be crying. Wait for me here tomorrow at this time. I will compensate you with a lower graded sword. How’s that now?” Lin Fan said.

“Senior brother, you can yell at me, hit me, but you may not insult my intelligence…”

Lin Fan rolled his eyes, “I am not insulting your intelligence. Senior brother Ni is also here as a witness, how can I lie to you?” Lin Fan said.

In the end, due to Ni Mingyang being there, the newly initiated junior brother left half-heartedly.

This also made Lin Fan feel a bit exasperated. Lin Fan also had a good item in hand, a middle graded weapon he crafted using Yin Mo Chen’s broken sword.

But Lin Fan didn’t bring it out this time because, with just a mere outer sect, it was unlikely they could afford it. So he was planning to wait until he had entered the inner sect and met with the rich ones in there.

On the way, Ni Mingyang repeatedly questioned.

“Junior brother, where did you get these weapons?”

“I made them.”


“Honestly, it’s not a lie.”

“Junior brother, you see we are also pretty close, so how about also making one for me?”

“Sure, prepare your own materials and let me steal a peach.”

“No problem, what kind of materials?”

"Fine iron…”

“Hm, senior brother, where did you go?” When Lin Fan had turned around, he realized Ni Mingyang had disappeared.

“Junior brother wait for me. I will go get some fine iron right now.” From far away, Ni Mingyang’s slightly excited voice could be heard.

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