The Strongest System

Chapter 28: What Can You Do?

Chapter 28: What Can You Do?

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Under Yin Mo Chen’s surprised expression, Lin Fan jumped on stage, full of grace with his head held high and at the same time waving towards the surrounding disciples. ‘This feeling of having thousands of people watch you is not bad! No wonder so many people wanted to participate.’

The surrounding outer sect disciples gave a thumbs up within their hearts seeing his courage, but when they saw who the person was, became instantly startled. At the same time, their previously excited expression also became a bit fearful.

‘The Crazy Peach Stealing Demon…’

The Crazy Peach Stealing Demon was a living nightmare in the hearts of some outer sect disciples. The disciples who experienced the feeling of having their peach stolen were all scared out of their minds. Just hearing the voice only was enough to make their crotches tighten.

Off stage, one outer sect disciple hid within the crowds staring coldly at Lin Fan.

When Han Lu saw the smiling Lin Fan on stage, his heart burned with rage. In the Saint Devil sect, he hated no one except Lin Fan. He had ruined his plans many times. This hatred, Han Lu would always remember within his heart.

But for the current Han Lu, it was not the time for revenge yet. For now, Han Lu’s sole purpose was to quickly raise his own cultivation base. What others needed months to reach, Han Lu merely needed days.

By chance, Han Lu had discovered that by placing a circulation pill into a god’s dew overnight, it could then improve its quality. This discovery greatly startled Han Lu and so within this short period of time, he had relied on the upgraded circulation pills to steadily raise his cultivation base. Thus, his cultivation base currently was at a fifth level precelestial.

And by relying on the upgraded circulation pills, Han Lu was positive he could break through to a sixth level precelestial within a month. And by half a year, he would definitely reach postcelestial stage and become an inner sect disciple.

At this moment, Lin Fan stood on stage looked at the inner sect disciple in front of him. He brought his hands together and politely said, “Outer sect disciple Lin Fan seeking guidance from senior brother.”

Lin Fan had been pondering about one thing, do all high-class people have high cultivation bases?

These inner sect disciples in front of him all had jade-like faces, red lips, white teeth, slim and handsome bodies… even in the modern era, they would be the dream men of countless girls.

“How is your cultivation base…” The inner sect disciple asked coolly like the wind, but on the inside, he frowned, ‘I can’t believe I am unable to see this junior brother’s cultivation base.’

“Senior brother Bing, I am a half a step away from postcelestial.” Lin Fan knew that since he had a system others wouldn’t be able to see his cultivation base. But Lin Fan was an honest and upright person who would never pretend to a fake tiger-eating pig and hide his cultivation base, so he refused to hide.

Yin Mo Chen who stood in the audience was utterly speechless after hearing junior brother Lin’s words.

‘How could this be? Junior brother is half a step away from postcelestial? This…this...’

The previously calm Han Lu was suddenly startled. He didn’t think that person’s cultivation base was actually a half a step away from postcelestial. The difference between them was far too big.

But upon thinking this, Han Lu then immediately cast this thought deep down, ‘This guy must just be the son of some powerful person and was given high-quality medicinal pills since he was small. That’s why his cultivation base is this high.’

After finding an excuse, Han Lu then regained his calm, because he believed as long as he had the Holy Jade Bottle, he definitely would be able to trample Lin Fan under his foot in the future.

“Hmph, precelestial is precelestial. There is no such thing as half a step away. If you haven’t entered postcelestial, then you never can be considered postcelestial. The concept of half a step away is merely a saying of mortals.” Yu Feng frowned and then sternly rebuked. In front of these outer sect disciples, Yu Feng was done putting on airs.

Every year, Yu Feng would beat down upon these ambitious outer sect disciples. For Yu Feng, these outer sect disciples were merely frogs in a well and very arrogant, just a slightly high cultivation base and they would get ahead of themselves.

Lin Fan gave a glance, ‘Mortal my as*! An overpowered system like this and I just said it was half a step away from postcelestial, as if the system isn’t stronger than you.’ But Lin Fan was an easygoing person, so he obviously wouldn’t argue with his senior. After all, it was not like he was stepping on stage for nothing. If he didn’t get at least some benefits out of it, he would have lost big.

Since they were so many people watching, cultivating 《Eternal Demon Body》 on the long term wasn’t reliable, but if he could steal a peach, then he would have made it big. A seventh level postcelestial master, if he could steal the peach of a seventh level postcelestial then wouldn’t that be utterly refreshing?

But Lin Fan still needed to pretend a little. Just look at this inner sect disciple’s position, he would definitely not forgive him otherwise. “After hearing senior brother’s words, I feel the words are most definitely true. So I will bear that in mind.” Lin Fan brought his hands together and replied while nodding.

“Yes.” At this time Yu Feng nodded his head in a satisfied manner. The boy was worth teaching. It was good that he knew how to admit he was wrong.

“Good, since your cultivation base is at ninth level precelestial, I will also match my cultivation base with yours. You must have been in the outer sect for quite a while now, so you must be familiar with the outer sect’s martial skills. In that case, use the outer sect’s martial skill 《Fist of Seven Demons》 to attack me and I will give you some advice.” Yu Feng said.

In the inner sect, Yu Feng was also considered as someone with a high cultivation base, talented and with high level of perception. He could actually be considered a genius within the sect. Yu Feng had trained himself from a mortal to postcelestial within three years in the outer sect, and at the same time was completely familiar with the outer sect’s martial skills. The 《Fist of Seven Demons》 was a required martial skill of the outer sect because it was easy to understand yet powerful. It was just that the amount of people who could fully master this technique were few, although Yu Feng was one of those who did fully master it.

“Hmm, why are you not attacking?” Upon seeing the outer sect disciple still standing there, Yu Feng asked in a somewhat displeased manner.

“Senior brother, I don’t know how to use that,” Lin said somewhat helplessly.

“As a Saint Devil sect’s outer sect disciple, you don’t even know this martial skill?” Yu Feng froze and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, “Then 《Sword Art of Light Wood》 you must know that?”

Lin Fan stood there and scratched his head, a bit embarrassed, “Senior brother, I don’t know that either.”

At this point, all the surrounding disciples began laughing. This was the first time they had seen something like this. The two martial skills senior brother Yu Feng had just mentioned were the ones they all were familiar with as they were both rather easy to cultivate lower level martial skills. They didn’t expect Lin Fan to not know them, which was completely hilarious.

Yu Feng was also now displeased, and he looked at Lin Fan unhappily. “Then what do you know?” Yu Feng no longer had any hopes left for this junior. Not even knowing such simple martial skills, what use was there?

Seeing Yu Feng ask this, Lin Fan became a bit embarrassed to reply. This 《Monkey Steals Peach》 was now a bit difficult to say.

“Enough, you don’t have to say it, come.” Yu Feng didn’t want to say anything more.

“Yes, senior brother.” Lin Fan nodded and went forth step by step, then gave a shout. “Senior brother, take this, Ninth Heaven Destruction of the Gods.” Lin Fan was currently full of momentum and rushed forth with a sense of unstoppable air floating about him.

Yu Feng secretly shook his head seeing Lin Fan charge, full of openings, zero momentum. He prepared to extend a finger and break his attack. But at the moment Lin Fan drew close to Yu Feng, the atmosphere around him changed.

“Monkey Steals Peach.”

"Humph.” Yu Feng coldly snorted, ‘Foolish tricks!’ and was utterly disappointed.

But at this moment, Yu Feng’s expression suddenly changed. He then realized that this move was somehow inescapable.

‘How can this be?’

Although Yu Feng had suppressed his cultivation base to a ninth level precelestial, his own cultivation base still existed. This completely ordinary move somehow had an overwhelming feeling. He was an inner sect disciple, his cultivation base was at the seventh level postcelestial, how could his defenses be breached?

This was completely impossible.

“Ninth Turn of Mixed Element” Suddenly the atmosphere around Yu Feng changed, his palm striking against Lin Fan’s body. Lin Fan saw that he was about to succeed but then realized that his chest had received a heavy blow. But he was completely alright even after that blow.

‘Ding… congratulations 《Eternal Demon Body》 experience + 6000.’

Lin Fan brushed off his chest. What kind of martial skill was 《Ninth Turn of Mixed Element》? Yu Feng previously was completely unable to dodge his 《Monkey Steals Peach》, but suddenly his body warped and a palm landed on his chest.

It seemed martial skills were a rather useful thing. ‘After I successfully steal a peach, I must return and learn a few more martial skills.’

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