The Strongest System

Chapter 29: Unyielding Willpower

Chapter 29: Unyielding Willpower

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“How could you use such an underhanded technique?” Yu Feng had sent Lin Fan flying away with one hit, but his expression was livid. If he hadn’t reacted in time, he would have really fallen under that move.

“What do you mean underhanded? Senior brother, my technique is completely just and proper, though senior brother’s last hit on me left my chest still hurts a bit, but I still have a technique left that I would like senior brother to advise me on.” Naturally, Lin Fan wouldn’t admit that his technique was underhanded. ‘Though 《Monkey Steals Peach》 was a dubious technique, under Yours Truly, it will become upright and just.’

And just now, Lin Fan realized that the growth of 《Monkey Steals Peach》 was still very high.

“Senior brother, I would also like you to advise on this technique 18 Palms of the Dragon.” Lin Fan gave a cackle, moving to his own rhythm and giving an exuberant display as he rushed forth at Yu Feng. And just when Lin Fan rushed right in front of Yu Feng, he leaned down and shouted.

“Monkey Steals Peach.”

Yu Feng was surprised and struck forth again.

“Ninth Turn of Mixed Element”


Lin Fan was sent flying away again.

‘Ding… congratulations 《Eternal Demon Body》 experience + 6000.’

Lin Fan immediately got up upon hitting the ground, Yu Feng had suppressed his cultivation base to a ninth level precelestial, so one strike could only provide 6000 experience. Facing 《Eternal Demon Body》 with an experience requirement of three million, this was essentially worthless. He needed to make him raise his cultivation base to maximize the benefits.

“Senior brother, I have been stuck at ninth level precelestial for many days and haven’t been able to break through. Would senior brother please raise his cultivation base up to the third level postcelestial, so that way I can be pressured a bit.” Lin Fan shouted.

Yu Feng looked at Lin Fan and was momentarily speechless. The previous two times, Yu Feng had already been angered. But upon hearing this, he also felt that punishment was in order. The only issue was that his seniors were currently sitting up on the top watching, and if something were to happen, it would be difficult to explain.

“Junior brother, if I do that I am afraid there will be casualties.” Yu Feng said. “Life and death are common on the path to cultivation, so I would ask senior brother to accept my request.” Lin Fan said with righteousness and without any fear.

“Alright, in that case, junior brother should be careful.” Yu Feng gave a slight cold smile. Since he was seeking death himself, no one could blame him for what happened next.

Lin Fan glanced at Yu Feng, ‘As expected of an inner sect disciple, he is likely a veteran compared to these simple-minded outer sect disciples… the difference is like heaven and earth.’

After entering the inner sect, one would be able to go out, train and experience many things, causing even the personality to change. And upon entering postcelestial stage, one could also protect themselves outside. After all, the ones who hadn’t entered postcelestials were just mere ants on the path of true cultivation.

The Saint Devil sect didn’t allow outer sect disciples to leave the sect grounds in order to protect them. And the inner sect was essentially part of the sect’s core so they would be involved in more matters, and thus, have more experience.

At that time, the senior sitting on the upper podium’s stone seat narrowed his eyes, somewhat interested.

Lin Fan then felt Yu Feng’s presence grow. If one just compared power alone, the suppressed third level postcelestial Yu Feng was more than enough to send him flying. Though he had the protection of the 《Eternal Demon Body》, one strike from a third level postcelestial was still enough to make him cough up a potful.

However, Lin Fan was not afraid at all, a mere third level postcelestial wasn’t enough to kill him.

“Senior brother, take this, Buddha's Divine Palm! This is a legendary technique from the heavens.” Lin Fan causally said, then bent his legs and jumped towards the sky with a loud sound.

“Completely fake.” Yu Feng muttered in his heart without paying any heed to the charade. Lin Fan, who was currently in the sky, became a little hurt upon seeing Yu Feng looking indifferent. As expected of an old timer, he was not falling for it at all. Lin Fan was in no hurry, as he refused to believe there wouldn’t be moment where the opponent would falter.

“Senior brother, take this…” Lin Fan warned.

Yu Feng’s eyelids slightly moved and when Lin Fan drew near, he struck out. Lin Fan felt his chest become hot as the power was far stronger than the previous ones, and was sent flying away, crashing to the ground.

‘Ding… congratulations 《Eternal Demon Body》 experience + 30000.’

“Pu…” Lin Fan spat forth a mouthful of blood. It really was strong, the difference between precelestial and postcelestial was indeed on an entirely different level.

Lin Fan was completely unable to see Yu Feng’s movements.

Precelestial was blood energy while postcelestial was true energy.

And Lin Fan also felt a fierce flow of red true energy enter into his body, but the true energy was instantly absorbed not long after it rampaged about a little.

Han Lu upon became utterly delighted seeing Lin Fan’s condition, he was completely asking for it after all. But when he saw Lin Fan stand up, he became startled and in disbelief.

“Senior brother, that strike was very strong… I was completely unable to see it… Again…” Lin Fan gave a small sigh and said.

Yu Feng was in disbelief that he was still able to stand up. That strike just now was suppressed, but it still shouldn’t be something a precelestial could withstand.

Yu Feng stepped forth with his momentum turning ferocious, “Well then, junior brother is indeed surprising. I will just have to see what kind of moves junior brother has.”

“Return of Thousand Swords.”

Lin Fan, of course, didn’t know any of these moves. He was merely borrowing the name of techniques from novels to set off the mood. But the outer sect disciples off stage were watching in excitement, feeling that junior brother Lin had quite a good naming sense.

Just what the hell was this “Return of Thousand Swords”? Yu Feng obviously knew it was a bluff, so he naturally wasn’t deceived.


Yu Feng instantly caught Lin Fan’s arm and sent him flying, not even giving him the slightest room for resistance.

‘Ding… congratulations 《Eternal Demon Body》 experience + 40000.’

Lin Fan was sent flying into the sky, but his heart raced faster and faster. As expected, death brought no limits, continually pushing the limits was the way to go. This feeling of rapidly increasing experience was really the best.

“Haha, senior brother is strong. I am in full admiration. Again…” Lin Fan’s momentum became stronger and stronger, fiercer and fiercer with each strike. Lin Fan’s previously lightly colored robe became gradually splattered with blood.

The previously rowdy outer sect disciples off stage became quiet one by one, not daring to believe the maniac on stage. He was already that injured, yet he was still like that?

Yin Mo Chen was currently worried, ‘Junior brother is far too rash. If this continues, he will really die.’

“Senior brother take this, Returning Energy of Three.”


‘Ding… congratulations 《Eternal Demon Body》 experience + 40000.’

“Senior brother take this, North Star Sacred Arts.”


‘Ding… congratulations 《Eternal Demon Body》 experience + 40000.’

At that point, the surrounding audience were utterly stunned and speechless as they saw Lin Fan engage in an endless cycle of falling to the ground and rising up, seemingly without any signs of stopping.

Although Lin Fan was repeatedly beaten, his spirit of standing up yet, again and again, left even the inner sect disciples deeply surprised.

Yu Feng was currently stunned.


Yu Feng struck out again, but this time Lin Fan wasn’t sent flying. “Senior brother…” Lin Fan’s hand grasped onto the arm of Yu Feng.

“Phew.” Lin Fan opened his mouth, and a pool of blood surged forth.

“Junior brother, enough.” Yu Feng was moved at this point.

“Senior brother, to be able to spar against a master like you, I…phew…I am fully satisfied.” Lin Fan threw up twice already in that one sentence.

“Junior brother, this is a blood circulation pill. Eat it, and it will stabilize your injury.” Although Lin Fan’s cultivation base was low, he had taken on so many of Yu Feng’s attacks that even he couldn’t remember the number. And every time he was able to stand up, his willpower left even Yu Feng in admiration.

“Senior brother…I…” Lin Fan initially wanted to refuse and instead just say some emotional words, but then suddenly changed his mind.

‘Ding… discovered rare healing medicinal pill, “Blood circulation pill, after ingestion, experience + 100000.’

"Thank you, senior brother.” Lin Fan weakly raised his hand and brought the blood-red blood circulation pill to his mouth.

“Junior brother, just based on your willpower alone, there will definitely be a place for you in the inner sect in the future.” Yu Feng praised without any hesitation. This was the first time Yu Feng ever gave an outer sect disciple such a high evaluation.

“Senior brother…” Lin Fan looked gratefully at Yu Feng and then slowly opened up his arms, wanting to embrace Yu Feng.

Yu Feng paused, then a slight smile appeared on his handsome face, ‘Since junior brother wishes to embrace me I will grant him that wish.’

“Senior brother…” Lin Fan called softly.


“Senior-brother, I will return today’s favor in the future.” Lin Fan’s previous grayed out eyes began to gradually brighten, but Yu Feng didn’t notice them.

“Doesn’t matter… it was just a mere blood circulation pill. Junior brother, rest up your body. I will wait for you in the inner sect.” Yu Feng said.

“It’s not that.” Lin Fan slightly shook his head.

"What is it then?” Yu Feng asked puzzled.

“Senior brother…”

“Yes…” Yu Feng quietly said in confusion.

“Monkey Steals Peach…”

At that moment the sky changed as if it were the end of the world.

Life was full of shortcuts after all…

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